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 Can you just ask your doctor for a mammagram at 30?
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 What can I do at 17 to prevent getting breast cancer one day?
I am 17 and breast cancer runs in our family. Now that I know that I have a chance of getting it I would like to prevent it. What can I do on my part?


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can men get breast cancer?
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 What problems do you face when returning to ‘normal’ life after cancer treatment?
Hearing from you via Yahoo! Answers helps us to gather information about the types of support you need charities like us to offer. For example, people tell us the impact of a cancer diagnosis doesn�...

Cindy Crawford
How can we make curing cancer a global priority?
When I was ten years old, my younger brother Jeff died of leukemia.

Cancer kills 7 million people worldwide each year. Yet it is a treatable disease that—in time—is beatable. However, in today’s troubled global environment, valuable resources that would otherwise go to cancer research are frequently re-directed by the crisis du jour.

What can we, as individuals and as a global community, do to focus & mobilize our governments to find the cures that will make cancer a fear of the past?

Click here to watch a video of Cindy explaining more you can do to help:

Connect with others on this issue on Yahoo! Groups: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/cancercure/

Yahoo! Answers Staff note: This is the real Cindy Crawford! http://blog.360.yahoo.com/y_answrs_team?p=10399

yes, cancer is a serious concern in the world, however, how are countries that are struggling to feed their people and immunize babies supposed to make cancer fighting a priority.

so, i don't agree that cancer should be a global fight. however, many countries, including the US are trying to fight the fight and are making advances all the time.

eventually, there will be a cure, but cancer is not the only crisis that plagues our world.

the resources need to spread amongst all the fights, not just one.

Da da da
1) Study hard in school, learn the basics

2) Study hard in college, learn biology and logical reasoning

3 Study hard in med school, learn medicine

4) Become an Oncologist

5) Cure cancer

How can you make curing AIDS a global secondary?

dr blog
It is true that cancer is killing more people than all the wars put to gether. But it is equally true that all the governments are more and more concernrd with pililng up nuclear missiles than to bother about this dreaded disease. It will take the whole world 's resources and sincere efforts to tame this dinosour. Will it ever happen is the question.

Let's see, let's ask what global priorites/interests currently are:
1.) Money (and oil)
2.) Nuclear warfare
2.) Power
3.) Tabloid Gossip (who is richer or more famous or looks better)

Are you asking how curing cancer can be a priority in social thought? The media and art may be the fastest and most efficient
ways of forming social thought. Perhaps instead of having most magazines, films, shows, etc. targeted mostly towards capital gain, there should be an influx of media targeted towards human welfare. It's very hard, given that people don't want to exchange media opportunities used for their personal luxury and profits to be used for human welfare awareness. People would rather be known as philathropists, and, although this helps, I'm not sure it qualifies as being a true humanitarian. That is great that you are contributing towards this awful disease. You have my uttermost respect. I hope more privileged people in the public eye or wealthy individuals (money can shake things up quite a bit-- it is the biggest global priority) will learn do the same, not for the sake of their reputations, but for those suffering in this world.

Humming Monkey
Most of the world has accepted cancer as a normal part of everyday life. Because of this, most scientists have moved on to search for other cures.

BUT, we have found that cervical cancer is caused by a virus, and we have a cure for it (if we catch it before we get HPV).

So, does this mean ALL cancers are caused by viruses!? It certainly could be.

More research and results need to be published... Once the media is saturated with cancer related stories, this will become a global priority.

How about poverty? The spread of preventable diseases due to lack of education? these are more important to me, sorry about your brother.

I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. As a cancer survivor myself, I know how frightening a cancer diagnosis can be, and also how powerless it can make you feel. Most of the major killer diseases -- heart disease, HIV, diabetes -- have at least some major preventative actions you can take in your own life to lessen your chances of becoming a victim. With the exception of not smoking, living a healthy, responsible lifestyle is really only loosely connected to a lower incidence of cancer. This is the frustrating and unfair reality of cancer.

I think one of the major barriers to curing cancer is our current drug patent system. Though certainly we need to have regulations in place to prevent price gouging by pharmaceutical companies, we have to remember that drug companies are comprised of business people who have a bottom line to worry about. A tremendous investment by way of research staff would be required to develop drugs capable of curing cancer. If the investment required can not be paid back and produce a profit before the patent runs out on the drug, the company is not going to make that investment.

