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I work at a daycare and constantly get sick. Know any good ways to go about boosting my immune system?
I have been sick for weeks now. I work at a daycare and it seems that if the children have it, i get it. I have been working with children (in the same daycare) for about three years now.
I have recently seen a doctor, who put me on an anti-biotic suggesting that I had a sinus infection. The antibiotic did help. However, it has not even been a week since I got over the infection and I now have a stomach bug.
I am 19 years old and should have a strong immune system. I try to eat as healthy as I can (exercise however, is hard to fit in) I frequently wash my hands, and I visit the doctor regularly.
Even as a child I would always catch whatever was going around, and it seemed like it always hit me harder than anyone else.

I would like to know if anybody has suggestions as to what I can do year-round to boost my immune system. (Vitamins, etc...)

Jamie S
TAke immune herbal supplement pills. You can buy them online at the link below. I worked in schools for years and felt like I was sick every week for the first year. I started taking these pills and my immune system boosted and I wasn't sick nearly as often. There are other types on different herbal medicine websites and I think they are all about the same.

Fellini S
Two things. 1. Avoid the vitamins you find in grocery stores. They are typically made from synthetic sources. Go to a health food store and ask for the best vitamins that they have. More expensive up front but they work better since they are from food-matrix sources. Easier to digest and they get into your system faster. 2. Glyconutrients. These building blocks will boost your natural immune system and will help your body correct any current dysfunction. I know from personal experience.

crazy person

Heinz M
The latest findings show that massive doses of vitamin D will help with that. I am taking that myself and have had very good results!

take multi vitamins

when I was working in a day care I was always getting sick too..and multi vitamins helped me out a lot!

You need to keep your hands clean. Wash them as often as possible.

eat lots of oranges and drink tons of water. take multi-vitamins and calcium, usually sleep helps too......

Pink Girl
it's called Cold MD you can get it over the counter, it's new but it works!

Anti-biotics can wipe out your immune system because the kill the good bacteria with the bad. If you take 1-2 T. of liquid acidophilus (it comes in strawberry flavor that tastes like tart yogurt) while you are on anti-biotics and for 10 days after it will keep that from happening. (A friend of mine who is a nurse told me about this and it stop my son from having reaccuring ear infections.)

As others have suggested taking your vitamins and Airborne also help as well as Emergence-C. I would also highly recommend you taking glyconutrients...they help the cells function and communicate so that they kill off the invaders that make you sick like they are suppose to. If your cells aren't healthy then they can't do their job.

Mr. Bradshaw
I know what works well for me is something called 'Airborne'. It's kinda like alka seltzer except it's citrus flavored.

There is also a product called Airborne which might help. If you're not taking some type of Multi-Vitamin, I would start that as well.

Also, having some hand cleaner like Purell might be helpful, as well as making sure the surfaces in the classroom are sanitized on a regular basis.

Take Zycam

Purell (Hand Sanitizer). Kills germs without having to use water.

Cheryl E
vitamin c, e, flax seed, garlic, but the best way to never get sick is to buy NOW essential lavender oil. drop about three drops in an 8 ounce glass of water. cover it with plactic wrap and every time you pass it take a drink. lavender oil is an antibacterial and antiviral...the only and strongest known in nature.

Jennifer A
Use Airbourne......its a heck of an immune defense medication and its available over the counter.....works wonders

Airborne is really good stuff to use, try it.

I am 20 and a former fitness/health instructor. Drinking a serving of orange juice in the morning and being aware of your foo/drink intake is key. If you are living off of pizza and nachos and beer or cheetos and soda, you can't expect your body to fight off anything. Green vegetables, water, minimal soda and plenty of meat (including red meat, as it contains iron,) stay away from white carbs like processed foods, pastries and fast food. If nothing else, I used to sing at festivals and GNCs "Women's Utra Mega" worked wonders and kept me (and thus, my instrument) healthy. Although they are HUGE pills, if you don't mind swallowing them with water, then it's all good. Keep washing your hands, and drinking water. Keep juice to a minimum (like the OJ in the morning, and maybe cranberry or pomegranate juice once in a while) and stay away from soda, which actually dehydrates you, (same with coffee and alcohol.) Good luck!

John's Secret Identityâ„¢
I don't know about megadoses, but it's true that vitamin D has been found to bolster the immune system. A multivitamin would be a good idea. If you drink orange juice, get a variety with added D.

Also, when you do find time to exercise are you perhaps overdoing it to make up for the infrequency? If so, that will decrease your immune system's effectiveness for about 24 hours after. Get your workout in before a day off.

Also, get vaccinated whenever it's available. It's not 100% but it helps.

[email protected]
You should make sure you have a descent breakfast every morning before work. Drink lots of water, and even consider taking daily multi-vitamins. Maybe adding something like Ginko-Biloba or an extra vitamin C to the mix - and drink a glass of orange juice with breakfast. You'll feel better, eating breakfast and keeping up with your vitamins, and it will probably help you to avoid some of the germs you're getting at the daycare.

Good luck!

Eat right, take vitamins, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and drink LOTS of WATER! Another thing you can do, in addition to those, is to take a product called "Airborne" when you're around sick people. I have been told it helps keep you from catching sicknesses. I thought it was just for flying, but apparently it has other uses.

Take care of yourself!

As you put your question in alternative, I suggest you to read Louise Hay.
I know many people will tell you it's crap.
I must say first I was a nurse...
And, one sure thing is that we react to situations at physical, emotional and psychological levels.
So, as often the doctors are only healing the effects, it is maybe interesting to see the underlying reasons.
What I know about the kind of job you are in is that it can be very stressful.
I was also subject to sinus infections and the likes, now it is nearly two years it has gone.
It can come also from too acid food.
My case!

Get some vit! Kids make me sick too!

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