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 i think i may have breast cancer, or is it just a cyst?
today i felt a lump on my breast whilst in the shower. it is quite painful so im worried. it is just bigger than a 50p peice, i can move it a little bit and its quite smooth. is it likely to be ...

 Can I get lung cancer from a very dusty home?

 Is it true that if you write on your self with a pen, your killing brain cells?
My fried keeps telling me that its true. If it is I've must have killed A LOT of brain cells....

 what is haematology? ?

 does tanning beds eventually give you skin cancer?
iv heard even if you dont use the tanning bed very often you can still get skin cancer is it true?...

 Is it cancer please help ?
have a pea sized lump in the back of my throat. It doesent hurt but it really irritates me. I am 13 years old and went to the doctor today with my mum as i have been having some problems with my ears-...

 my 11 year old daughter with cancer gets picked on bad! help!?
She's 11. What do i do? She use to be very very popular til she got cancer. Kids are hateful when she lost her hair she has to wear a beanie or a bandanna on her head. One day some kid took her ...

 What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of cancer?
I'm starting a t-shirt line and for one of the designs im putting a bunch of words on the shirt. Whats the first word that comes to mind when you think of ...

 has the cure for cancer been found?
cause i searched it on google it was found i just came here to to make ...

 cancer question??
can u get cancer if fire flashes at u?...

 why don't they reduce the chemicals in cigaretes?

 What problems do you face when returning to ‘normal’ life after cancer treatment?
Hearing from you via Yahoo! Answers helps us to gather information about the types of support you need charities like us to offer. For example, people tell us the impact of a cancer diagnosis doesn�...

 i have cancer given few days to live its termanal pleas help im blue?
ok heres the strory aboute a guy that lives in the real world no time to cry because nobody will listen they all dont care if ill die they just wont listen to understand that blue i am they rather i ...

 Genetic testing: Could this tell if I'll get breast cancer in the future?

 how long can you live with type 4 lung cacer?

 Can eating ice cause cancer of the throat?
please answer my ...

 How soon after wife's chemo can a guy expect to get some luvin?
Been 9 months since I got any... she keeps teling me how wonderful and supportive I am, but she finished chemo and radiation over a month ago, and I'm one frustrated guy... I don't want to ...

 Jealousy of a family member with cancer?
DON'T take this the wrong way, no way do I WANT cancer, And I love my sister and would give anything for her A.L.L. Leukemia to go away..But I guess I'm jealous of her for the attention. L...

 Hi have never smoked in my life?
Im 27 and have never smoked until once I was on holiday with family and I tried one once and it made me sick and I have never had one since will that one kill me?...

 do mood rings give you cancer?
i have this cool mood ring that i wear on my thumb and one of my no it all friends say that it give you cancer is that true?...

does freezing water in plastic bottles cause cancer?

Yes, I am not sure what type but my health teacher told me that it could!

Everything can give you cancer.

[email protected]
Everything causes cancer. I just gave you cancer through the screen, HA!

If it's a nalgene bottle or has a 7 in a triangle at the bottom of the bottle it's been linked to cause cancer, so it depends.

Not sure about frozen water, but I did hear that if a bottle of water heats up it causes cancer. There was a news story about not leaving your bottled water in the car in the summer.

EVERYTHING causes cancer these days...

everything causes cancer nowadays.

Yes, its due to the chemical called dioxide.

I don't know for sure, but I heard not to let the water temperature in the plastic get extremely hot or cold (frozen) as the plastic breaks down with extreme temperature changes. It is better to be safe than sorry. I know they do make special ice trays for bottled water ice. The ice freezes in cylinders so it will fit in the bottle.

It can... when you freeze the bottle, chemicals in it are released that enter the water. I wouldn't worry though, there are signs just about everywhere that say if you are outside you are at an increased risk of cancer. Just don't go around doing stupid stuff and you will be fine; freezing your water bottle will do an insignificant amount of damage.

what???? im at a loss....are you asking if the plastic causes cancer cuz water im certain is pretty much cancer free....wow...no ! frozen water in a plastic bottle shouldnt cause cancer anymore than orange juice in a coffe mug.

maybe, the chance you'll get cancer is like the chance of winning the lottery though, the cancer lottery.

um idk that but i know that it is not good for you because when it freezes it takes some of the plastic properties and puts it into the water

why would you think that? sitting in traffic breathing fumes does........... not frozen water

no you wont get cancer. what a dumb question


well allot of ppl say that right but i did it many times and i am fine alot of ppl do it so it fine u can go ahead and frezzzz ur water

No but stupidity is a disease that spreads no matter what.

God I hope not because I do that all the time.


Snopes says no

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