Additionally, keep in mind that if a durg company successfully produces a drug that cures cancer, it will essentially end the sales of all other cancer drugs (as well as the palliative care drugs) in their line. I think these financial concerns are keeping the pharmaceutical companies from wholeheartedly investing in a cure.

To combat this, the government needs to come up with some kind of exception for cancer drug patents, or perhaps a large reward or serious tax benefit to make this investment in time and money more attractive to the pharmaceutical companies.

Thank you for volunteering your time to this important cause...visibility and awareness is certainly another important aspect to finding the cure.

aussie fallen angel
Ban tabbaco products worldwide or make the producers of these deadly products donate $ 2 US from every pack sold to cancer research but not be sly & put prices up $2 US.
My mum died from cancer in 1985 & my dads dying also.
Governments wont do a thing to stop these billion dollar corporations because the government get money from every packet sold through tax & members of government would have money invested in these "death dealers" some sly way.

I'm sorry for your loss. My grandmother who raised me was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday. It's a scary feeling to know that no matter what we do a disease like this can take hold of us at anytime. I also lost another grandmother to cancer, and my grandfather was diagnosed last year, but was effectively treated.
I'm a mother and I know that one thing a parent is terrified of is hearing the word "cancer" in the same sentence with their child's name.
That said, I don't think cancer will ever be a global priority. As long as people are starving, natural disasters are occuring, people are dying of AIDS, I just don't think cancer will be the number 1 priority.
I think the best way we can prevent it is to go back to a more natural lifestyle. Fewer chemicals in the air, fewer chemicals in our food.....you could almost watch the cancer rate drop! It's interesting to note that cancer wasn't all that common 50 years ago. Now nearly everyone has been touched by this disease in some way. Could it be because of the so-called "advancements" we've made in the last half-century? Chemical preservatives, chemicals used in manufacturing?

Also, I wanted to tell you that my 7th grade English teacher was "in love" with you. : ) This was in '92-'93. He constantly talked about "Cindy Crawford this," and "Cindy Crawford that." There was even a girl a few years older than me who he compared to you constantly. He claimed to have a girlfriend that looked like you, but none of us ever saw her, so who knows lol? I'd never even heard your name til then lol. Sorry!


It is sad some people have to suffer greatly before their death. And in this troubled world we cannot afford to focus all our efforts on one problem. Just because the funds are available will not bring a cure for any of the ailments we face. Obviously modern day people are striving towards peace and harmony within our society but we have a long road to travel and the perfect social atmosphere will not be achieved within any of our life times. Currently poverty and other diseases are a bigger issue. With half the word still living in 10th century conditions how can we expect Nirvana? I hope one day we can all have a disease free and peace full society and at this point hope is all we have.

All the best,

Its an honor talking with you Mrs. Crawford. I think Cancer should be given as much concern as AIDs. By educating people around the world about Cancers and what we can do to minimize the risk than the world well be better informed and be prepared to face it.

How irronic....I just got back from the doctor 1/2 hour ago to find out my wife has inoperable cancer. Age 56.

The doctor said if she had had a checkup earlier, she could have been cured. The answer for her was to get checked every few years.


They already have a cure for most cancers. The problem is making a profit out of it. Why would the drug companies mass produce something which would destroy most of their business?

The solution would be to regulate all health institutions and pharmaceutical industries into a global health body, which would then be able to not look at getting money, but finding cures, etc. This body would be supported by a global health tax system. This will probably not happen because people usually don't care about other people they don't know.

Know it all
It is simple get The profit angle out of it for drug companies, there are plenty of ways to cure cancer but for the most part they are natural and cost effective so it does not take much time for them to work. My wife was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma a month and a half ago and thanks to the alternatives we are doing she is feeling better than she has in years, the doctors estimate she has had this for 8 to 10 years. Most of the information I have used on my wife was gotten from the web site below. Cancer will not take my wife because of it. I am sure you know who Nicole Miller is (fashion designer) and her work to have safe make up products along with her long time use of safe natural products that keep the risks of getting cancer down.

well i think if we dropped away goverment control of medical groups like the ama and fda and went to a more global health and medical ethics and procedures board and that we had a checks and balances on this board that would prevent over gouging of even simple medicines, and that more effort were given to disease and holistic approaches i think within decades all known diseases and cancers would be largely wiped out. most of our problems is the hidden agendas that our FDA and AMA have for makeing thier professions money.

