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 can men get breast cancer?
can men get breast cancer?
my pecs hurt after i work ...

 if you have breast cancer and don't know you have it. Does your breast hurt? OK, if my let breast hurts does
that mean i have breast cancer?...

 i think i may have breast cancer, or is it just a cyst?
today i felt a lump on my breast whilst in the shower. it is quite painful so im worried. it is just bigger than a 50p peice, i can move it a little bit and its quite smooth. is it likely to be ...

 Can I get lung cancer from a very dusty home?

 Is it true that if you write on your self with a pen, your killing brain cells?
My fried keeps telling me that its true. If it is I've must have killed A LOT of brain cells....

 what is haematology? ?

 does tanning beds eventually give you skin cancer?
iv heard even if you dont use the tanning bed very often you can still get skin cancer is it true?...

 Is it cancer please help ?
have a pea sized lump in the back of my throat. It doesent hurt but it really irritates me. I am 13 years old and went to the doctor today with my mum as i have been having some problems with my ears-...

 my 11 year old daughter with cancer gets picked on bad! help!?
She's 11. What do i do? She use to be very very popular til she got cancer. Kids are hateful when she lost her hair she has to wear a beanie or a bandanna on her head. One day some kid took her ...

 What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of cancer?
I'm starting a t-shirt line and for one of the designs im putting a bunch of words on the shirt. Whats the first word that comes to mind when you think of ...

 has the cure for cancer been found?
cause i searched it on google it was found i just came here to to make ...

 cancer question??
can u get cancer if fire flashes at u?...

 why don't they reduce the chemicals in cigaretes?

 What problems do you face when returning to ‘normal’ life after cancer treatment?
Hearing from you via Yahoo! Answers helps us to gather information about the types of support you need charities like us to offer. For example, people tell us the impact of a cancer diagnosis doesn�...

 i have cancer given few days to live its termanal pleas help im blue?
ok heres the strory aboute a guy that lives in the real world no time to cry because nobody will listen they all dont care if ill die they just wont listen to understand that blue i am they rather i ...

 Genetic testing: Could this tell if I'll get breast cancer in the future?

 how long can you live with type 4 lung cacer?

 Can eating ice cause cancer of the throat?
please answer my ...

 How soon after wife's chemo can a guy expect to get some luvin?
Been 9 months since I got any... she keeps teling me how wonderful and supportive I am, but she finished chemo and radiation over a month ago, and I'm one frustrated guy... I don't want to ...

 Jealousy of a family member with cancer?
DON'T take this the wrong way, no way do I WANT cancer, And I love my sister and would give anything for her A.L.L. Leukemia to go away..But I guess I'm jealous of her for the attention. L...

Macmillan Cancer Support
What would make your day better?
When you're living with cancer, the difference between a good day and a bad day can often come down to really small things. Getting answers on something you’re worrying about. Finding out you can get some financial support. Or just having a chat with someone who understands. At Macmillan Cancer Support we are trying to help people have more good days. Tell us how we could help you have more good days?

Dan S
Since I am on "Answers" ..not getting doom brains asking doombrain questions, like how many drinks will get me drunk, and what`s the drink called if you put coke into rum DOH

The Teesside Popular Front
Simply having a girlfriend who I am actually attracted to, and whose company I enjoy.

Very shallow and vacuous in light of your subject matter, but I cannot lie - It is the one thing that has occupied my mind for years and years now, and is now threatening to drive me to insanity.

To escape crippling loneliness and depression.
I don't have any any family and have never had a friend or partner in life, ill be 27 in a few months. It gets harder as each day goes by and chances of ever finding a partner or friend go spiralling down as well for a whole list of reasons.

On the subject of cancer i don't think it would bother me really as its an early escape from this misery, for people who do have cancer then they need to realise they have a great support system around them in their families and they need to understand that as from this side of the fence when you don't have anybody around you i can see how others take the company they do have for granted.

If i died at home i wouldn't even be found until the smell got to such an extent that it reached the neighbours or the repo man comes round wondering why i havent been paying the bills.

EDIT: Somebody cant handle a different answer to all the other "sweet" ones, i pray for your soul the day life drags your head out of your own little fantasy land and hits you with a harsh lesson.

My uncle sadly died from lung cancer 2 years ago but when we went to visit him in hospital he said the worst thing about his day was people asking him how he was, he just wanted people to come and keep him company and talk about all the great things that's happened in his life. Those 2-3 hours of visiting made his day. He didn't need any of his family to understand how he was feeling he just needed us there & I think that was really comforting for everyone :)

support and to have all the people around you that love you and care for you, and to try and carry on as much as namal as you can do,

heather :)
i can't imagine what someone would go through if they had cancer. but if i did i would make everyday special i would treat everybody the way i wished to be treated i wouldn't let small things make me upset and i would eat loads and loads of cookies because ***** itt :)

Good friends to be by youre side, and to support you and be REALISTIC....

i think it is seeing a familiar face. ive lost two people recently to cancer and another elderly lady is in a hospice and sadly deteriorating with brain/lung cancer. i know visits from familar faces help to brighten their day, and takes their mind off the treatment and the here-and-now so to speak. cancer is tough, and worse losing someone close youve known to it, but i know cancer charities such as yours do great work! i for one am proud of you guys!!

