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if you have breast cancer and don't know you have it. Does your breast hurt? OK, if my let breast hurts does
that mean i have breast cancer?

get a mammogram to find out

Some kind of wonderful
not necessarily go for a check up..but usually lumps signify cancer but even then not always lumps means cancer just go to the doctor

not necessarily. go get it checked out by a doctor

I've never experienced that.
but as far as i know, breast cancer always have this kind of tumor (little meat) which shows on your skin.
check your breast immediately, and i recommend that you do it in the hospital to get more accurate results.

i hope you're okay!

it also could mean your breasts are forming, I had that a few years back in those great ol puberty days but I dont got any breasts just some nice muscular, strong, hard, fit, built, man pecs... ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Chances are no but a doctor can reassure you. Also there are many other factors to consider. Such as where you are in your menstrual cycle, and your age, whether you get checked out by an OBGYN annually, any other medical symptoms, lose of weight, change in appetite, etc. Also have you done any strenous activity where you could have pulled it?
Hope this helps.

the best way to detect breat cancer is to see your doctor have him/her do a breast exame , tell your doc whats going on and he /or she will have you get a mamogram done , , dont wait to have this done , the earlier the detection the better the survival rate , u know your body better than n e one so go to your doc and let him/her know the symptoms etc , sometimes if your period is coming your breast will be tender but the best way to know is call your doc

mine NEVER hurt and i had it. keep going in for your mammo. do self checks, if you don't know how, ask a doc. or a nurse.

Absolutely not! It usually doesn't hurt-or at least at the first stages. You are most likely growing or it's just plain hormones. But I'm guessing you're growing. Mine hurt all the time when they grow. (ugh! I'm D36 now! lol)
Try not to jump to conclusions, but it's a GREAT idea to get checked every like, half a year or so. Hope this helps!
Peace out.

The best way to find out is to go and check it with your doctor.

no. feel for a lump. but your problem is probably much less serious.

cancer may or may not hurt. Any lump should be checked out.

Emily Dew
Breast cancer doesn't hurt and that came from a friend of mine who had breast cancer and needed a mastectomy and from a surgeon I saw after a weird mammogram. You may have a calcification or a cyst. See your doctor though so they can check it out.

You can have breast cancer without being able to feel a lump---however, MOST cancers don't hurt. But you need to go get a mammogram and see a professional so you can know for sure what's going on.

Good luck!

Tina of Lymphland.com
what were the results of all your old mammo's? any changes on them? cysts hurt, fibrocystic breast disease hurts sometimes, etc. There could be many things that make it hurt, so ask about your current results in a timely manner, you may have a cyst there nobody told you about. Also it could be a duct problem, possibly lymph congestion, but definitely follow up on it.

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