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What can I do at 17 to prevent getting breast cancer one day?
I am 17 and breast cancer runs in our family. Now that I know that I have a chance of getting it I would like to prevent it. What can I do on my part?



Samuel Carson
do not smoke

brian a
theres no way to prevent it. maybe you could reduce the risk. im sure someone will give u a better answer but i suggest you say a short prayer each night before bed. it wouldnt do any harm. im not a bible basher by the way lol

Cancers runs in families yes, but you may not get the same type of cancer.

1. Always do a monthly self-breast exam. If you find any lumps or hard pea sized things then get it checked.

2. Eat healthy and exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week for at least 20 minutes. Consider organic foods. Avoids ones injected with human growth hormones.

3. Avoid chemicals that may be toxic. Watch the ingredients on household cleansers. Avoid other toxins like mold.

4. Avoid smokers.

5. Get your yearly pap smear and annual exam to avoid cervical cancer.

6. Wear sunscreen.

If you can afford to get an early mammogram then do so. I had my first one in my early 30's and they found something. That's all you can do is make healthy decisions and maintain a positive attitude and healthy immune system.

Hey, It's Just Me
Read this artticle...Dr. Ann's 10-Steps to Prevent Breast Cancer

The best way to fight cancer is not always to prevent it, as there are too many uncontrollable risk factors, but early detection. Early self breast exams monthly are the best tools to detect abnormalities and fight them early. Then, if cancer occurs, you have a much better chance of avoiding negative outcomes.

Precious to Jesus
There are a lot of environmental factors that can cause or contribute to causing cancer--poor diet, the cancer rate where you live, pollution levels, even drinking and smoking can contribute, stress, and probably many more--as well as heredity. The basic things you can do are eat a healthy diet (try to stay away from the nasty additives and preservatives); exercise regularly; get plenty of sleep; try to avoid stress; surround yourself with positive, supportive, encouraging people; forgive; love yourself; interact with children on a regular basis so you can see life through their eyes; live your life in such a way that you're not carrying a lot of emotional baggage or regrets. It's good that you want to take preventive measures now, but don't obsess about it because it can consume you. Sometimes the things we work so hard to avoid we bring on ourselves. Example: On a Mexico mission trip the guy in charge had said that one kid did everything possible to avoid getting the water in his mouth. He used bottled water to brush his teeth. He even put duct tape over his mouth when he took a shower. Guess what all that worrying amounted to? He ended up getting really sick anyway.

Make wise choices, keep up with new research, go for regular checkups if cancer runs in your family, do breast self exams, and don't get yourself freaked out about it. It's in our weaknesses that we can have faith in God.

Drink lots of water.

Eat tomatoes and other fruits and veggies.

Drink lots of milk and natural fruit juices.

Exercise regularly.


stay away from caffeine, especially coffee. also avoid greasy and fried foods. do monthly self inspection and don't forget to check under arms for lumps. good luck!

Perform regular self-exams once a month or biweekly, as instructed by a doctor. It's best to do them right after your period.
Have your breasts checked by your OB/GYN at least once a year when you get your Pap. Don't hesitate to see a doctor if you notice any changes.
If you can, avoid high-dose oral contraceptives. If you are on the pill,mention your family risk to your doctor, so that he can prescribe an appropriate pill. If you ever have children, breastfeeding is also suspected to lower the risk. There's no conclusive evidence, but it definitely can't harm you, and it's great for the child.

Eating healthy and working out do not prevent cancer directly, but they improve your overall health and make you tolerate medical procedures and therapy better.

try me
You now know that breast cancer runs to your family, so, you're prone to acquire such disease. The only thing you can do is have a balance and healthy lifestyle.

Exercise everyday.

Eat Healthy foods everyday.

Avoid foods that are rich in LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein).

Have a good rest everyday.

Don't do strenous activities that MUCH.

Not too much. I was a vegetarian for 20 plus years and my sister was a meat-eater. We both got breast cancer, so sometimes it might be genetic or an unknown exposure to a carcinogen somewhere along the way. You can have genetic testing done, but that doesn't really say you will or will not get cancer...just a predisposition to cancer.

Just have regular gynecological exams and mamograms at the proper recommended intervals and maybe do breast self-exams monthly also to feel for lumps.

P.S. The ten steps mentioned above couldn't hurt, esp keeping your weight down and eating healthy. Soy products are a big question mark however, with them being considered as having "plant estrogens" that may mimic estrogen...might have to avoid them if you get a breast cancer that is estrogen dependent upon growth.

luv my pups4ever
self breast exam at least once a month. they say a good time to do it is in the shower.

I would recommend getting thermography in your early 20's. Thermography is thermal imaging, no harmful radiation, no compression, completley safe. Best of all it's TEN YEARS earlier detection than mammography. It takes 8-10 years for a tumor to grow, and thermography will detect it at it's absolute earliest stages.

Go to: www.thermographyfirst.com and EDUCATE yourself!

i don't think that there's anything u can do to prevent breasts cancer but testing and going to the dr every 6 months,if you do it,even if you got it,you can get rid of it,cuz it's easier to treat at first,but try to not thinking about it much,live your life and don't be worry your whole life just for a chance of getting cancer,let your dr check it,don't worry

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