My friend died from ovarian cancer in January and the Macmillan nurses were brilliant with her care, especially as she live in a remote part of Wales up a hill side.. I want to say thank you to them for being there for my friend, Sally Hartley of Melin-y-wig Clwyd when she died. They gave me the chance to say a proper good by and relive some happy memories. I will miss her and love her always. I helped one day by being there so George could do something else and he made me realise how much he needed to be able to do something else for a while. That's what the mac nurses did for him too. I would have been more involved but I live 4 hrs away. Thank you for all your help

jackie m
I don't have cancer but Macmillan nurses do a great job and there should be a lot more of them available - before my dad died of cancer 3 years ago we tried to nurse him at home just prior to his death because we didn't want to be too much bother to the nurses but if the Macmillan nurses had been more available and probably more forceful his last few weeks might have been more comfortable, we thought we could do it alone but we struggled, when he lost control of his bowels or tried to get out of bed and fell and my mother and I couldn't life him back into bed, luckily enough my daughter is a senior carer and she helped but if we hadn't been so proud and asked for help from the nurses he might have had a less painful death, although he was back in the hospital and on high dosage of morphine by then. To anyone who is needing the help of the Macmillan Nurses, take that help because they are qualified to deal with cancer patients at the latter end, you are not.

It must be unbearable to live with any form of cancer - and just as bad to have a loved one live with it.
I would think that any type of hobby, sport or other activity would be good to take their mind off of things. The person suffering from, and his/her loved ones could go on a beautiful day out, a short holiday or maybe try out some extreme sports. This would help take the mind off of the fact of cancer and help the family to spend, and memorize more 'good days' together.
The family could be financially supported by you guys from donations and such.
I suppose after the death of the loved one some may need emotional support, as an alternative to a therapist you could offer to have a group of people in the same position get together to talk about similar issues - people that do understand - and supervised by you guys.

You guys and girls do a great job, you are truly good people and I respect you highly. The very best of luck.

Someone to talk to, crutches (LOL That's just me I want crutches real badly I can't walk on my toe) box of tissues and choclattes

MY day would be better if i had someone to talk too. helping hand..I had no help lost most of my friends when i was going through cancer 6years ago, Im all clear now looking after my son going through leukaemia, We have no help people chatting and taking us places to have a nice time,, hes in remission and ive been dignossed with pre tramatic stress disorder,,

by knowing that I am not going to get cancer.

Ms Book
Knowing that the aggressive cancer that was taken from my mother last week will never, ever return but that she didn't have to endure Chemo to ensure that fact. /sigh.

I am thankful to the doctors though who pushed her through really fast from diagnoses to operation to continuing therapy as I said it was found to be extremely aggressive yet they believe they have it all.

What would make my day better?. To have my husband back. he died of lung cancer last year. What a shock, he felt not right for a month or so, went down hill a bit and when we went to the hospital, they did an x ray and it showed he had very late stage lung cancer with cerebral metastasis. I spent the next 6 weeks hiding the truth from him until he died in my arms at home. I was lucky that out G.P. was good enough to leave the medication to me. I was able to keep my husband pain free and without any outside intrusion. I should mention that I live in Italy and I doubt I would have been able to do this in Britain.Now, here I am in " paradise "on my own and quess what, no income. I have another 11 years till my pension but till then I have to find some work to bring in a few euros to live on. I can't believe my life has changed from a calm life to a nightmare. I feel I have nothing, life has no worth to me without my husband. We both worked hard to get here and now it a cruel joke. I have relations here but I'm always the outsider.Why us....... I'm sorry, I rambled on.

cure my bfs dad of cancer, that would make my day.

My nan had cancer for years and died very slowly and painfully from it as it was terminal. I wish as she did, that she had been given the right to end her pain peacefully and dignified. Other than that, to have a pain free day, she would have liked very much to have had one normal day.

Maz M
A cure for cancer. My mum died of breast cancer in 2005 - when i was 12. As a result my whole family got split up as everyone went there own seperate ways, leaving me to travel abroad with my father, only to be introduced to a woman whom i loathe.
I know there are people out there with worse situations than me and im not asking for sympathy but if and WHEN the day comes when a cure for cancer is discovered, it will be a very happy day. untill then the only thing i can suggest to those who are around cancer - stay with your family, you dont know how much you would give to see a loved one untill their gone. Also stay strong, everyone will die one day and your not alone - have faith.

I would say that if someone is dealing with a loved one dying of cancer, don't leave them to cope on their own. After someone dies, a bunch of leaflets on who to contact should you wish to talk about it is not enough. It would be helpful to check on the person left behind a couple of weeks to a month later to offer support. After the funeral is over, the void becomes huge and it is very difficult to ask for help in coping. I appreciate that not everyone needs or wants help, but when we are grieving, we don't always know what we need.

seeing a baby laughing
a hug
walking around my autumnal garden....

but i have to say i am having a very good day today and its not even sunny!

thanks for asking.


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