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Can diabetics drink alcohol?
A friend of mine is turning 21 and I am going out with her for her 21st birthday. I know alcohol turns to sugar, so is there any safe way her to drink? I want her to have fun, but at the same time be safe.


syl c.
Alcohol is processed in the body very similarly to the way fat is processed, and alcohol provides almost as many calories. Therefore, drinking alcohol in people with diabetes can cause your blood sugar to rise. If you choose to drink alcohol, only drink it occasionally and when your diabetes and blood sugar level are well-controlled. If you are following a calorie-controlled meal plan, one drink of alcohol should be counted as two fat exchanges.

It is a good idea to check with your doctor if you are overweight or have high blood pressure or high triglyceride levels before drinking alcohol. If you are in doubt about whether drinking alcohol is safe for you, check with your doctor.

Here are some other ways that alcohol can affect diabetes:

While moderate amounts of alcohol can cause blood sugar to rise, excess alcohol can actually decrease your blood sugar level -- sometimes causing it to drop into dangerous levels.
Beer and sweet wine contain carbohydrates and may raise blood sugar.
Alcohol stimulates your appetite, which can cause you to overeat and may affect your blood sugar control.
Alcohol can interfere with the positive effects of oral diabetes medicines or insulin.
Alcohol may increase triglyceride levels.
Alcohol may increase blood pressure.
Alcohol can cause flushing, nausea, increased heart rate, and slurred speech.
Diabetes and Alcohol Consumption Dos and Don'ts
People with diabetes should follow these alcohol consumption guidelines:

Do not drink more than two drinks of alcohol in a one-day period. (Example: one alcoholic drink = 5-ounce glass of wine, 1 1/2-ounce "shot" of liquor or 12-ounce beer).
Drink alcohol only with food.
Drink slowly.
Avoid "sugary" mixed drinks, sweet wines, or cordials.
Mix liquor with water or diet soft drinks.

Hope this helps. Good luck and have fun everyone needs fun in their life esp. persons with chronic illnesses but are still careful.

Can diabetics drink alcohol? Yes
Should they? No

john e russo md facm faafp
Yes in moderation. Despite what many people will say alcohol always elevates blood glucose but different types of mixed drinks will do so to varying degrees.

Candace C
yes they can bt they sholdnt its not healthy for u

Tin S
Alcohol is good for a diabetic. But in moderation. If she get wacked , make sure that she eats something before going to sleep. Thats if she is Type 1.

Alcohol is great for the heart. And we diabetics need everything going for use as far as the heart is concerned.
Have a ball, I just can't understand why she waited for the 21. I got drunk on my 14 birthday. Only in the socialist states of America can you go die for your country at 17 but can't have alcohol, legally until your 21. Wake Up AMerica.

I think I'll have a tody on this one


Gary B
ONE drink a day of hard liquor, or two beers. Non-alcoholic beers (O.Dool's, etc) are better.

She could just nurse one drink along during the evening festivities. Everyone needs to celebrate once in a while and she can adjust her diet to meet the increased glucose found in the alcohol.

Yes. As with anything just drink in moderation. The first link below is to a very good article on alcohol and diabetes (from DiabetesHealth magazine). The second link is to DLife answering the same concerns.

drummer boy
Yes, it is ok to drink a little bit of alcohol but your friend can't booze out, he/she is still a diabetic and still needs to check for blood sugar.
1-2 is enough.

Be safe and check out a medical sight or doctor irl before drinking alcohol with your diabetic friend or it could be a night at the hospital.

Alcohol LOWERS blood sugar.
Only drink when eating and have a carb filled snack before bed to avoid going too low.
Check your sugar often.
1-2 drinks a day is fine.

Alcohol consumption can actually LOWER the blood sugar in a person with type 1 diabetes. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and being buzzed from drinking look exactly the same. That's the big problem. Being passed out on the floor from drinking and being on the floor due to extremely low blood sugar look exactly the same.
To be safe, your friend should discuss this with her endocrinologist. She'll need to keep her wits about her and to test a bit more often. So no 21 shots or anything crazy like that.
The best idea here so far is to nurse one drink while she's out or maybe two, but anything more than that and there could be trouble.

TheOrange Evil
Alcohol can actually lower blood sugar in diabetics. If she drinks, she'll need to carefully monitor her blood sugar to make sure that she's not dropping too fast.

When I go out, I just drink light beers. They're low in carbs and don't contain enough alcohol (when consumed in moderation) to really have a profound effect on blood sugar.

She'll also need to be careful of the fruity girly drinks that are high in sugar. At a bar, I'm sure she doesn't want to ask the bartender what the carb count is so that she can go bolus in the bathroom.

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