I think is very important to get the word out there, spread it to friends and relatives to create awareness. I'm really sorry about your brother, I never got to meet my grandfather because of cancer but I'm sure is not the same.
The cure is possible, I'm sure fo that, but all the nations need to give money to the cause and fight against cancer. Perhaps poeple is unencouraged to participate in movements and health centres because they feel like the cure for cancer will never be found.
That's what we need to do, give people hope again and make the search for the cure of cancer something real and tangible, not a far dream.

ireng m
My dad died due to cancer in his liver.
We found about his cancer in 3rd B - stage of cancer.

We have here in Indonesia,
thru some research they believe can cure cancer.

1. Red Fruit - Pandanus conoideus

Buah Merah (Merah = Red, Buah = Fruit) is typical plant or endemic which grow at Papua island. Red fruit is included in pandanus family, but it has 16m height with free stand limp 5 until 8 m height supported with rhizome at lower limp. Fruit shape is oval and its bud covered with fruit leaves. Red fruit is 55 cm long, 10-15 cm diameter, and 2-3 kg weight. It has bright maroon red color. Nevertheless a few of them are brown and yellowish brown color.

Buah Merah consists of high nutrient substances. They are beta-carotene, tocopherol, oleat acid, linoleat acid, linolenat acid, and dekanoat acid. They are active medicine compounds.

2. Virgin Coconut Oil

VCO function are: kill virusess that cause mononucleosis, influenza, hepatitis C, measles, herpes, AIDS, and other illness. can kill bacteria that cause pneumonia, earache, etc. help protect the body from breast, colon, and other cancer. help prevent liver disease, heart desease, atherosclerosis and stroke, high blood pressure etc. capacity 35MT/month. price US$ 14.5/kg FOB indonesia, surabaya, packing drum plastic. We looking for buyer, We can supply continue in long term condition.

Then now,
they combine Red Fruit & VCO,
then become more powerful to combat / beat cancer.

If you want to know more information,
pls e-mail to [email protected]

Governments need to spend every cent of tax on tobacco products on finding a cure.

One of the easiest ways to cure many cancers is to really make a stand on the lifestyle changes people can make giving them cancer, such as smoking. More needs to be done to elliminate smoking in all countries in the world.

Mad Roy
I think we need the approach of the cancer treatment centers of America (cancercenter.com) which draw from all the disciplines and sources for solutions.
For other good sources, see Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Patrick Quillen, and How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine by Mike Murray ND. Both these excellent must-read books reveal some of the amazing resources available which complement traditional
allopathic therapies of chemo, radiation, and surgery.

There is an inherent problem here: lumping all cancers together under the term "cancer." If you are searching for a magic bullet cure for cancer, you will never find it. I dislike the term "cure for cancer" or "curing cancer" in general, because it is too vague.

One thing that needs to happen is that cancers need to be focused on as individual cancers. While finding a cure for all cancers at once is nearly impossible, finding a cure or an effective treatment program for an individual cancer is much more doable. A very good example is the campaign against breast cancer. Through persistent efforts by women's groups and doctors, the deaths because of breast cancer have dropped dramatically. By focusing on individual cancers, we turn the impossible problem of finding a cure for cancer into many possible problems.

This is hard for me to say, because it sounds so negative, but there really is no way to prevent cancer completely. I'm a medical student whos been interested in this for some time, and all the things I've ever learned point to cancer as being uncontrolable. "Cancer" is not a disease, you have it or you don't. I should say it has happened to you or it hasn't. Cancerous cells undergo a bad reading during the RNA/DNA transcription and translation processes of mitosis. This causes a mutant cell with mutant DNA to replicate out of control. Bad readings happen all the time in each one of us, but most often the bad cells die or are mutated until they are unable to pass for normal cells to the immune system. Anywho, this rapidly growing mass of mutant cells becomes a tumor, and as this happens the chances of these cells breaking away and finding other parts of the body to grow on increase. These mutations are natural, and are responsible for the tiny leaps and bounds that make up evolution (think about it: Audrey Hepburn's double eyelashes could just have been cancer, but the bad cells instead proved usefull to her).

The only real way to reduce the chances of someone "getting cancer" is to eat well and avoid coming into contact with carcinogens. Carcinogens are chemicals that increase the chances of these mutations happenning, and can be found in industrial smog and chemical dumps, even cigarette smoke.

To answer the question however, the best way would be to make it a global issue first. Make it apply to everyone, make it relevent to the world.

