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and i was just wondering a few things...
Does it hurt?
How fast is it done?
Is it hard to get the glue off of ...

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braces?? advice?? experiece?
my mom wants me to get braces (maybe i will)
is it better to have the metal ones or the plastic ones that look like retainers?

have you had them before?
which ones do u think work better?

The metal ones are definitely better. they work better faster and won't crack as easily. also the metal one are much easier to brush than the plastic one. I've gotten braces before they were bad I got them off the part that only hurt was getting the glue off. I got the plastic retainer cuz my orthodontist doesn't give away the metal version, but my retainer is gross i try to brush it but it's still dirty and it cracked i would get a new one but then they'll charge

i would stick to the tried and true metal ones. theyre not THAT bad and there on me teeth right at this very moment

Metal deff,Ive had them

Im getting braces in a week and im getting clear ones. I've heard that the clear ones stain, only the rubber bands not the brackets, but other than that they are pretty much exactly the same. i had my consultation today and the orthodontist said they work the same as the metal ones, they are just harder to see and are a bit softer on your mouth so you don't get as many canker sores/mouth sores/ulcers.

Al :)
I've had the metal ones, and they were just fine. I have a very pretty smile today! :)

Metal. Hurt a bit, but works better and faster!

Besides, you can get cool colors

My son just got his off after 3 yrs and he has the most beautiful teeth now. The retainers are hard to keep in your mouth and you will have a speech problem with them like a lisp. The braces themselves don't have to be metal my son got the clear plastic ones glued onto his teeth and with the clear o rings you cant even see them unless you are up close. After awhile when he was less selfconcious of them he chose different coloured o rings at his check-ups even glow-in-the-dark ones. Hope this helps.

Get the metal ones if you want STRAIGHT teeth. Invisaline or whatever it's called (the plastic retainer looking things) cannot give you such a straight look. And if you can get speed braces, they're plain Grey metal, but you don't have to have them for nearly as long as regular braces. And don't worry about pain, just take some Advil the day of :)

Brandon M
My brother had the invisalign braces, and he would always forget them.

A friend had them too, and she used them how she was supposed to but about a year after they took her off them her teeth started shifting.

I would say metal for the reason that they work better, but unfortunately they are very unsightly and uncomfortable.

i think the metal ones look better, they don't look very pretty though, and prepare to have stuff stuck in your teeth!!

ive had metal braces for about a year now and still have about a year to go, its annoying and tedious at times, but i think its worth it... the plastic ones look weird, and they make ur teeth look plastic and ive heard that they break so go for the metal ones if u think ur teeth are bad enough that u really want to fix them

i get my braces off on monday YAY! lol anyways theyre such a pain but they are so worth it in the end! I don't know which ones are better but you should talk with your otherdontist about it.
good luck!

i had the metal ones for two years and now my teeth look great, they hurt sometimes, but after a while u get used to them, i wouldnt recommend the plastic ones 'cause they usually go yellow if u dont brush them constantly....get braces, its guaranteed youll have a great smile

Mrs. Edward Cullen
i never got my braces yet but my friend has and watch out wut u eat cuz everytime i see her eat she has chunks of food stuck in them so dont eat popcorn
o and dont have gum with sugar in it cuz its sticky so it rips the brackets right from ur braces. u can have sugar free gum though

daniel d
the plastic ones make your breath stink sometimes but theyre way easier
i had the metals ones and theyre a ***** to floss
go with the plastic

Sarah :)
i think they work the same. i had braces twice and there a pain the first week cause your mouth is so sore but just keep taking motrin and medicine. But they really make your teeth look sharp and really nice :) i would get them why you have the chance.

Whitney R
If you want Invisalign, be advised that they when they don't go exactly as planned, they won't work, which could cost you much more money than going with regular braces. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't.
I had regular braces and I made much bigger of a deal of them than they actually were. It took a while to get use to, but it really wasn't that bad. People don't make fun of you, and at some point, many other people have them just the same as you. I recommend getting them because my teeth look AMAZING now! And just think, you'll have that brand new smile for the rest of your life! Good luck!

The plastic ones that look like retainers are invisaline. Ideally, you would want invisaline but that is not an option for everybody. Being able to use invisaline depends on your teeth and what case they are and how crooked they are. Bolth braces and invisaline work. I have had braces , you do not have to take them in and out like invisaline, it is a one time deal less hassle than switch retainers every month. It doesn't really matter wheather you get invisaline or braces, in the end your teeth will be straight. Good Luck!

metal ones work better i think.
thats what i had when i was in grade school.
just took me a couple of weeks to fix my teeth.

i had both! i started with the metal ones then went to the plastic clear one! its called invisoline.....i think. I didnt really mind them, the plastic one is great! and works really well! but dont take it out for too long or it will hurt to put back in because your teeth move very quickly!

it is really worth it! my teeth are perfect now!

just check with your orthodontist to see if your really need them!

good luck! and ask if they can whiten your teeth for free (make a deal!) i did and i love em!

alison s
metal all the way . you have to take the plastic ones out before you eat and theyre just a pain in the ***.

Soccer L
the ones that look like retainers dont put as much pressure on your teeth so they move slower.
Ive had personal experience with the metal ones for 2 years, got them off last year and my teeth are SO STRAIGHT.

get real braces with clear on top (clear ceramic) and then metal ones on bottom. the plastic ones do not work as well...

Get them NOW so you don't have to get them when you're older. You won't like it but you will be thankful you did later.

Also get the metal ones. They will hands down work better. I know people that got the clear ones and afterwards their teeth just started moving back to where they were. I got the metal ones awhile back and my teeth are still where they belong =)

Good Luck!

it's going to stink to wear them either way...
But remember that the outcome/result of them is terrific.

I would personally advise you to go with Invisalign, it actually works faster and you can hardly see them.
It will hurt like HECK though because they will be very tight on your teeth.

i had metal ones, the werent that bad, my teeth r perfect, but they hurt sometimes, & the brackets rip up the inside of your mouth.

I had regular braces. As it realigned my teeth, the wires at the ends would stick out and poke and scratch the insides of my cheeks. The braces themselves also scratched me up a bit inside my mouth. Rather painful and very annoying. Sometimes the wire even popped out. I don't know if that's a common problem or if my orthodontist was just retarded.

You have to make sure you take very good care of your teeth -- be serious about brushing (along with that little brush they give you to brush between your braces) and flossing. Otherwise food is more likely to get trapped. To me, it was quite a hassle.

I don't know if the newer ones that look like retainers are easier to work with. I know that my actual retainers gave me quite a headache and made me drool when sleeping, which made me not wear them.

Ejay J
The metal ones,fixed ones definitely are better.
They give you hell for a few days though,makes it kind of hard to eat.

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