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Colgate Palmolive
What do you do to try to prevent bad breath throughout the day?


2)juice carrot

3)Eat a little parsley(kind of vegetable)

water and sugarfree gum

Mints :D or an apple.
I used to have chewy all the time but it made me fart alot lol
Oh and brushing teeth regulerly + mouthwash.

Brush my teeth in the morning and night and chew gum throughout the day.

I use mouth wash and mints/gum.

I love colgate wisps. Just brush to get rid of anything on your teeth and if freshens! no water needed!

I drink lots of water and carry dental floss in my bag. It works wonders.


Brush after every meal and after coffee breaks. Brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth. Use mouth wash when possible. Carry breath fresheners and gum with you. You can also keep handy a plastic spoon or tongue scrapper to scrap your tongue.

I brush and floss three times a day

Brush your teeth twice a day with...Colgate toothpaste of course.

No seriously, the most awful bad breath is caused by skipping breakfast when your body draws on stored energy and in so doing ketone bodies are released into your blood which are then exhaled with your breath. What a stink. This is the worst form of bad breath and has nothing to do with dirty teeth. Therefore brushing your teeth or swilling chemical mouth wash around in your mouth achieves absolutely nothing. So what to do. Eat periodically throughout the day to prevent bad breath. Other primates eat or browse throughout the day and it is only in our human culture which causes us to eat 3 set meals a day. Failing to brush your teeth twice a day will eventually cause bad breath, gum disease and high dental charges. Other tips include; avoid garlic, curries, smoking, alcohol, eating lots of meat and so on.

So to recap bad breath is most often the result of missing meals, being hungry. Crying also causes extreme bad breath, although I can't explain the mechanism for this form of bad breath. Perhaps someone out there knows why.

I keep peppermints in my bag which seem to work well enough!

I also keep a travel size bottle of mouthwash and a toothbrush/toothpaste at work.....

Listerine pocket packs and extra chewing gum. :)

Redd bOne(:
buy a pack of gum

Mum Mum
Tongue brush !

truth teller
I always have sugar-free gum in my backpack for when my mouth feels a bit yucky

i always have gum.ments and water :D


I don't have bad breath!

I can't even smell my breath! :D

Kathryn W
Brushing my teeth seems to work wonders. So does my stash of sugar free mints and gum.

Excellent dental Hygiene - brush, floss and mouthwash. Also invest in a tongue scrapper as this is where most bacteria build up causing nasty smells.

Keep mints or gum handy throughout the day or believe it or not chewing a small amount of parsley helps rid bad breath - my dad swears by it and Ive noticed the results since he started using it once or twice a day.

And visit your dentist or hygienist regularly for advice if all else fails. I hope Ive helped in some was.

good dental care,m regular brushing and flossing, mouthwash, good diet, drinking plenty of water.

Tiana J
i have gum on hand.
but i also drink lots of water.
water helps keep the breath fresh.
so if you do forget to brush your teeth
on day. drink water. i promise it helps. =]

I'm one of those people who always have gum on hand. I pretty much chew it most of the day and it's mainly because I eat a lot of garlic and onion and I'm permanently paranoid I'm going to breathe all over someone with my stinky breath.

In order for you to find out how to cure bad breath, you have to understand what causes it first. Bacteria dwells and eats on food remains that are left in your teeth. This creates a foul smell/odor that is known as bad breath. Here are some easy steps, and how to cure bad breath.

Brush your teeth - and I mean REALLY brush your teeth! Most people only brush their teeth for 0 - 60 seconds. You need to brush them for atleast 1.5-3 minutes to really get that bacteria out (along with all that old food.) Brush those teeth thoroughly!

Floss those teeth! - Very few people take the necessary time to floss their teeth. If you don't, you're only cleaning a part of your mouth. All those little gaps between your teeth are a haven for bacteria... Start flossing!

Your tongue is a criminal! - Most people don't realize that their tongue is a big reason for causing bad breath. Many odor causing bacteria hide within your tongue, which you don't remove while brushing or flossing. So the answer to this is to clean your tongue with a good tongue cleaner. Go to your local pharmacy, get a tongue cleaner, and start cleaning it!

Drink a lot of water - Drinking water keeps your mouth moist, which washes away a lot of the food particles that bacteria loves. Drink more, wash away more, and have less bacteria. A very simple tip, easily overlooked by many people!

Go to the dentist: A dentist can easily tell you what's going on in your mouth. If you have the time, go get a dental checkup.

For some people it takes up to MONTHS to cure their bad breath. Can you imagine waiting months to cure your bad breath? There has to be another way.. and there is. Discover a way to cure your bad breath within days:


(Copy and paste the link above into your browser to find out now.)

i have permanent poo breath -- i floss i clean and have tongue cleaner --been like it since i was16-- theres nothing to match my morning breathe either -- i can knock u out with one breathe

I drink a lot of water. It will naturally freshen your breath.

Bajaza A
Brushing and flossing twice a day always helps me. Not any mouth freshener can get rid of bad breath since most mouth fresheners only mask bad breath. Therefore, there is no use in having those fresheners. But certain products like, NuvoraBreath keep the mouth clean and fresh by killing the very bacteria that causes bad breath.

You can cover up bad breath with mints, gum, mouthwash or even toothpaste. These products only work for a short time. The major cause of bad breath is the top of the tongue where bacteria grow and produce those bad smells. To cure bad breath you need to remove the bacteria from the tongue. I learned about OraBrush tongue cleaner about 6 months ago and now have fresh breath all the time. Brush your teeth and then clean your tongue withOraBrush twice a day and your breath will be fresh. It works for me.

Something that Colgate doesnt have on their ingredients>>> Natural Products.

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