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 odd feelings in the brain make me dozy and numbe ? what do i have ?
help i have these symptoms and have forced sleep...?
if you go vague on the sofa and your eyes go white some times in the morning ? and bits og your brain feel numbe or low energy so some parts ...

 if u kno sum1 is suicidal what do u do?
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 What's the best cure for hangover?

 Isn't alternative medicine Pseudoscience?
If it were proven to work, it would be science....

 Why do i react so bad to weed?
the other day i had like 3 spliffs with my friends
with k2 in it

i quite strong weed

all of them were stoned and laughing and that.

but i kept getting ...

 If a person is accused of doing marijuana?
outside of high school, and someone tells a school administrator about it, can the school drug test the person?...

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 How can we cure hangovers?

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 what's the best way cleansing my system of toxins?
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 what would happen if i took this?
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 how many joints can you roll a with a 1/4 oz of weed?
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 natural remedy for a headache ?
i have to leave in like 30 mins so i cant rest

 Is there any legal 'highs' i could prepare from household items?
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 What are shrooms..........?
how do you do them? Do you eat them or something?...

 can homeopathy medicine cures ailments for children?
am talking about cold ,fever,diarrhoea,and digestion problems in children aging 2-3...

 Do you find showers relaxing?

 What can I take for digestive troubles?
Lately, I frequently get bloated and gassy (sorry if I offend anyone) after eating. There's no pattern: if I eat chicken and potatoes, I get gassy, if it's pasta, I get gassy, etc.

 I've been very?
poorly the last two days with a really bad cold and had loads of tablets and stuff but my throat is still very bad......Anyone got ideas on home remedies to make zippy feel better so I can stop being ...

Is green tea really what it claims to be?
And is (no name) green tea, at sixteen dollars a box, better than cheap green tea?
Does green tea really lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, reduce the risk of cancer, bring wealth, true love, long life, and happiness, cure every disease known to mankind, and all of the other claims? Please note that I am being a bit sarcastic here, but some of the claims seem pretty exaggerated.

fleur de cerise
yes it does do those things. its healthy for you but it might stain your teeth :D

Yes, it's actually healthy for you because it's hot and it cleans our your system.

Just don't drink too much of it.

Well, I don't think it looks that green, so there's a bit of a questionable statement to start with.

it makes a hard man harder... LOL

Ham slice
I don't think it does all those things, but it sure tastes good!!!

it is hard to say, all the people i know that drink it got hit by a truck

Much better than the sodas that you're probably drinking.

I drink nothing but water and green tea (without sugar or honey).
My health is very good.

Aaron D
no its not really green

yes it does do what is calimed to do and more

I agree with you. Maybe it shoul be prescribed by your doctor if all that was true. But definetely some tea taste better than others and provide benefits not regognized by our western medicine.

yes it will give you more enegery and help you loose weight.

The cheap brands like Lipton and Snapple that you find in grocery stores usually contain additives and sugars. I would buy a better brand than those.
But I don't think you have to pay top dollar either. I would buy the green tea you make yourself.

yes it's true, but a lot of something can be bad too. so don't drink too much

cheap green tea is exactly the same. don't get ripped off


Yes it is what its made out to be. I get the tea bags at Walmart,"Uncle Lee's organic green tea" also I get NV pills at walmart,the one that Carmen electra advertises. I lost 20 lbs,along with walking and eating less fat.

Dashing Geek
Medical science does support the role of antioxidants in preventing (or slowing the process of) many diseases, and green tea has lots of them. As for whether there are benefits to premium brands, I think they taste better than a lot of the cheaper ones. To me, the cheaper ones taste like the scrapings from under the lawn mower.

I really like Arizona Blueberry Green Tea. It is carbohydrate free and no calories and it has helped my diabetes since I can drink all of it I want. I hate tea but love this.

IT SPEEDS UP YOUR METABOLISM, so if you have it after a meal, or after eating sweets or general over-eating, it helps prevent diabetes, and helps prevent or reduce obesity. It also has anti-oxidants to help prevent cancer and degeneration of cells and heart tissue. A magic substance in it is Theophyline, which is also present in the usual kind of tea, but not as much as in the unfermented version which is called "green tea". Theophyline is a bronchial-dilator, which also helps reverse or prevent asthma, and assists in recovery from bronchitis and pneumonia.

All the other stuff like inducing "wealth" and true love and happiness cannot be promised truthfully as a result of green tea, if you see that promise, its marketing-bunk. At the same time, it won't inhibit or prevent wealth, love, happiness either. If those things happen, or don't happen, its merely co-incidental.

blackbird, sing.
Well, it claims to be green, and it does a pretty good job at that.

So yes, it does do what it claims.

health buff
The pricier green tea IS healthier. It does contain more of the ingredients necessary to promote health AND to simply taste better. Apparently you need at least 4-8 cups a day to get the most benefits.

Think of wine. There is little doubt that cheap, homemade, brew-it-yourself swill does NOT come close to the complex and much sought-after characteristics of a more expensive bottle of wine. You get what you pay for.

Mr. Peachy®
About the only useful purpose I've found for green tea is it's fat burning qualities. For us type twos it's a damn good idea. Burning fat instead of carbs is much easier on our strained pancreas. I buy the green tea caps at Costco. Saves a lot of brewing time and cash.

BTW, I'm off the Metformin. Have been since Dec. 13th... Yay!

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