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 Can eating ice cause cancer of the throat?
please answer my ...

 How soon after wife's chemo can a guy expect to get some luvin?
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 Jealousy of a family member with cancer?
DON'T take this the wrong way, no way do I WANT cancer, And I love my sister and would give anything for her A.L.L. Leukemia to go away..But I guess I'm jealous of her for the attention. L...

 Hi have never smoked in my life?
Im 27 and have never smoked until once I was on holiday with family and I tried one once and it made me sick and I have never had one since will that one kill me?...

 do mood rings give you cancer?
i have this cool mood ring that i wear on my thumb and one of my no it all friends say that it give you cancer is that true?...

 have you ever lost someone you love due to cancer?
i just found out that one of my family members has cancer. im scared. have any of you dealt with this? what was it like?...

 Can I get cancer from eating cancer?
Can I get cancer from eating a tumour from a chicken or a vegetable? T...

 Is Farrah Fawcett's death insignificant because we have a black man for Pres.? Are white women the true?
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 Why would a man shave his head and tell everyone he has cancer and the baldness is due to chemo???
I'm sure he has some mental problems, but gee, this is dumb....

 hey doctor is it possible for a non smoker to get cancer?
As all cancer is caused by smoking i was just wondering if its really possible for a non smoker to get cancer?...

 i'm so scared i just smoked?
for the first time in my life i smoked. i've never done it before. i go 2 the gym 3 times a week and always in top condition. im hearing u can get cancer so i'm freaked. will i get cancer ...

 Can chemotherapy harm your baby if you're pregnant?
A friend of mine is 4 months pregnant and just found out she has breast cancer. She's 30 years old.
She refuses to abort the baby to have the chemo done, so the doctors are going to give ...

 Who here is battling any kind of cancer or has survived any kind of cancer?
Yeah....and what kind of cancer do/did you have? I am 16 currently battling lung cancer......

 How can I support my boyfriend with cancer?
My boyfriend has a tumour which could be cancerous. This has been checked out by a doctor at a clinic who referred him to a hospital. He has also been checked at a better hospital.

One ...

 My child has cancer any tips or advice?
My son is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with ALL acute lymphoblastic leaukemia. He has to have chemo and i'm not sure how to deal with it. Any advice or info would be very much appreciated. ...

 If you are diagnosed with cancer, an INCURABLE DISEASE, what is the point of treatments?
Because cancer means you will die right? I mean, I know there are 'cancer survivors'. People who no longer need treatment, and appear fine. Into remission.

But they've ...

 have you ever lost a parent or a loved one due to cancer?
im 15 and i lost my dad last year

i cant get over it

i really miss him and it frustrates me that i can never see him again
its not fair... im young and needed him to guide ...

 Is Marijuna addicting?
I'm figuring out my connection to it. RASTAFARI...

 does smoking "causes" cancer or "contributes" to it?

 Why am I still so tired after cancer?
I was diagnosed just over two years ago with breast cancer. I had an operation to remove the cancer and then had chemotherapy and radio. My veins collapsed so had to have an hickman line put in, ...

does tanning beds eventually give you skin cancer?
iv heard even if you dont use the tanning bed very often you can still get skin cancer is it true?

Kinky Friedman
yes for certain. my nose fell off. like michjael jacksons nose fell off. nobody knows why my nose came of but it think it was the sjun machine.

A young girl from Australia, can't remember her name used a tanning bed just once and got cancer

no, if you only do it a few times your fine. just dont go for like an hour. if you have never done it before they will start you under 10 minutes. and if you do it all the time it will turn out as skin cancer or u could get those ugly brown spots.

it's do tanning beds.....
but ya all the streight uv light eventually will give u cancer

Sure do! it is the UV that does it. It should be OK to use them occasionally, like it is OK to get some sun, but don't abuse them.

Yes. You can also get skin cancer from the natural sun, tanning just increases your chances of getting it.

Anyone can get skin cancer. It's just, the more exposure to UV light that you get, the more damage you do. The sun is a powerful source but to go into a tanning bed with little clothing on to bath yourself in the light...well yes, it will do damage to your skin. But it doesn't mean you *absolutely* will get cancer. There's nothing like that for any cancer...but it DOES increase your chances.

The Smart Blonde
I've used a tanning bed less than 10 times in my whole life and I got skin cancer from it. It depends on your skin. Not all people will get it. But some do.

will you please answer my questions? Thanks :)

I believe it does, skin cancer...

cave wmn
I dont believe everyone would get cancer. Some people get cancer and they hardly went in the sun and some people tan all there life and are fine. The thing is to never do to much of anything. Geez even to much water could kill you! Thats the key to everything. Eating, drinking, or TANNING. Dont do to much. And take care of the body.
The thing is you dont want to burn. There are expensive tanning beds that wont burn you. If you can afford them GREAT! I tan but never to much and I am 47. I take care of my skin also. I shower after tanning so I am putting moisture on the outside and when done, lotion that will go into the skin. Read some things on line of why your skin darkens from the sun to understand why we get a tan. Many will explain the pigment very well. The bottom line is to take care of your body, its the only one you got. Water is a big key to hydrating your skin as well.
Hope this helps!

Prince of Shananana
short answer yes ultra violet light directly on skin in close quarters does damage

There is always a possibility of getting skin cancer. Even if you dont use tanning beds at all, but yes tanning beds do slightly increase it.

NOT everyone who tans in a tanning bed will get skin cancer. But its the same exposure as the sun. SO YES, take precaution and protect your skin.

Yes, its still burning your skin I dont think roasting yourself is very healthy and my Friend she gets tanned throughout the year on tanning beds and she has scabs all on her face its not so pretty

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