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This seems silly but will you tell me?
My mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. My mom and dad have been yelling at each other and same with my uncle, she said to him this "I have f***ing cancer and your f***ing wife is yadda yadda yadda..." I don't know what they were talking about at all. Do you think there is a possibility my parents are getting a divorce?

Artist Gal
It's posssible because with all these fights.................who knows...........

Nacho C
well it could be...

while it is possible, I would say that more your mother and father are scared and fighting because they don't know what to do now. They are going to lose your mom soon and they know it. It's difficult for adults to cope with changes to a comfortable environment. Keep your head up things will pick up. Hopefully if your dad loves your mom he will stay with her.

Umm well a lot of families have problems and they might not always be happy and goosey about it. This is a serious matter and its ok for your family members to be mad at eachother for now... and no that doesnt mean that they will surely get a divorce. All you need to worry about is to spend time with your mom; and help her fight it off. My mom's friend was diagnosed with cancer; but she got treated and she is doing fine now. Your mom needs care and your dad is probably just so upset that he has lost it a little bit.

i dont know your situation, but people fight.... thats how we get our messages across, and this is a high stress situation for everyone, so likely alot of arguing will occure. My family went through a period that was very stressful and my parents fought WAYY more than ever. my father actually left for a couple nights, but they worked it out, we got through the hard times and they are still as in love as ever before...

♪♥♫ la tüa ©añtañtë ♫♥♪
Not now, they might at a later stage, but if they consider you, you are probably already hurt enough that your mum has breast cancer, i don't think they'll divorce at the mo.

Cancer is super stressful, especially for a married couple. It is scary and people lash out when they are scared and worried. I think the best thing to do is sit your parents down and ask if they are ok. Maybe even suggest family counseling. But really I think they are just stressed out and when that happens people usuly take it out on the people they love most...just talk to them.

Good Luck, keep positive. : )

My guess would be that your parents are having a hard time dealing with the stress of the disease and the unknown future.

Depending on how long this is has been going on, I wouldn't worry to much. They'll need to work out their feelings as best they can.

Hopefully you have a good relationship with your parents and can talk to them directly about this, maybe one at a time. Ask them about the diagnosis, the treatment options, and why they are fighting.

Take some time to talk to a third party too, your school councilor or a trusted teacher for example. Sometimes its easier to talk with someone outside your family, just to share your feelings. They won't be able to solve your problems, but they can give listen and give you an outlet for your feelings.

This is a tough time. It might get tougher. Try to find someone that can help you get through it. Best of luck.

penny t
Is there a female relative besides your Mother to go to that will explain everything to you.
When grown ups are afraid they always attack the ones they know love them the most so I shouldnt worry about that divorce.
Just give them both a hug especially your Mum.

Im sorry :'(

It is probably all the mixed emotions about the cancer. Anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness. Just wait, im sure everything will soon be fine.

There is no excuse for using that kind of language. Maybe your mother is just stressed because of the cancer.

They are probably very stressed over the news of cancer. I have had a lot of cancer in my family and people can become very emotional with this type of news. It is a lot to handle. The thought of undergoing treatment, the financial strain and the fear of death. All of this can really put people on edge. Most likely your parents are just stressed and letting emotions get the best of them. Sometimes this stress can lead to divorce, but hopefully in this case no. Most likely they are just very emotional. Well, I hope this helped and I hope the best for you and your family during this time.

no your mother is scared. she's not sure whats going to happen. it sounds like maybe your mom thinks no one is concerned about what's happening to her. Your family is going on with their lives and paying hers no mind. She needs family and you to help her through this. Kind words and just be there when she needs a shoulder to cry on. We as parents forget yelling doesn't solve our problems. Hope this helps some God Bless!

No probably not. Since your mom has cancer your parents are probably very sad and angry and so they argue to get it out the way. Im sorry about your mom hope she gets better

There is a lot of fear going on when people find out they have cancer and then there is anger then there is grief. Its a lot of emotion . I hope they work it out. Were they good before the cancer? If they werent it may not work for them. Life is short and when you find out it could be shorter than you thought people get pissed about wasting time.

no i dont think so... they are scared and they didnt expect to get that kind of news they dont know what to do. so they just fight!

Possibly, but it is more likely that they are both very upset about your Mum's diagnosis. They probably don't know how to deal with the stress and sadness.

Try telling them how you feel. They probably don't realise that they are making you upset, and that you are affected by your Mum's diagnosis too!

no they are probably still sad & depressed from the shock!

The friendly atheist.
sweetie , all parents have arguments.
its fine.
they wont get a divorce.

and im sorry about your moms diagnosis.

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