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 im 14 & recently found a lump on a nut. im nt reli sure where to go or anything to check if its cancer. HELP!?
please help and give advise iv got no idea wat to do....

 Can a urine test reveal if you have testicular cancer?

 16 years old bowel cancer..??!!!??!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?
well im 16 years old and recently i have noticed blood on the tissue paper and y'day a drop of blood fell into the toilet along with my s**t lol it has happened about 3 times before and it is ...

 Can walking barefoot inside your home cause me to have ovarian cancer?
Is it something that has to do with the cold and hard floor tiles?...

 would you donate your organs?
when you ...

 Which came first, the cancer or the chemicals?

 So, is EVERYONE going to get cancer in their lifetime?
Right now in biology, we're studying about cancer [which I have an essay that I should be working on... pfft]
Anyways, I'm still a bit confused. I know that everyone is at risk, but ...

 Can they get rid of me after having cancer?
I had cancer in 2004 & was on sick leave for 11 months doing chemo/radiotherapy. I worked 1 month of 2004 and all of 2005 with 6 weeks sick leave for breast reconstruction. Everytime I have a ...

 What are the effects of smoking?

 Have you had cancer?
Just curious how many people are on here that have had it, or maybe have it right now.
And if you don't mind could you say your diagnosis and age as well!!
Thanks a mil! And well done/...

 Is it possible to have two different kinds of cancer at the same time?
I've never heard of anyone having two different kinds of cancer at the same time and was just wondering if it was possible or not....

Don't you think that smoking should be against the law?...

 how can we know that whether a person has developed breast cancer?
one of my friend who is 23 years old told me that she is having some lumps in her breasts.she doesn't hav any swelling neither pain but surely there r some lumps .she can't tell her parents ...

 How long do people with grade 4 terminal cancer have left to live?
My friend has been diagnosed with terminal cancer... i don't really know anything about it!
All i've been told is that they had the worst type of brain tumor possible, so big that they ...

 Worried I have eye cancer, please help?
Every now & again when I take a picture of myself, one eye is red & the other is like a orangy colour. It doesn't happen every time I take a photo but it has happened a number of times ...

 Is marijuna really that bad for you?
I mean in the long run... I researched it and it really seems not bad. You cant get addicted and the body can recover after a while. There is a cancer risk and infertility risk but thats only if you ...

 Can eating hot peppers everyday lead to stomach cancer?
I read a few studies that said so, but heard they may have been debunked....

 can you die from Testicular cancer?

 Am I Covered In Cancer?? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY PLZ!!?
im only 16 years old.. but im scared i may have a few types of cancer..2 are concernin me most.

For a few years now, (Probly 3- 4) i have had a lump in each breast. i read that when your ...

 How do you emotionally deal with being diagnosed with cervical cancer and only be 18?
I just found out today , I have abnormal cells that they found in a recent exam. They say that they have caught it early, so that gives me a fighting chance. So, the only thing that scares me is how ...

does smoking "causes" cancer or "contributes" to it?

Arpeet K
Yes, it has been scientifically proven.

It causes cancer.


LMAO, this question is clearly stupid. Have you ever had any education on drugs I mean seriously. I think it's both.

Mikey C
smoking causes lung cancer yes the tar build up in your lungs and harder for you to breath plus extra carbon dioxide is being stored inside

U No
oHHH My God a Gerbal Like Richard Gear but a Little Kitty I would say your Chances of Geting cancer would Be drinking TAP watter mmmm our Just walk outside and Breath = Middle of Jully ....~ ! ~ ) :

Pawan Bhatia
yes but many die without a trace of cancer but they die coughing so protect lungs

http://www.indiastudychannel.com is a great educational site
See link

it does not cause cancer but is the main contributer and following it is ionizing radiation and viral infection.
In the United States, smoking is estimated to account for 87% of lung cancer cases (90% in men and 85% in women). Among male smokers, the lifetime risk of developing lung cancer is 17.2%; among female smokers, the risk is 11.6%. This risk is significantly lower in nonsmokers: 1.3% in men and 1.4% in women

Using of tobacco, smoking and pan etc causing so many deceases:
cancer,tb,lung cancer & etc
This is world known truth: and in all country they have banned these items:

brenda g
yes it cause lung cancer!

Many years ago, it was already known that there are approx 8000 different chemicals in the smoke. No wonder at all that every part of the body suffers from it. Yes: EVERY part of the body.
1: it causes different types of cancer, not just lung cancer. It also causes cancer for non smokers who just happen or need to be around where someone smoked/smokes. It's been proven that cig.smoke is 5 times more harmful for non smokers than for smokers. I don't know how they calculated that - probably they took in account that smokers already are sick because of the smoking. And you won't get much sicker when once sick. Not so for non smokers, who would be even healtier if no smokers would be around.
2: once you've got cancer (be it caused by the smoking or something else): the smoke will considerably break down our natural resistance against all kind of diseases, including cancer. Because, again, already many many years ago, it's been made public that there are 8000 different chemicals in cig. smoke. Many of those have a very bad effect on the health and the natural resistance to diseases.
No wonder that on average a smoker lives approx. 7 years less than a non smoker. In itself that's not a big problem - but also, during their lives, an average smoker, although he/she lives much shorter, still needs much more healthcare than the average non smoker. Some people think smoking is good for the taxes (income to the government). Which is bull - because the extra healthcare needed, is more expensive than what the extra taxes brings in.

Anyway, smoking is a cancerous addictive habit which we should weed out with all kind of means. Especially because only a tiny percentage really cares about others around them - they really don't care **** if they have to breath in their toxic gases. And all smokers that i ever came accross, just throw away the cigarette stumps in the nature (causing fires and environmental damage including toxics going into the food chain). So, i didn't meet any smoker yet who isn't unneccesarily pollutioning the same environment which non smokers have to live in to. It's sooo egocentric to throw those stumps in the environment.

Don't forget: cigarette manfacturers add all kind of things to let it be more addictive and to give it a calming effect. But the calming effect is only short lived. It's designed that way, by the manufacturers. So that after a small while, you will want another cigarette to get the same calming effect (subconsious). Cigarette manufacturers are nothing less than legalized drug lords. I think they are big criminals, who earn money at the expense of the populations health and safety. It's totally ridicilous that selling cigarettes still is allowed AT ALL. Well... Not that ridicilous, if you keep in mind that short term thinking is always what the politicians who are in charge do - they think it's good for employment and income of the government. Firstly, they just can't calculate (you have to take in account the negative effects, like healthcare and house and company fires, which they don't). Secondly, employment in itself isn't a goal - it's a means to live. People should share the available employment more. But many people are egocentric and don't want to share their job opputunity with others. This, while it only has positive effects: people can work less hours and have more fun.

PS: my mother smoked for many years, and stopped approx. 25 years ago. She can now somewhat more easily climb stairs, but her lungs are still demolished for a large part. And she got some other health problems. She thinks the smoking can't be the cause after 25 years. It IS the cause. She's just ignorant and stubbern about it as many smokers are.

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