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 Is Farrah Fawcett's death insignificant because we have a black man for Pres.? Are white women the true?
minority now? All you are hearing about is Michael Jackson's death. She fought a good fight for the last couple of years and is probably 100 times courageous as the self induced death of Jacko!...

 Why would a man shave his head and tell everyone he has cancer and the baldness is due to chemo???
I'm sure he has some mental problems, but gee, this is dumb....

 hey doctor is it possible for a non smoker to get cancer?
As all cancer is caused by smoking i was just wondering if its really possible for a non smoker to get cancer?...

 i'm so scared i just smoked?
for the first time in my life i smoked. i've never done it before. i go 2 the gym 3 times a week and always in top condition. im hearing u can get cancer so i'm freaked. will i get cancer ...

 Can chemotherapy harm your baby if you're pregnant?
A friend of mine is 4 months pregnant and just found out she has breast cancer. She's 30 years old.
She refuses to abort the baby to have the chemo done, so the doctors are going to give ...

 Who here is battling any kind of cancer or has survived any kind of cancer?
Yeah....and what kind of cancer do/did you have? I am 16 currently battling lung cancer......

 How can I support my boyfriend with cancer?
My boyfriend has a tumour which could be cancerous. This has been checked out by a doctor at a clinic who referred him to a hospital. He has also been checked at a better hospital.

One ...

 My child has cancer any tips or advice?
My son is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with ALL acute lymphoblastic leaukemia. He has to have chemo and i'm not sure how to deal with it. Any advice or info would be very much appreciated. ...

 If you are diagnosed with cancer, an INCURABLE DISEASE, what is the point of treatments?
Because cancer means you will die right? I mean, I know there are 'cancer survivors'. People who no longer need treatment, and appear fine. Into remission.

But they've ...

 have you ever lost a parent or a loved one due to cancer?
im 15 and i lost my dad last year

i cant get over it

i really miss him and it frustrates me that i can never see him again
its not fair... im young and needed him to guide ...

 Is Marijuna addicting?
I'm figuring out my connection to it. RASTAFARI...

 does smoking "causes" cancer or "contributes" to it?

 Why am I still so tired after cancer?
I was diagnosed just over two years ago with breast cancer. I had an operation to remove the cancer and then had chemotherapy and radio. My veins collapsed so had to have an hickman line put in, ...

 when should you get your first cervical smear test?
after noticing that a few woman in there twenties have been getting cervical cancer i am getting worried as in england doctors dont invite girls for their 1st test untill they are 25. i have had a ...

 What causes cervical cancer?
I heard terrible news that someone I know has been diagnosed with cervical cancer....

 Does sleeping with a Bra on cause breast cancer ?
Thats what my friend Jeffrey told me.. I sleep with a bra on and do not want cancer/...

 lung cancer at 15? ?
10 minutes ago the bottum of my throat just started hurting im coughing and im weezing wen i breath could i have cancer ive smoked befor i have no ...

 Wigs, do or don't?
I had chemo and lost my hair. I am currently looking to jump back into the workforce and be productive again, but I am not sure if wearing a wig would be best. Any suggestions?...

 What's a sign of having lung Cancer?
Just wanted to find out how you can tell whether or not you have lung cancer?...

 If you've ever heard the words, "your tests came back positive for cancer," what was your first response?
A week after the birth of my son, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25. Since, I have had surgery and received treatment, but I can't explain how calm I was when I first heard the ...

Macmillan Cancer Support
What problems do you face when returning to ‘normal’ life after cancer treatment?
Hearing from you via Yahoo! Answers helps us to gather information about the types of support you need charities like us to offer. For example, people tell us the impact of a cancer diagnosis doesn't suddenly stop when treatment is over - many people have difficulties returning to normal life emotionally, practically and medically post treatment. Please share with us your experiences and practical tips for keeping positive and coming to terms with things after treatment for cancer. We also have suggestions for living with and beyond cancer that you might find useful:

just kill ur slef and end the [email protected]

Mike S
I have lost my mind.

The doctor said I would be dead in 2 months

and that it was hopeless.