I don't know about other governments, but the US government is too rife with polarization to mobilize toward a legitimate solution to this problem.....or any problem, it seems. They're more worried about "solving" non-issues such as gay marriage.....sigh.....

First, I think we all need to start voting the Republicans *and* the Democrats out of *all* offices and replace them with independents and other parties who aren't yet controlled by special interests. Other than that, perhaps we can all contribute spare change (Warren Buffett, where are you?) to organizations who try to help fight cancer, instead of wasting it on being trendy.

Wow, you include lots of information in your Yahoo Answers profile. Kudos for taking a bit of effort to participate in Yahoo Answers.

What can we as individuals do to mobilize our governments?

1) Well, we can start by first making our fellow citizens aware of the issue. I suppose with people being increasingly connected via the internet, a question on this website is a good start. From there, we can engage in honest discussions about the subject with our family members about any history of cancer and how to help solve the worldwide problem. If you are really dedicated, volunteer some time with a cancer charity and help them get the word out that cancer CAN be preventable and treatable.

2) From there, vote for the representatives that have fighting cancer on their platform. That is an individual's responsibility if they are truly concerned about the issue. Write a letter to your congressman (although I am not sure if they read all those).

3) Failing any help from the gov't, simply donate to your research organization or charity of choice. This bypasses the government equation completely and goes pretty much straight to the researchers. If you get the word out well enough (as per item #1), you just might get enough donations to get the ball rolling.

4) Support education for science, engineering and mathematics. The people in these fields work so hard in their respective universities and jobs, yet get little fame/fortune compared to Hollywood celebrities. THESE are the people that will truly solve the problem with their brilliance and determination. But, they do need the research money to do this, and that is where the rest of us come in.

For an example of some of the amazing things that these people are coming up with, check out the two Popular Science links below. Nanotechnology and other medicine techniques are being brought to the forefront in this fight against cancer.

Immortal Ability
Many people in this world are unaware of the damage cancer truly causes. Even when my grandfather was diagnosed with it, I never felt it was a big deal, a sickness that didn't result in death consistently. Of course he had a million other things to deal with, most he seemed to overcome with ease. The sickness just kept worsening, until death was in the air. However, I was a mere child then - not saying that I've outgrown that.

This brings me to my main point - children need to be educated on major issues like this, considering they are indeed the future.
We are spending too much time worrying about minor issues that we face each and every day. Then when it hits you, you realize how deadly it really is. Out of the few people that survived cancer, how many of them are now raising money? starting foundations? stressing it to each and every individual that they can?

Some of our higher ranked peoples need to stop dedicating all their time to themselves, blowing money on less important, or useless causes. Perhaps it would be a benefit if cancer found its way to them, but I shouldn't be saying these things since I haven't contributed much to bettering this planet.

These types of things need to be shoved in our faces as much as possible. Us, as humans, are lazy, and it is really the only way for us to open our eyes and focus on what is important in life.

Adults need to be adults, turn the child's television off and educate him on what's important in life, not just sicknesses like cancer. They might start the kicking and screaming, but in the end they will eventually give in.

Somebody else hear mentioned that Cancer was a global priority, and I would have to agree with that, albeit there are still millions - billions* of people sitting on their tails and not contributing one bit. It should definitely receive more attention, if it truly does end the lives of 7 million people each year. Of course it would need to be put at the top of the list, comparing it to other disorders, I would say the amount of attention it is receiving is a fair amount. But then again there are those illnesses that are very harmful, and are getting next to no attention whatsoever.

Then again maybe scientists would be putting more effort into it, if they had more green in their jeans. The amount of money they get, in comparison to the amount of money athletes get, obviously there is something wrong. You have to ask yourself the question - what's more important, 7 million people, or kicking a ball around?

Anyways, I shouldn't be typing this so late. I'm getting off the subject and complaining more than a typical adolescent hockey coach.

Sorry to hear about your brother, it's always tough to lose a relative, let alone when you are "that" young, and the relative is "that" young. I would presume it would have been hard on your mother too, not to exclude her since you are a pretty large icon.

This is unpopular, but it needs to be said.

Right now, there are tons of scientists already doing cancer research. So the question is "How can we make life easier for these brilliant folks?" The answer is the real problem - a cancer researcher makes lots of money, and they should! But nobody wants to pay the bill.

