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Natural Anti-Depressants?
I've tried St.Johns Wart, Same-E, and DL-Phenylalanine. Nothing has worked. =( Im trying to stay away from having to see a doctor about it. ( I have no health insurance Im 19)

But what do ya'll recommend? And preff something that I could buy at CVS or a Herbal Pill Store?

I have heard that St Johns does work but......most people should turn to high-quality St. John's Wort extract as their first choice for a natural anti-depressant, starting with a dose of 600-900mg daily and increasing to 900-1800mg per day if necessary. According to the research, only St. John's Wort extracts that are standardized to contain 3-5% hyperforin effectively relieve depression, so don’t settle for products that aren’t standardized for hyperforin or standardize only for another, less important compound called hypericin. Also, keep in mind that St. John's Wort usually requires at least three weeks to begin working, and may not produce its full effects for a month or two.

Here is a link to St Johns wort that is standardized to meet the above recommendations:


Also the following may be a good product too......


Try uping your intake of Vitamin B. I've heard this works. But go on some other websites to check about proper dosage. I know that you can overdose on some vitamins. Good luck

Exercise, it releases those feel good endorphins and stops you from thinking for a while. Works for me!
Oily fish such as mackeral and tuna (fresh not canned) is supposed to be excellent for good mental health.
Make plans. Have something to look forward to so you are always thinking ahead rather than dwelling on stuff that is bringing you down. Sorry if i'm being patronising, all the best!

Excercise can help, but don't stay away from yourdoc because they will know what is best for you.

fruit & veggies
stay active, like walk the dog or somethin

if all else fails try lexapro, it's a deffinite
i use it, idk if it's perscription or not, but ir helps

the best thing u can do is look at positive things in ur life
we are very blessed compared to most
i know that doesnt help much, i was in severe depression a few months ago, just remember to keep on tryin, never give up

blueberries and vit d are amazing for depression.

Have you ever thought maybe it is the things around you that depress you ?

Of course thinking like that won't suit the doctor or the drug company and it might require social change which would not suit the eilites or the governments -

So I guess it is all about you and somthing being wrong with


So take this drug or that natural remedy

Why not trying some exercise? Martial arts, like Aikido will bring peace to your inner being.

kelly J
Go Outside get some sun, go for a jog or a bikeride

Garrett b
Go to college and use their health system.

Mood Elevating Formula

You can look it up on the web

It works well for many people
Good Luck

redd headd
You can go to free clinics and get prescriptions for nothing. you probably have wasted more money on natural remedies than you would have on a prescription. there are lots of health programs that if you look for them you will be better off. I know as I was stupid and tried St Johns Wort, which works on very minor cases of depression. i finaly got help from a doctor who made arrangements with drug companies to give me free meds.

Kava can work good for it, and maybe GABA.

Also one thing to do is look at the tension, stress, and suppressed anger you maybe holding on to, as these can make someone depressed.

Depression can also be caused or increased by the presence of heavy metal toxicity. See link below, and I hope you feel better!


Check out this website...

Nothing at CVS other than St. John's wart...

go to the doctor. i think you should definitly go to the doctor. get it under control with perscription medication, and if you want to try to go off of it and use the herbal remedies you can do that. depression is not something to mess around with. the doctor can help you get it under control. celexa is only 5 dollars for a months worth of pills from sams club. imiprimine is also 5 dollars.

Try YOGA or/and QIGONG. They WILL work.

just me
Hi Nicolle! Beware of some of the herbal stuff! I tried St. Johns and it deepened my depression for 6 months. I am currently getting my advanced degree in mental health counseling. One thing you might want to try if you're not ready for a prescription is changing your mindset. I know, it seems weird, but it totally works! Whenever you start having negative feelings or thoughts, stop them. You might even have to tell yourself outloud, "stop!" Then, change your thought pattern to something positive. I understand how hard this can be, especially if your depressed, but it's so important! One suggestion of positive thoughts: your health. I assume you have both legs? Be grateful for the small things that everyday people take for granted. Be grateful you can eat everyday. Look into yourself and see who it is you want to be, and start making a gameplan as to how you're going to become that person. Nothing lasts forever, even sad moods. Try to keep your head high and think of the next bout of happiness! Good luck, sweetie!

Ego's Twin
a balanced diet and physical exercise is the best natural mood enhancer

lettuce, fish, turkey, hard yellow cheese, red wine, marmite or other spread such as vegemite, exercise, a good book, chat with friends, make something creative and unique, keep a diary.

Rick D
More fruits and vegitables. Drink more water. You'd be suprised how a good diet can bring up your general mood.

excellent sleeping and exercises. Gives you a positive outlook in life. However if the symptoms are bad, you need to see a dr. It could be a lack of vitamin as well.

get up by 8 am everyday, get focused on a routine, like work, school, hobbies and exercise to fill the week. eat no breads, sugars and more lean white meats like turkey, chicken or salmon & other fish. supplement every meal with two healthy vegetables per meal. use extra virgin olive oil instead of butter.

no breads, cookies, pizzas, ie no flour. these will make you more sleepy during the day.

stay focused, and sharp. donate time to people who are less fortunate, and get out of the house everyday. try yoga to relax and always think positively.

good luck.

Go STAY with your FRIENDS or FAMILY, or at least keep them VERY CLOSE.

Susan M
I suggest fish oil. Your brain needs those essential fatty acids. Exercise, like walking, and building up to running over time, will release endorphins and cause you to feel well.
Acupuncture may be helpful. B-vitamins are useful.

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