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 I lost my mum 4 months ago to lung cancer will i ever feel happy again?
I feel so sad and very lonely. I am living in ireland, but from england. I find that my partners friends and family do not want to talk to me about my loss. It makes it difficult for me to cope on a ...

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 Can you just ask your doctor for a mammagram at 30?
It don't believe it's standard at 30 with an HMO that they will do one. But with people getting cancer so young these days I want one! And does one mean they can find ANY lumps you may have?...

 What can I do at 17 to prevent getting breast cancer one day?
I am 17 and breast cancer runs in our family. Now that I know that I have a chance of getting it I would like to prevent it. What can I do on my part?


 can men get breast cancer?
can men get breast cancer?
my pecs hurt after i work ...

 if you have breast cancer and don't know you have it. Does your breast hurt? OK, if my let breast hurts does
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 i think i may have breast cancer, or is it just a cyst?
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 Is it true that if you write on your self with a pen, your killing brain cells?
My fried keeps telling me that its true. If it is I've must have killed A LOT of brain cells....

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 does tanning beds eventually give you skin cancer?
iv heard even if you dont use the tanning bed very often you can still get skin cancer is it true?...

 Is it cancer please help ?
have a pea sized lump in the back of my throat. It doesent hurt but it really irritates me. I am 13 years old and went to the doctor today with my mum as i have been having some problems with my ears-...

 my 11 year old daughter with cancer gets picked on bad! help!?
She's 11. What do i do? She use to be very very popular til she got cancer. Kids are hateful when she lost her hair she has to wear a beanie or a bandanna on her head. One day some kid took her ...

 What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of cancer?
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 has the cure for cancer been found?
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 cancer question??
can u get cancer if fire flashes at u?...

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 What problems do you face when returning to ‘normal’ life after cancer treatment?
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 i have cancer given few days to live its termanal pleas help im blue?
ok heres the strory aboute a guy that lives in the real world no time to cry because nobody will listen they all dont care if ill die they just wont listen to understand that blue i am they rather i ...

 Genetic testing: Could this tell if I'll get breast cancer in the future?

Does tanning in the sun lead to cancer or not?
Is there any way to get a safe, natural tan without having a risk of getting cancer?

yes, over exposure to the sun can lead to cancer. you can protect yourself by wearing a 30 spf sunblock or higher.

Fugee M
here is all you need to know about tanning in the sun lead to cancer, this will give you an easy but complete answer. http://www.redtube.com

it can Lead to skin cancer

everything causes cancer. if you want a tan, go get a tan, at some point, if you get cancer, well then your one of MILLION. sorry, but, life causes cancer.

Well... sun cream absorbs harmful UVA rays, but UVA rays are needed for the chemical reaction in the mellanin(?) that "tans" the skin and produces Vitamin D. A high sun cream will slow down your tan but you will still get one and will dramatically reduce the risks. Stay out of the sun during the middle of the day

un poco loco por ti ♥
It can lead to cancer if you get burnt too much and don't use at least spf 30. Try a spray tan

Yes it can. There is always a risk of skin cancer if you are exposed to the sun.

Yes it can lead to cancer. You could do the spray on thing....

Yes, it sure does. The radiation will cause cancer, and that also includes getting a tan at tanning salons. There is no "safe" radiation. No, I don't think there is a way to get a natural safe tan, perhaps airbrush?

Try a sunless tanner - instant results, no hassle involved - no skin cancer risk either.

And yes - tanning in the sun or in a booth WILL increase your chances of skin cancer.

big ten thieves
It can.

Ginny Weasley
It can, if you sit there way too long or do it too often, you don't need to wear a ton of sunblock, a little bit works to, even if it's pale skin because my skin is pale and i dont use a ton i put a little bit in the areas that burn the easiest, and tanning beds are easier to get skin cancer in, I believe anyway.

The Wise Fool
I read to much sun can cause cancer.

yes it does. the UV lights are damaging to your skin and can cause problems in the near future

no sun tanning cream is one way to get a "tan" without cancer but 60% of the time it looks fake. try it out frist on a place where people wont see it like your inner thigh or something. then you can see wether it would look ok on your skin or not

*Staple My Head*
If you ask any doctor about this, they will tell you...


So take a wild guess what you need.
Believe it or not, they say the CVS brand is very good!