We need to end the pressure on drug and healthcare companies to provide unpaid services, allowing them to charge appropriately for their products. We also need to accept that healthcare, particularly the latest technology and treatments, isn't a "right" any more than we have a right to have a top-of-the-line computer.

Cars, computers, telephones, mobile telephones, all used to be the exclusive possession of the rich at some time. We have to accept that in the best world, the cure for cancer will be the same: at first expensive, but over time a standard addition to our quality of life.

The other issue that impacts this is education. We have a society that produces too few scientists. We need to reform an education system that values feelings over results, where taxpayers are ripped off by waste, where teachers unions and administrators are more valuable than students.

We need to pay attention to our best and brightest, giving them special education to bring out their best (why should the sharpest 5% be treated differently than the slowest 5%?)

Mobilizing government doesn't do a thing. Government fails compared to business or charity. (Look at Katrina! Wal Mart and the Red Cross were there, where was FEMA?) Donate to your local university cancer center. Cancer research is too important for the government to handle.

So sorry about your brother. My ex was diagnosed with Non-hodgkins lymphoma. He was fortunate because although he was told it was a death sentence, he was able to qualify for a clinical trial involving a drug called Bexar. 6 years later, there is no detectible cancer. This from a medical break-through achieved through research, a lot of hard work and those people to whom we will be eternally grateful. Those who donated to that research.

I lost 2 cousins to leukemia. In their memory, I registered as a marrow donor and donate platelets on a regular basis, which are used to treat people with cancer. These things take very little time and several people need treatment. This is an activity in which you can literally give of yourself. I am asking more people to consider doing these things. Particularly if you are a minority donor, your bone marrow can save someones life. Please go to your local blood and tissue center and register to be a marrow donor and while you are there, give platelets.

First off, cancer isn't just one disease, it's many different diseases, each of which require different treatment. And even with the best treatment out there, it isn't always beatable. It's also probably about the best-funded area of research there is. Cancer get's a lot of attention already, because it's something that can happen to anyone. I worked in a research lab at Sloan-Kettering this summer, and from what I saw there, I didn't think that cancer research, at least at Sloan was hurting for either funding or brains. Curing cancer already is a global priority. Furthermore, scientists are pretty close to a cure, and will get there soon.

What about the millions of people who die of things that are treatable with technology that already exists but simply don't get treatment? Millions of people in developing nations don't have access to clean water, or any health care to speak of. The leading cause of death among children in developing nations is diarrhea. People die every day of malnutrition, dysentery, malaria, tuberculosis, and dozens of other conditions that could easily be treated given adequate resources. Why should do we focus more effort and more funding on a problem that's already getting more attention and money than just about any other area of scientific research, when there are problems out there that effect more people, are more easily fixed, and are getting very little funding?

I'm so very sorry about your brother. No one should have to die so young. My son is 11 and has cancer (B-cell Lymphoma). We know of 3 children locally with cancer too. It is TERRIBLE. Until you experience it first hand you cannot possibly know how it affects everyone in the family.

I think we need to advocate this in the schools. Educate our children, educate the parents. We as parents can bring this up at school council meetings, and push for drives to support cancer research. For me there is no better place to start than advocating for childhood cancer.

At our school we have the annual Terry Fox drive which has also caught on in most schools in Canada, North America and world-wide for that matter. We raised over $5,000 last year just our school alone. It is such a wonderful thing Terry started. I'm sure his parents are so proud. We also support Meagan's Walk (www.meaganswalk.com) for childhood brain cancer. But the funding is never enough, not until a cure is found. New equipment, programs, support, so much is needed for the people and families whose lives are touched by cancer.

I think we should start by rallying support for childhood cancer as a WHOLE. If we start there, within the schools, then we can branch out and involve the local newspapers to come out and do stories on the children and their community's efforts to fight cancer, to bring awareness of what cancer truly is, the various types, how they grow and spread, and how none of us are immune to the possibility of it.

This venture will soon spread amongst other schools by word of mouth, advocated by principals, teachers and parents/council members, and as surely as the sun rises the word will spread--one person, one community, and one level of government at a time. But the media is KEY to getting the word out to the masses. I believe celebrity status can only bring positive attention and speed the process for this great cause of finding a cure. Your local cancer society, and each chapter, has free literature, websites and links for information on the subject, events and how people can help.

