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Live,Love,Laugh <3
Am i allowed to touch water while fasting? PLEASE HELP!?

no unfortunately. my cousin's a pathologist and he said no

If you mean fasting for bloodwork or for surgery, then you should not drink anything past midnight. No chewing gum or hard candies either. Brushing your teeth is generally considered ok though.

sneaky _shoes
Nothing by mouth.. even water. DO not drink water or take anything by mouth until you have been extracted blood.

But if you mean it literally. Yes you can touch water with your hands and even take a bath.


Seeing that your question is in the diabetes section, i am assuming you are talking about Fasting Blood Sugar test. No, you are not allowed to drink water.

Benny Wu
In Christianity, you are allowed to touch water if you are fasting. Note that there are different types and ways of fasting. We have :
a) dry fasting - no drinking of water
b) dry fasting with occasional intake of water
c) fruit fasting - taking only fruits
d) fasting for a specified time frame,
e) abstinence from what you liked most, e.t.c.
From the above you can see that touching water depends on the type of fasting that you decide to do. Drinking water while doing some fasting are not allowed but you can touch, wash your body, and brush your teeth.
Learn the teachings of your religion and adhere to it inorder to receive whatever it promises to its adherents. Fasting is good for your spiritual growth so keep doing it. Thanks.

venkat s
fasting without drinking water. not at all. fasting means avoid taking food. while fasting always you should drink water. that is very good for digestive system to eliminate all toxins present in elimentary canal that is from your stomach, small intestine and large intestine etc. the water thus you drink (atleast 4 litres)during the fasting will carry the toxins through blood to kidneys and is filtered. onefull day 24 hours fasting with only water will make you fit for rest of the week. in india people go on fasting every week in the above method and keep theselves fit.it is the tradition.

The question is not whether one is allowed to (touch water) drink water
while fasting....
There are different ways/procedures of fasting...& these are not rules but guidelines for one to choose as per ones choice & capacity.
I don't think it would amount to sin if some one is unable to complete fasting specially due to health reason.
Drinking water during fasting is good because it help drain waste/toxins from our body....ie.cleaning & washing the system...without which toxins will get accumulated in the body poisoning /harming it.

Yes, I'm pretty sure water is always something that is ok to have when fasting. I've never heard of it being otherwise, and I have known many spiritual people. They all drank water when they fasted, it's how you can fast safely without it being bad for your health. Humans can survive for a while sometimes without food if it's not done too frequently, but any amount of time without water is detrimental to your health.

Betta breeder
There are so many different ways to fast. It's best to ask your elders this question.

If this is for blood work you need to drink water and only water.

Matt Kevin
Maybe there are some religious doctrines that don't allow any water intake, but as far as any other kind of fasting goes, it would be pretty stupid to sit without any water. It's absolutely vital and just helps things rather than interfere!

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