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 People say you might have diabetes when you have frequent urination. How frequent?
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 Could my symptoms be diabetes?
I am 17 years old, hispanic, healthy and diabetes run in both side of my family.

- increased urination
- extreme hunger
- constant thirst
- occasional numbness in feet

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Jessica A
How do you know if your diabetic?
What are the basic symptoms?

Do a glucose blood test. A high sugar level indicated you are diabetic.

Bella F
Blood test can let you know.

Here's a link to symptoms:

If you think you are diabetic you should go get tested. There's no other way to know for sure. Here's a site with more info:

Thirst is a sign, don't feel good, mood swings, snoring. Get your blood sugar checked.

diabetes often goes undetected because the symptoms are so generalized. The only way to know for sure is to have two blood tests, one a fasting blood glucose and one is called an A1C which measures sugar metabolism for the last several months. If you have a family history of diabetes, or you are morbidly obese, you should see a doctor and have these tests run.

If you're working out all the time, you're going to be hungry.

Is it actual hunger or 'mouth hunger' where you just want to eat, but your stomach doesn't feel empty (the munchies) there's a difference.

It could be just a really high metabolism. I've met a few people like this, admittedly they were all guys, but they could put away three large mixing bowls worth of food and still eat more. Their bodies would basically burn it off as excess energy or heat.



Jen M
This is something a Doctor needs to diagnose. Symptoms can be:
Frequent urination, which may be more noticeable at night. Some young children who have learned to use the toilet may start wetting the bed during naps or at night.
Extreme thirst and a dry mouth.
Weight loss.
Increased hunger (possibly).

Strong Fruity breath can also be a sign.

Really though, if you are at risk (you are overweight or have family members with Diabetes) then it doesn't hurt to have your blood sugar checked by a doctor every year or so.

Rachell Paigee
Go See You Health Care Provider. They will be able to tell you. Also they will ask for the family history if anyone has it. But id go see one soon

see this blog and click on the link for symptoms of diabetes type one and then type two


you will also find other info about diabetes. Note that typically diabetics do NOT have all the symptoms, and if you're a type 2, you may not have any symptoms until you've had diabetes for years and its damaged your body.

So please do not go by just symptoms. Get a glucose tolerance test and an HbA1c test if you suspect diabetes at all.

Daisy S
i hear the symptoms are if your very fatigue even if you've been resting,excessive thirst,frequent peeing, extreme hunger,irratibility and blurry vision.

Frequent urination
Excessive thirst
Extreme hunger
Unusual weight loss
Increased fatigue
Blurry vision

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