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 Who here is battling any kind of cancer or has survived any kind of cancer?
Yeah....and what kind of cancer do/did you have? I am 16 currently battling lung cancer......

 How can I support my boyfriend with cancer?
My boyfriend has a tumour which could be cancerous. This has been checked out by a doctor at a clinic who referred him to a hospital. He has also been checked at a better hospital.

One ...

 My child has cancer any tips or advice?
My son is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with ALL acute lymphoblastic leaukemia. He has to have chemo and i'm not sure how to deal with it. Any advice or info would be very much appreciated. ...

 If you are diagnosed with cancer, an INCURABLE DISEASE, what is the point of treatments?
Because cancer means you will die right? I mean, I know there are 'cancer survivors'. People who no longer need treatment, and appear fine. Into remission.

But they've ...

 have you ever lost a parent or a loved one due to cancer?
im 15 and i lost my dad last year

i cant get over it

i really miss him and it frustrates me that i can never see him again
its not fair... im young and needed him to guide ...

 Is Marijuna addicting?
I'm figuring out my connection to it. RASTAFARI...

 does smoking "causes" cancer or "contributes" to it?

 Why am I still so tired after cancer?
I was diagnosed just over two years ago with breast cancer. I had an operation to remove the cancer and then had chemotherapy and radio. My veins collapsed so had to have an hickman line put in, ...

 when should you get your first cervical smear test?
after noticing that a few woman in there twenties have been getting cervical cancer i am getting worried as in england doctors dont invite girls for their 1st test untill they are 25. i have had a ...

 What causes cervical cancer?
I heard terrible news that someone I know has been diagnosed with cervical cancer....

 Does sleeping with a Bra on cause breast cancer ?
Thats what my friend Jeffrey told me.. I sleep with a bra on and do not want cancer/...

 lung cancer at 15? ?
10 minutes ago the bottum of my throat just started hurting im coughing and im weezing wen i breath could i have cancer ive smoked befor i have no ...

 Wigs, do or don't?
I had chemo and lost my hair. I am currently looking to jump back into the workforce and be productive again, but I am not sure if wearing a wig would be best. Any suggestions?...

 What's a sign of having lung Cancer?
Just wanted to find out how you can tell whether or not you have lung cancer?...

 If you've ever heard the words, "your tests came back positive for cancer," what was your first response?
A week after the birth of my son, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25. Since, I have had surgery and received treatment, but I can't explain how calm I was when I first heard the ...

 Does wearing a bra to sleep really cause breast cancer?

 lung cancer at stage 4?
my dad just got diagnosed with lung cancer and it spread to the bone....they said its at stage 4 he has to start kemo immpeditaly.....the doc wont tell me and i really need to no around how long does ...

 im 14 & recently found a lump on a nut. im nt reli sure where to go or anything to check if its cancer. HELP!?
please help and give advise iv got no idea wat to do....

 Can a urine test reveal if you have testicular cancer?

 16 years old bowel cancer..??!!!??!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?
well im 16 years old and recently i have noticed blood on the tissue paper and y'day a drop of blood fell into the toilet along with my s**t lol it has happened about 3 times before and it is ...

Fred S - AM Cappo Di Tutti Capi
How soon after wife's chemo can a guy expect to get some luvin?
Been 9 months since I got any... she keeps teling me how wonderful and supportive I am, but she finished chemo and radiation over a month ago, and I'm one frustrated guy... I don't want to pressure her or anything, but what's a guy to do?

A Canadian
WOW..could you be anymore selfish?

thats wrong you should be thinking about her. i know you've been doing that alot but come on think about what she just went through shes not up to her full strength

#2 on the way
Just keep being supportive & do the job yourself in the meantime!

Damn ?It The Devil Dog Merry
chemo and radiation isnt something you just bounce back from! guh you have a hand! wait till shes ready!

She probably feels really self conscious. Tell her how beautiful she is when ever you can. Talk to her about how she is feeling, how she is recovering. Maybe a make a special night just for you two. So she knows your still interested and love her as much as before.
Dont push her too much but give suttle hints that you would like too get back to the way things used to be. Maybe she just thinks you dont like the way she looks.

Dude, not to diminish what you went through but nothing you endured can compare to the trauma and subsequent treatment debilitation that accompanies this disease. I was knocked out from radiation, but both radiation and chemo are much harder to recover from. You've been patient and supportive; continue doing so, your wife will let you know when she is ready, she will want to resume normal relations again too.

I would talk to her about it. I don't know what kind of cancer she had, but if it was breast, she may be self conscious about the way her body looks. Radiation can change the appearance of skin and even more so if she had a mastectomy. I'm just guessin' here..

I would try to set the mood a little. Buy her flowers, make dinner, light some candles.

I can understand where you are coming from. You have been patient and helpful, it is just you are ready before she is mentally. I wish I had an answer for you, but the women here appear to be attacking instead of providing help.

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