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I'm in a Life or Death Situation... Could you PLEASE help me?
I am a 24 years old male, I weight 232 lbs and my stature is 173 cms and well, my parents and grandparents were diabetic and obese... (they died in a horrible way, mutilated :'( I don't want that for me too) furthermore, I suffer from chronic low back pain and my triglyceride levels are high and I really don't want to be diabetic, could you please HELP ME out???!!! I need to lose weight as soon as posible, but in a healthy way... I will do what I have to do, I was exercising but my pain was too much, even in the elliptical trainer, so do I need to lose weight by diet first or by exercise or both? Cause the pain is too much, and I have to take analgesics and antiinflammatories, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ANSWERS! This is my life or death situation, and a horrible death if you ask me... I am desperate, any help will be greatly appreciated...

relax.. don't panic as it causes stress which can result to diseases also.. what you can do is watch your calorie intake.. ask a nutritionist to advise you on what food to eat and how many calories in one day..

there are light exercise routines that may help you both mentally and physically like meditation and yoga.. :)

it's better to do both the proper diet and exercise (light)...

and don't worry too much about getting sick...

Good Luck

make a life style change and be religious about it!!! true working out hurts you now so do it easier start with water aerobics check the ones for seniors to start... and change ur diet eat low calories and get moving even if small ways to start.

Try eating more spicy foods such as Cayenne pepper, hot curry and Paprika.It will help your digestive system +trigger your insulin producer to work better and in my case makes me feel fuller for longer .There is no way out of exercise but it doesnt have to be that physical as long as your moving some part of your body most of the time.Wave your hands while watching tv lift your legs sqeeze things,soon you will want to do more.Coffee,but not too much and laugh ,smile.It works

Well... I don't know too much about diabetes, but I know that it is a hereditary disease. I think that the best way to lose weight would be to go on a diet (if you can't exercise) and maybe you should see a doctor about diet pills. Although I do know some people who are obese, but do not have diabetes (myself, as an example, and many people in my father's side suffer from diabetes.). It all depends on what your blood glucose levels are. I think that you should go see a doctor about it, perhaps they could tell you of some effective ways to prevent diabetes number 2. I think that you should diet and exercise at the same time, since that is very effective. Also, avoid fatty foods, things that have too many sugars, or things such as wine or beer. If you start feeling dizzy,eating too much, urinating too often, hallucinating, having your teeth hurt or your gums swollen, you should see a doctor ASAP.

Not too much inflamatory medications there. You might develop anemia. First, you fix the low back pain. To do this, lie down on your tummy, and push your self up by putting your arms in front of your chest, palms down, then push your chest, head, shoulder and until your waist as high as you can at least 3x a day. Do as many as you can with moderation and as far as you could go. Do it very slowly and bring it down very slowly too. Remember, as far as you could go, this is to put back the herniated disc aligned back from its original position. If you have someone to press on your lower back while you are doing this exercise, it will be very helpful. Rolling a ball exerciser while you are lying on it is also good, the only thing on this is you might fall off and get hurt. Once you took care of the lower back pain, start on eating small portions. The amount of your breakfast should be spreadout through the whole day. That' s called diet exercise. You have to train your intestine to receive only small portions of food. Once they are trained, you will not feel very hungry anymore. Drink half a glass of water after your or while your brushing your teeth so you will not crave for any solid food till lunch time. On your lunch, take 2 tbspn bites and quickly drink water after that, then throw the rest of your food in the garbage bin before your brain tells you "oh, just one more bite and that' it." If you will follow this, your sugar count will go down and you will feel better after a month. And after you lose some of your cravings, next thing is you will lose some of your weight. Weight doesn't live our body just because you change the way you eat - it will take months after you re-train your appetite to a new regimen. Don't worry, the first try is not going to hurt. I promise. just be firm in your decision. Avoid smoking and drinking liqour no matter what you hear that they are good for you. Take care of your back problem, because it could lead to sciatica - where your right leg is going to act and you won't be able to drive. This is a painful stress in your right leg associated with lower back pain. Speaking from experience.

maybe you should talk to your doctor about surgery possibly gastric bypass or lapband. I heard these work well if you are ready to make a change. Good Luck

With the number of possibilities that you are facing, the first thing that would really be helpful is to find out more about your lab work. This would be helpful to find out if what is going on in your body. I recommend you visit a physician, or a practicioner.

In terms of diet. That is a really tricky area. With all the hype of all diets, you really don't know what to believe. The basic principle of a diet is to burn more calories that you take in. This is easier said then done. If this was the case, everyone would be as thin as a rail. Like anything else, you do have to work for weight loss.

Some good things to keep in mind is stay hydrated. Stay away from soda's, even diet sodas! Drinking water, or plain tea is simple enough.

Just like anything else in your body, most of your eating habits are based on an internal clock. This can also be associated with metabolism. Definitely stay away from the bad carbohydrates. These are hidden sugars with the same chemical make up as sugar C6H12O6. Try reducing the amount you eat and eat more frequently in smaller amounts.

If you do have an exercise regime, the best thing to do is eat something protein based within the hour after exercising. Stay away from anything that is white, "bread, sugar, flour, potatoes, etc."

With the back pain you have, you can still exercise. One of the first things you should concentrate on is Range of Motion. Slow, non painful stretches to increase your flexibility. Why? Because if you increase your flexibilty you can do MORE WORK, and you have a decrease incident of damaging your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and PRIDE.

In terms of starting exercises, you can do breathing exercises, you can use your arms, fingers, wrists, ankles, thighs etc. Isolate the groups you can do comfortably and try to get them to increase your heart rate. A good example is sitting in a chair or recliner. Put your arms out to your sides, and hold them straight out away from your body. Slowly flex your arms while making a fist, as you relax your arms down, open your hands. Tnen reverse this process, same movement, but as your arms are at your sides, make a fist. As you bend them up open your hands. Do this as long as you can and as fast as you can. You will soon feel the burn. "Lactic Acid" is the byproduct of the tricarboxylic acid cycle, also known as the Citric Acid cycle, or even the Krebs cycle. This means you are burning calories! Yay. Other exercises include isometrics. Holding your hands in front of you and pressing inward to your chest. Sitting with your legs out in front of you, or sitting and placing one leg over the other and trying to straighten one leg out while hold it back with the other.

There is no limit to what you can do. But be patient...you do have a lifetime to make a difference.

Good Luck!

Now, nothing happens quickly, and there are a great number of ways you can exercise. Be creative. The only thing is, IF you DO have a HISTORY of Diabetes, Kidney, Liver, Lung, or Heart problems, CONSULT A PHYSICIAN!

Try light stretching with rubber bands, yoga or pilates. you need a type of exercise that will not put stress on your body, but will bring your heart rate up to burn fat, breathing while exercise is a major factor too. Exercise and eating high fiber foods is the key to keeping diabetes at bay. It's great that you want to do something about your weight, it didn't happen over night and your'e not going to lose weight over night be consistant with your workout and keep lots of fluids in your system, with electrolites. glorade or power drinks. As for the low back pain you really need to see a doctor, you can't do anything when your'e in pain.

How about going to a doctor.

henry p
You can choose swimming and walking as your exercise then you should take healthy food.. avoid cholesterol, fat, fried food.

Go to a doctor. For someone like yourself it is DANGEROUS to ask for medical advice on here. Get to a doctor immediately.

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