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 If you've ever heard the words, "your tests came back positive for cancer," what was your first response?
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 im 14 & recently found a lump on a nut. im nt reli sure where to go or anything to check if its cancer. HELP!?
please help and give advise iv got no idea wat to do....

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 So, is EVERYONE going to get cancer in their lifetime?
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Anyways, I'm still a bit confused. I know that everyone is at risk, but ...

 Can they get rid of me after having cancer?
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 Have you had cancer?
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And if you don't mind could you say your diagnosis and age as well!!
Thanks a mil! And well done/...

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 how can we know that whether a person has developed breast cancer?
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 Can eating hot peppers everyday lead to stomach cancer?
I read a few studies that said so, but heard they may have been debunked....

If you are diagnosed with cancer, an INCURABLE DISEASE, what is the point of treatments?
Because cancer means you will die right? I mean, I know there are 'cancer survivors'. People who no longer need treatment, and appear fine. Into remission.

But they've still got cancerous cells in them right? So basically, what treatment does is to..hide away the cancerous cells? So then you live longer? But you still have cancer, and is going to die? Because THERE'S NO CURE?

Not quite. There are lots of cancers where the person can survive for many many years, and posibly be cancer free. I am not so sure that your basic statement is correct; I think that some cancers can be erradicated from the body entirely.
I had prostate cancer surgery about a year ago. The surgeon thinks that all of the cancer was contained in my prostate, he removed the prostate, so the cancer is gone, in theory. He said that there well could be some cells left over, and that my bodies natural defences could destroy them. It is quite possible that I am now cancer free forever, but it is not 100%. Of course someday I will die, just as you will, but there is a good chance that I will not die from cancer. And if I do die from cancer, I have had many more years than I would have had if I had not been treated.

David C
Some cancers can be cured; others can be put to sleep for several years, & with others treatment can lengthen your remaining life. Also treatments can reduce the pain. All well worthwhile.
Don't be so negative. While there's life there's hope.

You have no idea what cancer pain feels like. There is a need to deal with the side effects of cancer even if you cannot deal with the tumour.

You might feel differently when you are the patient.

it's incurable because there isn't no tablet or jab that can PREVENT THE DISEASE... however when the disease occurs you can physically remove the cancer from the person but they are at risk of it growing back. Chemopherapy can also "Kill the cells" but it is incurable because you can't prevent getting it but it's easier to treat depending on how early you find it. Finding it very early should be no problem but you can't prevent it because there isn't any jab or tablet to prevent it. It can be treated when you have it not before you have it

Hello Izzy, you little ray of sunshine! Some of us (me) have stage IV cancer, but not all cancers are the same. People with my cancer can live for decades, even with liver involvement. I lost my breasts to neuroendocrine cancer and still it is well worthwhile getting a better set of silicone replacements because I plan on living a long time still. I'll never be a "cancer survivor". Cancer is just something I live with. Best wishes.

Treatment doesn't hide the cancerous cells it kills them so when people are in remission it means that they are free of their cancerous cells. Not all cancers can be cured but some treatments are used to prolong life or give a better quality of life. Cancer isn't necessarily a death sentence. It depends on what type of cancer and how fast you get treatment for it to prevent it from spreading or getting worse.

We are all going to die actually. Cancer is not an incurable disease. My sister was diagnosed with the disease 25 years ago, had treatment and is living a full life, working, married with children etc.

Treatment doesn't HIDE anything. It cures it.

Many forms of cancer can be cured, and many others can be treated to extend your life-span so you'll likely die from something else before the cancer gets back.

We're all going to die someday, some of us due to cancer. Just because you're going to die is no reason to give up. Treatment of anything at all won't extend your life forever, but it allows you to live on for the time being. Life's a gift, it'd be bad manners to waste it.

We are all going to die. Some day. And some cancers do respond well to treatment. My mother survived breast cancer to die years later of non-cancer lung problems. My father survived bladder cancer to die years later from a heart attack. I am glad for the extra time I got to spend with them.
I have a son who had a Wilm's tumor removed when he was a baby. He is now 40 years old and has a wife and daughter. So, go ahead and forego treatment if you wish. It's your choice.

Not quite.

Cancer is an umbrella term for over 200 different types of disease. Cancer is also a progressive disease which means it starts out as a single microscopic cell that mutates and begins to grow. It will grow indefinitely unless treated. Because cancer is over 200 different cancers . . each type of cancer has a different criteria . . some cancers are slow growing and can grow for 30 or more years causing few problems with the host . . while other cancers are aggressive and fast growing and can take months, weeks, or even days. And, this is where the problem with 'cure' comes into play. There is no 'magic pill' or treatment that can be taken to make the cancer go away for every unique human being. So there is 'no cure'. That does not mean there is no TREATMENT. With the right treatment, at the right time, for the right patient cancer can be treated successfully . . but there is no guarantee.

So, while there is no cure . . that does not mean that an individual who is treated can't be 'cured' from their individual cancer. For instance . . a single cancer tumor, very small is an early stage no matter what type of cancer . . if that small tumor is removed with wide margins . . the patient may never again experience a tumor or cancer . . so they are essentially a survivor and 'cured' with a long time remission.

The only time cancerous cells may be in the body is after METASTASIS. Cancer is progressive . . it goes through stages from very tiny in one spot to bigger, and bigger, it may spread and have more than one tumor, and at some point the tumor becomes large enough to METASTASIZE. That means the tumor has the ability to shed hundreds of new cancer cells into the blood stream or lymphatic system. Cancer is now mobile and those microscopic cells can lodge anywhere in the body. It is metastatic cancer of any kind that is the most difficult to successfully treat . . because it is widespread. The reasoning behind chemotherapy is that chemo can kill off those traveling malignant cells . . and in some cases it does, but in many cases chemo is used only as one part of an overall treatment that includes surgery and radiation. Not all cancers require chemo or radiation or surgery . . it depends on the individual, the cancer stage, type, etc.

Cancer does not mean you will die. Many people outlive their cancers, live with cancer by keeping it stable, or are in a long term remission that might as well be considered curative.

Incidentally, there is no cure for diabetes either . . but people with medication can live with it . . and the goal of many folks with advanced cancer is not to cure it but to LIVE with it under control.

So the point of treatment for cancer is the hope to be one of those survivors.

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