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i think i may have breast cancer, or is it just a cyst?
today i felt a lump on my breast whilst in the shower. it is quite painful so im worried. it is just bigger than a 50p peice, i can move it a little bit and its quite smooth. is it likely to be cancer or a cyst, something else, or even nothing at all.

please help as i'm quite worried about it! also i am in my teens, so is it unlikely i have cancer?

I would concentrate more on booking a Dr's appointment than asking questions on here. You are highly unlikely to get a reply from a Dr and even if you do they are not going to be in a position to give you a full and comprehensive diagnosis. Get to the docs on Monday (it will probably be nothing, good luck) :-)

Edit: Balls to you then I hope you die. I said the same as that nurse but got a thumbs down!!!

I had the same and when I went to the docs he told me that generally, if it's non cancerous it hurts and if it's cancerous it doesn't hurt.

But don't rely on this site, go to the docs and get it checked out!

you can get cancer at any age even though it is less likely.
It could be a non-cancerous lump but you will need to get it removed before it grows because I have heard from a relative how painful they are .
Get it checked out - it'll be worth it .

X-Ray Goddess
Tell your mother what is going on so you don't have to worry by yourself.

Also call your GP on Monday and get this sorted out and if the witch (I know how they can be) at the other end of the phone does not have an appointment for you on Monday state that you found a lump on your breast and that you MUST see the Doctor today! I would call at 7:58 am sharp as most of the appointments are gone by 8:01!

If they refuse and make it for the end of the week call the PCT and *****. It's not unlikely for teens to have cancer men/women at any age can get cancer regardless. However I would not sit around and worry about it but I would get myself on the phone on Monday morning at 7:58! Hope it turns out to be nothing.

Also your doctor should give you a mammogram if it does turn out to be a lump. I would demand that everything be done if you were my daughter!

if you feel that there excrescence at the breast, the sick, it is also not because there are many different reasons .. I suggest you go to medical examination or to learn through this website http://breastcancerezine.blogspot.com/

go to doctors asap

I would suggest you see your GP without delay.
We are not the experts but it is most likely a cyst.
Ask your GP to refer you to the breast screening unit.

nice guy
I don't think little pain is all you get when you have a cancerous tumor as big as a 50p it's probably a harmless cyst or even nothing but you gotta go see someone asap

I had one of those,it is probably a harmless cyst See the Doc asap

Lily B Talus
See a doctor as soon as possible, you are not too young to have cancer...but it is probably benign

You should always go to the doctors for these types of things, but it's likely not much to worry about since it's moving around.

Waiting is the worst thing that you could do. It is likely a cyst but it needs to be checked at once.
Good luck

breastcancer lumps often start out thesize of a pea and dont hurt... it sounds like you have a blocked duct in your breast..maybe you are due a period soon? If so..water retention can cause this.. My sister had a lump in her teens and although rare to get cancer at this age..she did have it removed ..Due to a family history of problems. I would definately not leave this ..It could just be a simple infection but it is always better to get these things checked out when you find them.Ask your nurse to show you how to do breast examinations also for future reference...
Good Luck..
Im sure all will be ok.

call your doctor, dont wait, its probably just a cyst, but get it checked out. Good Luck

More than likely it is a harmless cyst, however all lumps and bumps should always be investigated. Try not to worry. Make an appointment to see your Dr.

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