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Diabetes IS IT?
okay...i fasted than ate something...i took my blood sugar recently it was 25...is this bad?

The Doc
Yes, a blood sugar of 25 is very dangerous, I'm surprised you didn't notice something (like feeling dizzy, sweaty, having palpitations, or just falling into a coma and dying ^_^) at that level. A normal blood sugar shouldn't go much below 70 for diabetics or anyone else, 25 is clearly far too low and needs to be brought up immediately, I hope that first thing you did when you found that was a drink a bunch of orange juice or eat a candy bar.

‚ô• Emma‚ô• Pierson‚ô•
ITWAS 25 THATS BAD MYMOM IS DIBETICK I KNOW...i think... thats very low!!!

it sounds like you have hypoglycemia you definitely need to go to the doctor because this can throw you into a coma HYPOGLYCEMIA ( is low blood sugar)

YES. It should be around 85-100 if my memory serves me correctly. Try to eat a peice of candy to get the sugar in your blood quickly and then eat some bread or something along thoes lines to keep your sugar up. when i did my ambulance clinicals we ran on a lady with a 26 sugar and had to give her some stuff while in the ambulance to get her sugar up.

If your blood sugar was 25, there may have been something wrong with your machine or strips. I say this, because at that level, one is not cognitive enough to remember doing the sugar test, much less do it themselves. At that level, most people, if not comatose already, are usually disoriented and belligerent, striking out at everyone or anything. Adult levels as you know are 70-110 or 70-100. Only a Newborn can have a level of 25 and still act normal. If you are Diabetic (Insulin dependent) you should not be fasting at all!

25 is rather low. In fact, too low. Normal is 80 to 120. People have been known to pass out below 35.

Yes. It should be between 70 and 150.

Jake Green
yeah that's real bad a normal persons sugar is at least 80 always. 25 is not safe, you could pass out. Drink some juice or a pop fast and once your sugars up seek medical attention.

The fact that you fasted probably indicates that your body was a little out of whack anyways. You should probably eat normally for a few days or weeks, and see if there is still an issue.

Mr. Peachy¬ģ
If it was 25 and you lived to tell about it, something is wrong with the way you tested. If you're using the US scale, that's waaayyy too low. If you're using the UK scale, that's waaaaayyyyy too high. Since you're posting a question in Yahoo Answers, you're obviously alive, so either your meter is mis-calibrated or you read it wrong.

Punky is right that US and Euro numbers are different. She's wrong about the factor. Multiply UK by about 18 to get US and divide US by about 18 to get UK figures. It's not a factor of 10 as she alludes.

It depends on where you live as to how a blood sugar of 25 can be interpreted. For example, if you are living in Australia or England, a BM of 25 is rather high. However, that is interpreted as being rather low for people living in the US. This is because the different countries measure the glucose in different units.

Either way it isn't good. Go see your doctor.

Where am I?
If you aren't diagnosed with diabetes, your insulin production should be working. When you fast you should have a normal sugar level of about 5.0 and 6.0.
When not having diabetes you'll still be able to get sugar peaks. depending on what time you checked your level, you should be fine. if you checked within 15 minutes after eating, your insulin production hasn't kicked in fully, to lower your sugar level. When having diabetes, you should be feeling very dizzy, sweaty and nauseous.
Besides that when having diabetes without using medication, you should feel more dizzy often, like having a flu and feverish, but also having a stinky breath, like ace on and feeling the urge to drink an awful lot and pee a lot too, that one having a very strong smell.
If you are not having diabetes, you still can have a sugar peak, but it eventually should lower after your own produced insulin start to kick in.

I notice a difference in American and European answers, as we both describe sugar levels differently.
in Europe a sugar level 2.5 is called in America 25, a sugar level 25 is in America 250. Be aware of the difference here as, that may give confusing answers.

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