People everywhere MUST commit to curing this horrible disease. It is on the rise. Chemo and radiation side effects are so terrible, and it's heartbreaking to see newborn babies, infants, toddlers and young children struggle through the pain and nausea that this awful disease, and its treatments, can cause. It's unfortunate that most people aren't fully motivated to take action until tragedy touches their lives. If we use this opportunity to mobilize now, perhaps we can save the lives of thousands of human beings in the immediate future by making whatever positive changes we can effect starting RIGHT NOW. Forums such as this quickly spread news around.

Research and studies are the only way that we can improve the treatment. By expanding on this, we will speed the process and increase the chances of finding a cure. People may not understand the value of studies, however, it is through studies that advances and breakthroughs are made--it was learned that shorter protocols work as effectively longer protocols of the past, which then used to cause much more serious side effects and deaths. New medicines have been developed, different combinations worked better for some cancers than others. There should be a universal world research centre where information is shared globally, much like the World Health Organization (WHO).

We are so very fortunate to be living in these times, and the future will show even more promise of better outcomes with support and funding for new research and development but it would move much quicker if countries united and shared information. Perhaps we need only get the world's top researchers together then government would take interest, especially when breakthroughs are made and credit is sought.

After reading many of the posts in here there are so very many good points to be made and some exciting research already taking place. Someone mentioned a Popular Science article and nano-technology, that sound very, very promising and where my money is on.

I think one thing that the USA needs to start looking at, because their health system is really terrible, is coverage for screening and basic exams so symptoms may be detected early, and not just for cancer but for many things. Simple blood tests and screenings such as MRIs etc. could detect and prevent so many deaths. Perhaps if the focus was on detecting cancer and other illnesses in their early states, the survival rates would be much, much higher. This is something you must lobby for.

If you are Cindy, and I believe now that you are, it's great that you have taken on this cause. Remember the old saying "with great power comes great responsibility." Do something with that power and get the word out. I truly believe you have been called to do this. Please let us know how we can help and do try to find a way to promote this in the schools especially.

More celebrities from all walks of society are required to bring exposure to events. It would be nice to have local celebrities participate in school initiated fundraisers as a means to help. Perhaps some agency, either Canadian or US or both, can be formed where people needing publicity for their events can call and see if they can get some public figure to assist them in publicizing an event. Interested celebrities and public figures could register at the agencies. If school boards got on board the efforts could be better co-ordinated too.

It's wonderful that you are a spokesman. There should be a STOP CHILDHOOD CANCER program formed if one doesn't currently exist. We need to start there and we need people like you who are admired and revered to capture people and stand up for causes such as this.

To answer your question what can we do to get our government involved, well I've often gone to our local politicians and asked them to recognize the efforts of certain individuals by giving them a certificate for their efforts in the community. They deserve it.

We all have local politicians. We should start by asking THEM to attend and support these events as well. They are more than happy to come out for the exposure they get from participating in the Santa parade etc...so why not put their face to a cause like this which would win them more votes in my book. I'm sure they will soon see it that way too.

When you put a face and name to a child with cancer, it makes it more REAL too. They will realize they owe their involvement to the community. It just takes one person to start something and get people motivated. If we each did something to contribute, then everyone would be contributing. Imagine what we could accomplish. Much can be taught to our children and accomplished at school level and you'd be surprised and what you get back.

Whitney Houston says it beautifully in her song "Greatest Love of All"---I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.....we owe them that much for the mess our generation has made of their world. Empower them for a good cause towards the future, their future.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I think the answer resides in the people. The more people to champion the cause, the more likely movement will be made towards a cure. THere is a role for everyone.

1. Invest in the future.
The children of today are the hope for tomorrow.

2. Advocate for change.
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and other cancer organization make it easy for you to email letters to your elected officials. If a lot of emails arrive on a cancer issue, you bet they will look at it.

Asking questions like this, while general in nature, help people start thinking about what they can do.

3. Participate in a fundraising event hosted by a cancer organization.
Many of them have benefits to the participant as well as the patients.

4. Donate to a cancer organization.
I know there are a lot of worthy causes competing with what little funds we have (for some us), but moeny, time & resources are all commodities for non-profits.

5. Evangelize.
Tell the people around you to get involved as well. They can support your efforts, join you in your fight or just spread the word. No ask, no get.

If more people took on one role above, if more celebs helped heighten the awareness & specifically called people to action, if one politician took a stand, i think we would be surprized at what we could accomplish.

"Complacency yields failure, so do something! Because the scary thing about cancer is that it could be you or someone you love." JNRism

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