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Rest in peace Declan baby x
My child has cancer any tips or advice?
My son is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with ALL acute lymphoblastic leaukemia. He has to have chemo and i'm not sure how to deal with it. Any advice or info would be very much appreciated. thankyou

oh my heart is breaking for you there is nothing more upsetting than a very poorly child.i have no wise words for you my lovely except to say that hopefully there will be someone from the hospital who will support you.i will pray for you and your little one you must be feeling so low and worried.children amaze me because they seem to cope with illnesses better than we do they always seem to manage some smiles for everyone.

Our daughter has cancer. It was discovered when she was 29. It was in her foot which had to be amputated. Three years later it reappeared in her lung, they opened her like a tin can to get out a spot the size of your little finger nail, that was 18 months ago. Yesterday we found out that she has another spot on her lung. I've told my wife,"Our daughter has cancer, it's going to be a part of out live and we need to adjust to it and support her every way that we can." The best thing you can do is get your son the best medical care that is available and please realize that all doctors are not equal. Go on the web and do some research on doctors, I suggest BestofUS.com. It rates the best of 10 professions by city and state. This is now a part of your life, take it as your challenge to do the best you can for that little boy so he can enjoy a good life. You'll be a better person as a result of this, trust me.

blackpool lass
hiya, i would just like you to know i will pray for your baby,my heart goes out to you.god bless you and your children.god will be with you.x

Christine G
Some how as a mother, I am sure you will muster up the strength to comfort your child. I wish you and your son all the best, my thoughts and prayers are with you both.

rainbow girl
My 2yo was diagnosed with AML 12 months ago. It is a very hard thing, trying to get your head around the news that your child has cancer. My girl handled the chemo pretty well. There were times when she had vomiting and diarrhea, and she also lost a lot of weight, but mostly she was smiling and happy. Stay positive and have fun, I know that must sound strange, but although my daughter was so ill (she started her journey in Intensive Care on life support) we still had some good times in the hospital. I must also add, that she is in remission now and doing fantastic and we hope things stay that way. Good luck on your journey.

Ask at the hospital treating him if there is a support group for parents. Usually there is. Also ask the team who will be treating him for advice. Don't be worried about asking questions, if you don't understand anything ask them to repeat it and fully explain it. Write down as much as you can, perhaps a list of questions you can think about when you are at home, and then take it with you. Don't be afraid to ask for help from anyone who genuinely offers it, and consider counselling to talk over your worries and stresses. You WILL get through this. Try not to be afraid. God Bless.

I am so sorry to hear about your son im sure everyone at the hospital will support you all. You have to be strong for him im sure he will be fine.


I wish I knew where you are located, and if I could give some personal help.

The increase in cancer and diabetes in children in a way has also followed the average increase in soft drink consumption. It is now over 50 gallons of soft drinks for each person in the United States per year. I don't drink soft drinks or anything acidic once I discovered how much they can make the body acidic. Every cancer patient is overly acidic, while healthy people are both acidic or alkaline, depending on how healthy they are.

I suggest that you stop drinking any soft drinks, cheese, artificial sweeteners, and cut back on animal fats, and meats.

Good Luck!

I am so sorry. My partner was diagnosed when my son was 11 months old. He had a very rare form of cancer. Sadly we lost him when my son was 4. He had lots of chemo and radio, and op's. I know how numb you will be feeling, my heart goes to you. I have added a link that will help you. They helped me so much. You can call them to and they will send you the relevant info you need. They are a shoulder to cry on too. I wish you luck. You will get through this. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Froget it Bexy!
I would contact the MacMillan support team in your area, I have placed the link below. Many blessings to all in your family and especially to your son.

Hi, my 2 year old son was diagnosed with cancer back in 2000. He is now a healthy 11 year old full of the joys of the world with an incredible outlook. He talks about cancer the way other children talk about chickenpox!
The day he was diagnosed I thought my world had fallen apart and the journey in front seemed impossible. The children's oncology ward at Yorkhill Glasgow, where he was treated is called Schiehallion. It is a mountain in Scotland with many peaks to go up and down before reaching the summit. The ward was named this as it is very appropriate for the journey you have ahead of you.
My motto whenever anyone said that they didn't know how I coped and they wouldn't be able to cope (of course they would, there is no option) was "get up in the morning, deal with the day, go to bed, get up...." Enjoy, hard as that word may seem at the moment, each day as best you can, if your son is feeling lively go do what you would normally do, we tried to keep him at his playgroup whenever he was well enough, if he is tired after a bout of chemo, cuddle up and read stories. Try and treat him as you always have, this was good advice given to us, you want to spoil them but you can't, they need the same discipline and routine as normal. Make plans, we went on holiday to Center Parcs, between bouts of chemo, we took a letter from the hospital detailing his condition and treatment should we have had to visit a hospital while away. Another thing we did - I learned this one after my husband had been ill with a tumour 11 months before my son - put a message update about how your son is on your answer phone. Each night I came back from visiting my husband well meaning and caring family and friends would phone for an update and I would sit on the phone for hours repeating myself when all I wanted to do was catch up on stuff at home, or sleep. With our son we put a message on and people could phone, hear it, leave me a message and they knew what was going on and I felt supported and could call back when it was suitable for me. Try to make "me" time, that may sound selfish but it is important your batteries are charged so you can be there for your son, if you have a partner don't shut each other out, this is a big thing, we were advised that the families who didn't talk were very strained, keep your other children in the loop. If your son has a hickman line fitted make lots of little bags for him to keep it in. My friend made my son loads out of different fun materials and each day he chose "wiggly's bag" - soft ribbon goes round your son's neck and the line sits in the wee bag, means it doesn't get caught on anything when he is playing. Clic Sargent were fantastic, they had a team of social workers and staff in the hospitals who helped you sort out benefits you are entitled to while your son ill, they also had holiday houses where they whole family could go for a break. I hope this has been of some help to you and that in the years that follow you to will look back on this as I do as "one of life's things send to try us and make us stronger." Don't let it take over your life forever. With love and a big hug

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