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Can you just ask your doctor for a mammagram at 30?
It don't believe it's standard at 30 with an HMO that they will do one. But with people getting cancer so young these days I want one! And does one mean they can find ANY lumps you may have? No one in my family has had breast cancer, but I still want the mammagram

Princess A
If for any reason your doctor or insurance company doesn't oblige, tell them that you need one to establish your baseline ie. do one while you are healthy as a reference to future mamograms.

I don't know why they wouldn't.

You have to ask your doctor. I know if there is a history in your family, they will check early!

I would find you Insurance # toll free number and ask. Even if you have to pay out of pocket, please have one anyhow.

You are right to want one at 30. Many females have died due to breast cancer prior to their 30th Birthday so I'm guessing a lot of males must form the HMO policies if this is the case.

Have one done. Pay for it, yourself, if your insurance won't cover it. They aren't that costly, and one could save your life. It is a shame that people can't get the preventive medical care they need. Wonder why insurance companies don't realize preventing disease is less expensive than treating disease?

I think in order for insurance to cover it at 30 a doctor has to order it and a doctor needs a reason besides concern.
I know that if you find a lump a 30 insurance will cover it but I think that's it.
The only other time I can think of is if you want to go in for a breast reduction and insurance is covering it.

linda mary w
well im in uk,and they wont.im 46 my sisters 48,38,our mum had breast cancer and had a double masectomy she survived 15 years after that,then she sadley died last oct of stomach cancer,we asked for the mammagram and were told we got to wait untill were 50 i know it sounds stupid but thats what we were told.

Kris L
Ask your doctor if S/HE thinks you need a mammogram. The 'quality' of the mammogram varies according to the equipment and the person doing them, but they are the BEST way to be sure ... and if you are 'paranoid' enough, your HMO may pay for this to be done even though you are ten years younger than normal. Talk this over with your doctor, though ... and there are other places that give mammograms, sometimes for free or a 'lower cost,' so you may be sent to one of them, and because they do mammograms more frequently, you will get a 'good reading' on yours if you do that. You should NEVER be ashamed to ask your doctor about mammograms ... generally, they are given to a woman after the age of 40 at the same time or shortly after the 'pap smear' for cervical cancer. This is a 'normal thing' with EVERY WOMAN who is 'aware' and who wants to be safe ... so ASK. It can't HURT anything, and you'll KNOW what to do then...

Brian A
You should be able to get one if you want. Whether the insurance will cover it is whole nother ball of wax.

You shouldn't feel uncomfortable asking your doctor anything. And he/she do not have to right to deny you ANY "double check" On anything that you feel may or may not be wrong with you. I am 26 and I want one and when my insurance kicks ..IM GETTING ONE. Cause I want to know also.

You can, and more importantly; if you want any test or treatment you Should ask your doctor. You know your own body better than anyone else. Doctors are professionally trained, but intimately you know yourself better than any doctor will. It behooves you to seek out any medical help you feel you need. No one else will make you go to a doctor now that you are an adult. If this doctor refuses, discourages, insults you or makes you feel ashamed for asking, or does anything else than something to help you, you should find another doctor immediately. It is your body, your health, and your responsibility.

Captain Morgan
Just ask! SOMEONE will do it. If not your docter, find another or switch plans. there are even free clinics that do them for cheap & free

In Britain routine mammograms start at age 50; I think in America it's 40, I may be wrong.

The reason mammograms aren't routinely done on younger women is that breast tissue in women under about 45 is denser and a mammogram is less able to detect abnormalities, and so fairly pointless unless you've found a lump in which case you'd have a scan and perhaps a biopsy as well to establish whether it was cancerous - a mammogram can NOT establish this.

As you've no history of breast cancer in your family, I imagine - though I don't know the American health care system well enough to be sure - that you would be refused one.

I suggest you continue with your routine self-examinations, which are your best means of defence as most breast lumps are discovered by women themselves rather than by mammograms - sometimes lumps mammograms don't detect are found by self-examination.

Yep, My sister's 31 and she had one a few months back. They'll help anyone who wants to know, they'll be glad you're thinking about it. Many women already in their 50's and 60's won't go to get one, so they are happy to oblige anyone smart enough to want one.

They are very accurate and should locate any lump, and be able to tell if it's benign (safer) or malignant (dangerous). It's good you have no family history of breast cancer, it's a good indicator, but that doesn't always mean anything. Good for you for being concerned.

Dr. Evil
A reasonable doctor would oblige.

Jim D
Yes. They'll ask why you want one and if you have a good reason, they'll allow you to have one.

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