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 How can you stop red wine staining your teeth and lips?
It's so not a good look......

 Swallowing GUM? is this ok?
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 Do you have white,straight teeth?

 why do we clean our teeth in the morning?
i can understand at night but why in the morning when you havent eaten anything since your last ...

 Does it hurt getting braces off?
In about a month i'm getting my braces off (finally) :D

and i was just wondering a few things...
Does it hurt?
How fast is it done?
Is it hard to get the glue off of ...

 I get four wisdom teeth removed in ten hours and I am nervous.?
I just saw a picture on the inernet a huge hole where the tooth went it was like 2 inches deep. Im 15 and nervous what should i do to calm down my nervousness....

 what would happen if i smoke weed after getting my tongue pierced 2 days before?
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 Is this dangerous?
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 I had a wisdom tooth pulled about 2.5 hours ago. I've been biting on gauze since then, but it still hasn't
stopped bleeding. Is there anything I can do besides just wait? I'd like to have some soup but I'm afraid to with it still bleeding. Should I have the soup or wait?...

 What about braces!!?!?!?
im getting braces this year. i talked my mom into letting me wait till summer so that i wont have to go through school not being able to eat anything and my teath being sore. the dentist we go to is ...

 Getting braces soon and need to know what to do? Help?
I am getting braces in less than two weeks and I need to know what to do like to prepare. I have read that you should take pain killer before you go in.
If so how soon before and does it matter ...

 how long does it take teeth to grow back?

 can some one help me about my breath?
my breath smells so how should get rid of it
by the way i brush it ...

 Whats the best relief that you've found out after you've gotten your wisdom teeth removed?
tomorrow is the big day...i'm looking for other things than pain medicine or ice packs...any useful information will ...

 Do braces hurt?
I am getting braces in September. I am afraid if they will hurt. Do they hurt????...

 who enjoys going to the dentist and who dislikes it?
got a filling done the other day,got my gum froze but also my tongue(yuk)then the dentist cut my gum....

 What soda pops has the worst effect on our teeth?
hi my name is salenna and i am doing a science project on the question above and if you have any facts detail or pictures tell me on here and please tell me reasonable answers and mind your language ...

how many times do you brush your teeth in one day? ♥?

1 usually bt 2 if i don't want my mom 2 piss me off.

ZERO!! :o

In the morning.
At night.
Sometimes I see no point of brushing it in the morning because I haven't eaten breakfast yet.
But I do it anyway. :)

2 times a day

Most dentists recommend brushing after every meal, but you should at least brush once in the morning to feel fresh,
and once at night to get all the bacteria off before going to sleep and letting it harm your teeth

o brush at least twice, but if you have time and want to look your best, do it after lunch too, so you have nothing stuck in your teeth during most of the day :)

2x minimum
hope i helped

3 to 5

I brush my teeth when i wake up and after I eat anything, well after every meal. It works but that's about 5 times I brush my teeth per. day.

Haha, sometimes, 2 or 3. Only three if i feel like it after i eat lunch.

Your Lips Are Like Morphine.♥
It Depends,
I Brush My Teeth After Anything I Put In My Mouth.
But Usually I Brush Them 4 Times A Day So My Teeth Stay Pearly White [ :

Andy A
Whenever my teeth feel dirty.
2-3 times a day.

2-3 times i cant believe not brushing at all!

Depends. Usually after I eat a meal. Anywhere from 3 to 5 times, I guess.

You should brush in the morning before you eat, or at least rinse, to get rid of bacteria before breakfast. Brush right before bed, too.


2 sometimes 3

I brush teeh 2-5 times a day. Never know if you have plaque. Mouth wash,tooth brush,tooth paste,and dental floss all I need to brush.

well i have braces so..
when i wake up
after breakfast
after lunch
and after dinner
and bfore bed.
so the most 6-7
the least 5

I ♥ Tea!

um. . . . . . . there is really no right answer to the question.but at least 2 to 4 times a day.but try not to brush them to much because believe it or not something could go wrong.

twice :)

Two times a day. In the morning and in the night.

2x a day

2-3 times

2-4 times

2 0r 3 times everyday for 2 minutes

about 3-4

2x a day morning b4 bed

Morgan G
3x a day

2 times some times 3

when i wake up
after i eat breakfast
after lucnch(if i eat a home)
atfer dinner
so either 3 or 4 times

and you?

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