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 do mood rings give you cancer?
i have this cool mood ring that i wear on my thumb and one of my no it all friends say that it give you cancer is that true?...

 have you ever lost someone you love due to cancer?
i just found out that one of my family members has cancer. im scared. have any of you dealt with this? what was it like?...

 Can I get cancer from eating cancer?
Can I get cancer from eating a tumour from a chicken or a vegetable? T...

 Is Farrah Fawcett's death insignificant because we have a black man for Pres.? Are white women the true?
minority now? All you are hearing about is Michael Jackson's death. She fought a good fight for the last couple of years and is probably 100 times courageous as the self induced death of Jacko!...

 Why would a man shave his head and tell everyone he has cancer and the baldness is due to chemo???
I'm sure he has some mental problems, but gee, this is dumb....

 hey doctor is it possible for a non smoker to get cancer?
As all cancer is caused by smoking i was just wondering if its really possible for a non smoker to get cancer?...

 i'm so scared i just smoked?
for the first time in my life i smoked. i've never done it before. i go 2 the gym 3 times a week and always in top condition. im hearing u can get cancer so i'm freaked. will i get cancer ...

 Can chemotherapy harm your baby if you're pregnant?
A friend of mine is 4 months pregnant and just found out she has breast cancer. She's 30 years old.
She refuses to abort the baby to have the chemo done, so the doctors are going to give ...

 Who here is battling any kind of cancer or has survived any kind of cancer?
Yeah....and what kind of cancer do/did you have? I am 16 currently battling lung cancer......

 How can I support my boyfriend with cancer?
My boyfriend has a tumour which could be cancerous. This has been checked out by a doctor at a clinic who referred him to a hospital. He has also been checked at a better hospital.

One ...

 My child has cancer any tips or advice?
My son is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with ALL acute lymphoblastic leaukemia. He has to have chemo and i'm not sure how to deal with it. Any advice or info would be very much appreciated. ...

 If you are diagnosed with cancer, an INCURABLE DISEASE, what is the point of treatments?
Because cancer means you will die right? I mean, I know there are 'cancer survivors'. People who no longer need treatment, and appear fine. Into remission.

But they've ...

 have you ever lost a parent or a loved one due to cancer?
im 15 and i lost my dad last year

i cant get over it

i really miss him and it frustrates me that i can never see him again
its not fair... im young and needed him to guide ...

 Is Marijuna addicting?
I'm figuring out my connection to it. RASTAFARI...

 does smoking "causes" cancer or "contributes" to it?

 Why am I still so tired after cancer?
I was diagnosed just over two years ago with breast cancer. I had an operation to remove the cancer and then had chemotherapy and radio. My veins collapsed so had to have an hickman line put in, ...

 when should you get your first cervical smear test?
after noticing that a few woman in there twenties have been getting cervical cancer i am getting worried as in england doctors dont invite girls for their 1st test untill they are 25. i have had a ...

 What causes cervical cancer?
I heard terrible news that someone I know has been diagnosed with cervical cancer....

 Does sleeping with a Bra on cause breast cancer ?
Thats what my friend Jeffrey told me.. I sleep with a bra on and do not want cancer/...

 lung cancer at 15? ?
10 minutes ago the bottum of my throat just started hurting im coughing and im weezing wen i breath could i have cancer ive smoked befor i have no ...

has the cure for cancer been found?
cause i searched it on google it was found i just came here to to make sure

They've found cures for some cancers, but many do not have a cure. However, I believe they're holding back on us.

i think it has been they are just not releasing it because of BIG BUSINESS...do you know how much it cost someone to get kemo therapy? do you think the big companies want to lose that money? did you know that a certain number of people are SUPPOSED to die from AIDS, & Cancer a year? they count on that to help control the population. so to answer your question they probably do have a cure and they probably got one for AIDS to..how did Magic Johnson get cured if they don't??

I believe so, but if they give you the cure for cancer can you imagine how much the medical industries will suffer.

They can send someone to the moon, they have a cure for cancer.

if you only knew everything that the scientists in this country and the government knew, you'd be blown away.

