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I found a pill that's labeled Diphenhydramine in my daughters pants pocket?
It labeled to be 25 mg, it's a pink pill. what is this? could she have bought this from school? Is it dangerous?

hyphy guy
its an otc its an allergy pill and people use it to get high but you need a lot tell your dauther she needs to try harder

buy her some weed and tell her to get off the pills... tweaker

You need to be asking her not us. You need to have good communication with your daughter.
In case you have not googled what it is here is a link.

That's benadryl...a pretty common recreational drug used by kids because of it's woozy, dreamworld side affects. It's not too dangerous, especially only 25 mg, but they may be popping 5-10 at a time. Pill popping is not good, so you should talk to her about the dangers of it. But don't get too hard on her...maybe she wasn't feeling well, or maybe someone gave it to her and she didn't want to take it and put it in her pocket instead. Unlikely, but possible.

Benadryl, it is just an antihistamine..
copy and paste

Benadryl, I also use this if i suffer from allergy of the nose.Helps to breath well.This is safe.You can buy it over the counter.

generic benadryl, maybe?

Plastic Utopian
it's a cold pill, and yes kids get high off them. anyone with access to a drug store can get them. But maybe just maybe she is sick, im sure u would've known that tho.

Sounds to me that it's an allergy med. I don't think it's dangerous unless you take more than prescribed!!!

Damien's Mommy
di·phen·hy·dra·mine /ˌdaɪfɛnˈhaɪdrəˌmin/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[dahy-fen-hahy-druh-meen] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun Pharmacology.
a white, crystalline, antihistaminic compound, C17H21NO, used orally, topically, and parenterally, esp. for allergies.

I don't know if she's really using it for allergies, but confront her about it!!

electa g
It is a antihistamine.Generic benedryl.It gets rid of allergy's.She could have bought it anywhere.No, it is not dangerous.The side effect, is that it may make her drowsy.Bring the pill to a pharmacy for more questions.This is not a street drug or anything that would get her high.And yes, if she had a rash or allergic reaction,the school nurse may have given it to her.

Crissy L
Definitely Benadryl!

its a cold medicene, nothing serious or worth buying

its a antihistamine you can buy over the counter

Benadryl isn't a really scary drug in itself...although I guess almost anything can be scary if its abused. You buy them in the cold section at CVS. Sometimes (albeit rarely) I take one or two if I need to sleep--my mom actually told me to do that. But I'd never think of getting high.

Sounds like your daughter *might* be thinking about getting into pills. But perhaps she is aware of how risky they are and is "starting out" with something mild, just to experiment and to have the bragging rights to say she's done *something*. Sadly, drugs are really "chic" these days; I think that's the main reason people get into pills.

My advice is to take it to her and say, "Sally, I found this doing the laundry. It know its just a Benadryl, but is there anything you want to tell me?" Then be silent and listen.

Sometimes the best way to make someone talk is to just be really quiet. They try to fill that silence and end up saying a lot. Don't tell her its an allergy pill (she might not know) and see what reason she comes up with for having it.

I wish I could tell you what to do next. My sis had a short stint with pills until it landed her in the hospital. But at least I can say she's not using them now and is hard-working student at a good university. Just because someone starts, it doesn't always mean they're doomed. But the sooner they quit, the better.

It's just an allergy pill.

It's only dangerous if she abuses it... like any other drug, over the counter or not.

Information ---
Uses/Side Effects/Precautions/Interactions/Overdos…


It's Benedryl an alergy medication...some people use it as a sleeping pill.

Sold over the counter not dangerous and a low dose.

Read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diphenhydramine

I believe that is Benadryl...

its an antihistimine. It makes you sleepy and clears your sinuses.

It's Benedryl, an antihistamine.

ANY medicine can be harmful if not used properly, but this is a fairly safe, OTC med.

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