He said I had stage 4 stomach cancer and lymphomia.

I never went back to the doctor again.

That was 5 yrs ago.

I took resveratrol.

Nobody will tell the doctor that I am alive.

They act like I had the flu.

The doctor said that the chemo had done nothing

and then he said it was hopeless.

I was skin and bones and could hardly walk.

After 30 days of taking resveratrol I started to gain weight.

I stayed at the house for 2 years.

I walked everyday.

It was very hard to do.

It has been a nightmare.

There is noway to explain what it does to you.

weakness, fatique, dietary restrictions, vitamins and minerals, dizziness, hair loss, depression, paranoia, thirst, lack of appetite, weight gain/loss. the best support comes from family and friends who encourage a patient to go on with their lives.

Robby Agus W
Maintaining a good diet for example do not eat sweets, do not drink too much milk, do not eat fruit gummy. Because the example above foods are triggers cancer.

Robby Agus W

I know two people who went through harsh chemo treatments.

As far as I can tall, they are the same people they were before this all started. Granted it took some time they seemed quiet and tired for several months, but after a while they basically were back to what they once were.

I heard you get a fright, because my doctor had cancer and whenether he was going back to work he would cry.

I have been in remission since April...non Hodgkin's lymphoma. I have gone through chemo with-drawls to where my body craves the toxins. I even puked on my cat once (funny story). I have been instructed by my oncologist not to quit smoking because it would be too many toxins in and too many toxins out at the same time. The one thing I can say is that the moment you stop laughing is the day you die. My husband calls me chia pet or (bald) eagle. Stick up your middle finger. There is no such thing as normal life...there is just life.

ℓα яєιηα вσяι¢υα
Well my Nana died 2 years ago of a rare type of cancer. I'm not sure which type. It was very aggressive. She died a year after it had been diagnosed. After watching her die I've never been the same. That's the image I have in my head of her. Watching her being in pain. Maybe you can provide counciling for the younger members of the family that had been affected if you don't already.

Miss Organised
My dad had chemo for bowel cancer and he has suffered with some short term memory loss and he can't feel anything in his fingers and toes which he finds very frustrating as he can't open things like tins on his own.

▐▀▀☆▀▀▌ ☆ ĸαy ☆ ▐▄▄☆▄▄▌

you're an official.

and i'm answering your quessie.


♥♡❤☠❀❀☠❤ Who Am I ? ❤☠❀❀☠❤♥♡
i dont know but my cusin is having a hard time talking and eating, and having a hard time going out side (scared of the outside).

she also has a hard time dealing with her hair.

Struggling to get your formal life back is the biggest challenge to cancer survivors. The treatments are harsh, they are mental and physical. You are struggling with issues of fatigue, nerve damage, restlessness, fear, and depression. For some here in the States fighting cancer can wipe out your life savings, it could put you out on the street, and that is unfortunate.

Some things Swedish Cancer Institute of Seattle offers those going through cancer treatment and those that have finished treatment is the "Active Program". You work with a physical therapist and they teach you how to exercise and for us having fought breast cancer they teach you how to massage your lymph nodes and gives you exercises to learn how to keep your flexibility.

Mental problems dealing with fear and depression we use a psychologist. There was a writing class for former cancer patients that my wife goes to, and getting it down on paper is a way of dealing with what cancer has done to you.

Attempting to deal with chemo-brain and fatigue is what we find difficult. We do a stairmaster to try and build endurance and try to solve puzzles like Suduko, and play card games for our mental problems.

Returning to normal, or adjusting to our new normal is what we are hoping to do. Being able to go to work and feel like you have the energy and mental capability to perform would be what our immediate goals are.

I will check out your link, thanks.


Fatigue and fear.

5 years post surgery and nearly 5 years since treatment completed I still tire quickly - maybe it's just a part of my aging?

And the fear never leaves. Everything abnormal prompts the fear that it could be the cancer recurring. Every check-up serves as a reminder that it could recurr, with the week before spent on edge until I once agaon get the "all clear".

Other than that, my life is back to 'normal' for me!

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