Always Be Happy :) -Cali-


NO YOU FRIGEN IDIOT. only some kind and thats called kimo therapy :o :|

.x. get.out .x. ='(
no ......i dont think so becuz 1swt of all u need many sources to knoe fo sure nd if it wuz found den it would b on dA news nd evrythin....so no....tha cure fo cancer hasnt been found YET...

Yellow Panda
No. They can treat cancer, but their is no cure. It's kind of like a terrible cold, except for the fact that a cold goes away on it's own. There is no cure for a cold, but it can be treated.

Peter M
No the cure for "cancer" (in the singular) has not been found no matter what you read here from the conspiracy nuts. According to them we (the US government) are still hiding aliens from a crashed flying saucer out in area 51 in New Mexico. The folks in New Mexico are making a bundle off of the ignorant people that believe that conspiracy. Lo_mcg should be congratulated for her patience in once again giving the definitive answer to this very frustrating question. Frustrating because it seems to be asked every day and the answer remains the same every day. Don't get me wrong - it's a good question and you came to the right place to get the TRUE answer from people that actually have first hand experience with this bunch of diseases, we just want you to spread the word yourself! Tell everyone you know that you got the real answer to the question and the answer is that there is still no cure for cancer.

No. Some have gone into remission and lived cancer free for their lives, but a "cure" does not exist.

Well yes, google and you will find any number of sites telling you there is a cure for cancer. There are two reasons for this:

1 There are a lot of nutjobs on the internet

2 There are a lot of unscrupulous people on the internet eager to part desperate and vulnerable people from their cash.

There is no guaranteed cure for any type of cancer.

The problem with finding a 'cure for cancer' is that cancer is hundreds of diseases, not just one. The difficulty is that different cancers are caused by different things, so no one strategy can prevent them, and different cancers respond to different treatments so no one treatment can cure them all. There isn't and will never be a magic bullet that cures all cancer.

Some cancers can be cured these days though: 7 out of 10 children are cured of cancer. Testicular cancer, Hodgkin's disease, and many cases of leukaemia can all be cured in adults with chemotherapy, most skin cancers are cured with surgery, and many cases of thyroid cancer and cancer of the larynx are cured with radiotherapy.

Many other types of cancer are also cured if they are found early enough. There is still a long way to go, especially with some of the commonest types of cancer such as lung, breast, bowel and prostate cancer.

The idea that a secret cure is being hidden, presumably for reasons of profit, doesn't hold water. Think about it...

Thousands of people would have to have been cured by ithis secret cure otherwise there would be no way of knowing it worked. All those people would be keeping quiet about it too – not a word to the media from any of them either.

I don't think it would be bursting anyone's bubble to hear that drug companies are in it for the money - so why would they be keeping quiet about this cure even though it would bring them fame and fortune? Any drug company discovering a cure would make far more money than they can have dreamed of making up till now.

And doctors, scientists, researchers etc would be watching their relatives die and dying themselves (they and their families develop cancer at the same rate as the rest of the population) rather than revealing the secret cure

Every medical professional in the whole world would have agreed to keep existence of a cure secret. Every single one. One blabbermouth, one disgruntled researcher or sacked nurse and the whole conspiracy’s blown.

I live in the UK; we don't pay for our medical treatment, including cancer treatment. Cancer treatment costs our government untold billiions - no fortunes being made there. Yet we have the same treatments as the rest of the world - no miracle cure has been revealed in order to save money.

Existing treatments aren't perfect - very far from it. One day people will look back on them with horror. But they are all we have at the moment, and we know, because they have been tested and proven in double-blind clinical trials, that they save many lives and prolong many, many more.

There will never be a Eureka! moment when a single substance or procedure is discovered that will reverse all types of cancer. Rather there will be steady, sometimes slow, progress - an improved treatment here , a way to reverse one type of cancer there, a way to prolong more lives.

Be very wary of claims and anecdotes you read on the internet; a search on http://www.quackwatch.com/ will give you the facts about most of the 'cures' the alternative medicine industry is trying to sell you.


If the "cure for cancer" had been found, wouldn't you expect to see a lower percentage of deaths (or even zero deaths) among the doctors, nurses, "Big Pharma" managers and Health Insurance executives than among the general population?

You don't.

So it hasn't.

Cancer is not a single disease that you can even expect a single cure for, it's a vast family of diseases that share the common symptom of unregulated cell growth...

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