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i cant get over it

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 lung cancer at stage 4?
my dad just got diagnosed with lung cancer and it spread to the bone....they said its at stage 4 he has to start kemo immpeditaly.....the doc wont tell me and i really need to no around how long does ...

 im 14 & recently found a lump on a nut. im nt reli sure where to go or anything to check if its cancer. HELP!?
please help and give advise iv got no idea wat to do....

how long can you live with type 4 lung cacer?

Michele M
it depends how bad it is

If the patient responds to chemo well then they can live up to five years. However if the patient doesn't respond well to chemo the life expectancy is 1 year or less. Hope i helped :)

i ♥ hershey ♥♥♥♥♥
sadly not very long Stage 4 is the final stage & usually life expectancy is about 4-12 wks

type 4 isnt very long at all

if you take care of yourself and do the proper things to stay healthy as possible you could maybe even beat the disease

Stage 4 means the cancer has spread to another lobe of the lung from where it started or to another part of your body, for example the liver or bones. Sadly patients do not live very long.. anything from a month to a yr, i'd say. then again could be a week to 3 yrs. depends on you. ask a gp xx

slave 06
depends on how long you have been diagnosed. usualy a few months

I'm afraid the prognosis is very poor with stage 4 lung cancer. However, this does not automatically mean cancer is terminal, it just means it is not curable. There is a big difference.

Stage 4 is the most advanced stage, where the cancer has spread. Understandably, the survival statistics are lowest for this stage. Unfortunately, lung cancer is often diagnosed late and many people already have lung cancer spread when they are diagnosed. Fewer than 5 out of every 100 people (less than 5%) diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer will live for at least 5 years.

ekk I think that's like extremely serious.. I've heard 6 or less months :[

Depends how strong you are when first diagnosed.The trouble is that it,s not usually diagnosed until the person is feeling quite ill

Depends ENTIRELY on the individual.

My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in October 2007 and he's still here kicking *** now!!!


Jean C
You should never have asked this question in a public forum. Look at notalones answer. These other answers!!! I cant believe what they have said. They dont know you or your lifestyle or anything about you and they turn out these answers!!!!!! You could do yourself more harm than good by listening to them! Take care of yourself and highly nutritious food is the best medicine. Take care and good luck :)

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