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Do you know of any natural sleep-inducing remedies??
Someone special to me is having difficulty sleeping to the point of not sleeping at all for days. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful and appreciated. Thank you and have a great week! :-)

A glass of red wine, or some warm milk. Read a dull book. Meditate.

St. John's Mole?

Valerian (not sure of the spelling) it generally calms your nerves down and helps you relax and thus sleep. in some rare cases however it has the opposite effect of getting people hyperactive. you don't know till you try, it's harmless in small doses but if taken for too long it can develop issues with your heart beat. a little bit to help relax every so often is perfect.

Roast a nice big turkey.. it has a natural ingredient..tryptophan.
Warm milk, before bedtime. I have to watch this myself because I stay up late, quite often and get my sleep patterns disrupted. Try going to bed, and getting up at the normal time, for several days. I can usually get myself back on track this way.

Clint M
I'm one of those manly redneck fellas and hate to admit it but if you get over the hokiness of it all, self-hypnosis can help. It helped me. Basically it's a deep relaxation technique where you just "tell yourself to go to sleep" one part of your body at a time. I know it sounds dumb and like some California new age garbage from the 80's but if you allow it the sub-conscious mind can work great and there are no side effects with that. That's about as all natural as you can get.

Have a hot water bath, do not watch, TV put off the lights and go to bed you will get sleep and if you do not get sleep see a doctor at once

-camomile tea right before bed, dont drink too much caffine in the day!
-delta sleep system cd's
-brain wave suite cd's
hope i helped

I had a problem where I couldn't fall asleep until after 3 am every day. I had some blood work done and they assessed my ADRENAL LEVELS. We have adrenaline naturally going through our body at all times of the day. Your brain regulates how much adrenaline goes into your system at what time of the day. More in the morning, and less at night. In my case, it was not going down until around 2 am and not going back up until around 11 am. So I was having a hard time sleeping, and felt very groggy until the middle of the day. After I talked to a specialist, I was given ADRENAL CALM. This is a cream that is applied to the back of the knee or feet at night about a half hour before bed. It soaks into the blood stream and lowers adrenaline levels. It would be a good idea to see if your friend has this problem.

michelle s
For a good night’s sleep, try these simple techniques:

Establish a regular bedtime and bedtime routine, even on weekends.

Avoid caffeine, sodas with excess sugar and alcohol from at least mid-afternoon onward

Make sure your bedroom is comfortable with a mattress, pillow and bedding that fits your needs

Avoid working or reading in your bedroom and make it as dark as possible.

Get as much exercise as possible but early in the day

Take a warm, relaxing bath befpre bed time

Avoid eating for 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you have to have a snack, try warm milk and avoid protein, sugar and excess fats which stimulate.

Natural sleep remedies

Here are some natural sleep remedies:

Herbal teas with chamomile, passion flower and lemon balm-all three herbs are effective sleep aids. You can also try herbal supplements with these ingredients.

The scent of Lavender has been shown to be as effective for sleep as over the counter sleep remedies. Use lavender oil in your bedroom or apply lavender massage oil to relax muscles. Take your bath with lavender scented bath oil or try lavender tea.

Add honey to your herbal tea. Honey is said to have sleep inducing properties and contains antioxidants for good health.

Valerian Root -can be taken as a supplement or used as a tea. Valerian can also have a stimulant effect on some individuals so be aware that this can also happen and stop using it if restlessness occurs.

Jialgulan - herb which soothes the central nervous system in improves sleep quality by 89% for many in just 2 weeks.

Homeopathic Natural Sleep Remedies

Homeopathy has been a valued treatment for a variety of ailments for over 100 years. Some ingredients to look for are pastille, coffea and Nux vomica. A knowledgeable professional at your health food store can guide you to what you need.

Vitamins and Mineral Supplements to Help you Sleep

Calcium and magnesium should be combined into a supplement and taken with food. Calcium and magnesium deficiencies can cause restlessness and wakefulness.

B vitamins such as B5, B6 and B12 and Folic Acid can help promote restful sleep. Deficiencies in these vitamins can contribute to insomnia.

A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts will help you get the vitamins you need to promote a good night’s sleep.

Make these relaxation techniques part of your bedtime routine for sound, natural sleep:

Relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga and tai chi are very effective in promoting sound, restful sleep. These techniques use deep breathing and help reduce stress and promote peace, harmony and a sense of well-being, all very conducive to a good night’s sleep.

There are special yoga postures and routines just for night time relaxation. Find a good CD or video on PM Yoga and give it a try.

Do deep breathing exercises to help you relax before sleep. You can feel the immediate effects of deep breathing as you body unwinds.

Listen to soothing music before bed or after you get into bed. No hard rock or jazzy jazz. Try classical or New Age music for relaxation. There are also sound effect CD’s with soothing audio of waterfalls or ocean breezes.

If you watch television before bedtime, try something more soothing than an action movie or crime drama. Don’t watch TV in your bedroom. The best approach is to spend about 30 minutes before bedtime doing something relaxing and soothing to get your mind and body ready for sleep.