NO! it is deffnitally not safe! The only safe tan is spray, or lotion! Even if you are in the sun with sun screan and tan a 'safe tan' it is accually your skin trying to protect your self against the UV and UVA rays. You need to be expecially careful if you have
*pale skin
*blone, light brown, redish hair
*blue or green eyes
*have 30 or more little moles
*any big ones may be cancerous (they need to be symetrical, one color, not increasing in size, no bleeding, no pain, no discomfort, and even if it is 'safe' it still may be cancerous)
*have been burnt ever, of any degree expecially higher burns, and multipul burns
*history of skin cancer of any kind
*history of cancer of any kind
*melnomeia is the 3th most common skin cancer
*odd groths on skin
*anything odd with skin should be told to dr
*1/5 people get some type of skin cancer throught their life
you need to be very concerned and wear tons of sun screan
you are also suppost to get yearly skin cancer screenings (i didn't even know that) you should go to skin cancer websites, just put in google skin cancer and you will get reliable sites (make sure they are offical sites with .org ) I am going to get tested for it because i have many symptoms you should be concerend

Yes. It not only causes cancer but it causes wrinkles. Have you ever seen someone who tans a lot when they get old? Nothing damages fair skin like sun.

Also smoking.

Georgia Rogen
Yes, my Dad has it, he was like a sun worshiper, but now he's moved on to a tanning lotion ☺

Sometimes its possible

WIth less ozone to protect us from the sun's harmful rays, less time spent in the sun can lead to sunburns, skin cancer, etc.

just wear sunscreen. You act like you will get cancer of like tanning like 3 times or something. if you dont wear sunscreen and tan 100 times your gonna get skin cancer. Just wear sunscreen and youll be fine. but if your skin is darker, you still need to wear sunscreen, you still have a chance of getting skin cancer

#1 Yes
#2 No


It can. I'm not convinced that there really is a "safe" way to tan, however, some suggestions include NOT wearing sunglasses, or getting melatonin injections from a doctor. Wearing sunglasses will decrease your body's natural rate of melatonin production, causing you to burn. Melatonin is the chemical that your body produces when it senses lots of sun exposure, causing your skin to brown instead of burn.

umm well i depends on how long you are in the sun for. I wouldn't suggest more than 15 minutes. I usually you a self-tanning lotion. It says right on how & when to apply it! Hope this helps<3

Not everyone gets cancer from sun exposure, but exposure to UV rays is a known carcinogen (cancer promoter) whether it's from the sun or a tanning bed. And if you have pale skin, it takes less exposure time to get sun damage such as actinic and solar keratoses ("age spots" on the skin), skin thickening, and premature wrinkling. As one very pale person to another, I would suggest that you stay out of the sun during times when the rays are powerful. This depends on your latitude, time of year, time of day, and UV index.

Wearing a broad spectrum sunblock should help, but in the US, there aren't good labeling requirements so you may be better off with a trusted brand. You want to block both UVA and UVB rays to lower your risk of burns, wrinkles, basal and squamous cell cancer, and melanoma. And of course, there's always the option to cover up with a hat, long sleeves, etc.

Good luck!

There is no such thing as a safe tan.

Tanning is a visible sign that the UV radiation, either from the sun or a tanning bed, is damaging your skin.

If you are lucky this will lead to wrinkles, unlucky and it will lead to cancer.

Sunscreen or sunblock should be a part of your daily skincare plan.

Holly Golightly
Actually, just tanning may be safe. It depends on a lot of things, like your skin type. Our skin is meant to handle getting some sun—that's why it tans. It's the burns that cause the real trouble (or perhaps over-tanning).

I know everyone today says the sun is just evil, always, in any amount. But if that were true, everyone would have cancer. Obviously, we're designed to handle some sun.

Evolutionarily speaking, look at the different races in different parts of the world. People in Africa have really dark skin, which can take a lot more sun. People in Scandanavian countries, where they get little sun, are very fair-skinned.

We actually NEED the sun to help us produce vitamin D. That's why people in low-sun areas like Scandanavia have such fair skin—so that it IS affected by the sun.

Having said that, don't go out there and bake yourself. That's obviously not good. But don't succumb to the fear-mongering about the sun. It's not evil. Just use good sense. Sunscreen is obviously not a bad idea, and protecting areas like your face that get constant sun exposure is probably also wise. (Make a fashion statement. Use a baseball cap or a wide-brimmed hat.)

Don't stay out to long and wear sun screen

Prolonged exposure to the sun without some sort of sun screen will lead to cancer--I know, because that happened to my grandma.

It does take a lot of time for that much exposure to lead to cancer, though, so I'd suggest making sure you wear sunscreen everyday you're outside, and don't simply lay on the ground getting tan for too long. You don't have to do that to get tan--you can play, walk around, swim, etc. outside and you will still get a pretty glow, without the rays being quite as harsh.

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