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How can you tell if your diabetic?

The only way to tell for sure is to get a urine test to check for sugar, but here's an overview:

Eric McLaughlin
your really tired all the time but you had enough sleep and you didn't do much of anything... you get really hyper after a meal that didn't have that much sugar in it. thats about as much as i know that are common. usually obese people are diabetic.

hi everyone!
have a blood test to test your sugar level. you can buy home testing kits

I have diabtetes and the symptoms i had were; peeing .. aton drinking water consistently irrataion , and hunger, deffinetley go to your doctor if you think you have diaabetes

Go and have a simple blood test at the Doctors.....are you thirsty, do you go to the toilet a lot....then maybe you are.

Have a lab work-up done. Only way to tell for sure is to do lab work specific for diabetes.

Frequent urges to urinate, drinking alot because of thurst

They also say your breath smells fruity. Someone else would tell you that if they noticed it.

i thought diabetic was a welsh gambler?

By going to the Docs

Mad piper
go to your doctor and ask if you can be tested.
Is there a history of this in your family, are you over weight?

Galaxe B
go to:
i hope i helped

You will feel tired. Pee a lot. Possibly feel either hyper or down after eating certain foods. Go to a doctor to be sure.

you could go to the doctors or get one of these new home test kits but the doctors would be best

Nicole A
Always tired, quick weight loss, weeing all the time and getting a blood test from the doctors

Alma P
Best is to go to the doctor.

Passing urine a lot
Excessive thirst....three main symptons. Please have yourself checked out.

i would go to the doctor asap before it gets worse.

unexplained weight loss (you don't process food as well).

getting dizzy if you don't eat for too long or if you eat a whole lot of carbs and sugar at once.

don't play with this. if you can't afford a doctor, look in the yellow pages for a free health clinic.

the American Diabetes Association may be able to help you.

good luck

go to the docs and get tested

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