Read something soothing as part of your bedtime routine. Avoid the latest novel or any book that makes you think too deeply. Try a book on daily meditations or affirmations and think about these as you fall asleep.

If you find that you have tomorrow’s to-do list on your mind, make a habit of jotting down a list of what you want to accomplish the next day. Once it’s on paper, you’ll remember it later and won’t have to dwell on it when you’re trying to get to sleep.

The most important thing in finding a remedy for sleeplessness is to establish a routine that works for you and diligently follow it each night. If you are under a doctor’s care for your sleep problems, be sure to consult him or her about any changes you make.

melatonin- it is natural and non habit forming

p h
Yes, buy a big jug of Lavender linen water, available usually at T J Maxx and Ross. Get a cheap spray bottle from Wal Mart, fill bottle with llinen water. Spray bedding and under your neck with the linen water. Get into bed, think of something wonderful that you enjoyed tremendously. Start dreaming about that before you go to sleep. Lavender is aromatherapy for relaxation. Use only real lavender, not artificially created scents.

I've had the same prob, though not as extreme and my doctor told me to take Melatonin 3 mg, about 30 minute before I'm ready to go to sleep. It' s a naturally occuring hormone that your body produces when the sun goes down to get your body ready to go to sleep.
It has really helped, as well as an addition of making sure your bedroom is dark, and I wear earplugs (still can hear the alarm) because my husband snores.

I take melatonin. For me it works the same as Lunesta did, but w/o the expense and the tendency to be dependent on it. It took about a week to really kick in, but now I take one each night around 11:00 - 11:30, and even though I still wake up during the night, I can go back to sleep without watching the clock for hours! Check with your doctor. Mine said if it works for me, then take it.

You could try melatonin. I used it for my daughter she has always had trouble getting to sleep it helped. It sort of helps to reset your internal clock.

"Calms Forte" - 1 0r 2 tablets in the afternoon and evening.

"Melatonin" - 3 mg tab - right before you lay down.

Prayer - after lights out.

Kali's Mom
When I have trouble sleeping I will often take Valerian root. You can find it in the vitamin section at the pharmacy usually. It is a natural relaxant.

try doing a half hour of exercise or some other form of phyical acivity during the day
a- you will just be more phyisically exhausted so it will be easier to fall asleep
b- by doing exercise your body releases natural endorphins
(stuff that make you feel good)
c- it relieves stress
definitely give it a shot -it worked for me
(anyway this medicine only has good side effects)

If you have a normal health, try going for a long walk. A brisk walk for about an hour, followed by light meal will prepare you for a good sleep.

Rev. Jules The Muse
My mom's a doctor of eastern medicine. The most commonly used natural remedies are valerian root (either chew on it, or boil it in a tea) or lavender oil (a couple drops on a pillow). Sometimes the old standard of warm milk with some honey will help aid sleep.

Exercise is good, just don't do it right before you go to bed. Maybe meditation, or have some soft music playing. A hot shower or bath may also help.

A few people I know have insomnia problems (not me) and they smoke weed before bed...I'm not saying go do that, but hey, it's an option and it's a natural remedy.

Here are a few ideas to play with:

Melatonin - 1 to 5 mg
5-HTP - 25 - 150 mg
Valarian - 2 standardized caps
Passion Flower - 2 standardized caps
Kava Kava - 2 standardized caps
Calcium/Magnesium w/ Vitamin D (liquid is best)

There are also some mixed formulations on the market. Schiff makes a product called "knock out" and Gaia makes a product called "sound sleep". You can, I am sure, find them on the internet.

Also, the "Pain and Stress Center" has a product called "Sleep Link" that I think works REALLY well.

Some of the above can be taken together and some not. You will need to find the right fit for your friend.

I take 100 mg 5 htp, 3 mg melatonin, and Calcium/Mag/D every night. I sleep like a baby after years of having trouble. My doc prescribed Lunesta (sleeping pill) for me, but the natural works better. I have tried Sleep Link and like it too.

I have found that both Melatonin and Valerian root work well (but not taken together, of course). Both of these are natural sleep remedies that will not cause dependency. They can be found at your local drug store and at Wal-Mart. In conjunction with taking these, deep breathing exercises and stretches before bed also help the body to relax and prepare for a good night's sleep. Hope this helped! Good Night!

take a hot bath before you want to fall asleep. when you step out to dry off, the plunge in your body's temperature will naturally make you sleepy.

Watching C-SPAN when there's a congressional hearing on something.

Start by taking no naps during the day, and trying to maintain regular sleep hours, even on the weekend. The body needs to be trained to sleep at certain times. Before bed, exercising is a great way to prepare and tire the mind and body out before sleeping. So is taking a hot shower, because the body's cooling down cycle also prepares one for sleep. Don't watch tv for about 2-3 hours before bed, and don't eat for about 1 hour before bed. Turn off all flourescent lights, and hit the sack. If he/she cannot fall asleep, don't toss and turn in bed, it only makes it worse. Instead, get up, read a book (but not an exciting one, one that is a little bit slower), and then try coming back to bed.

Not sleeping at all for days could signal a more serious condition that may need to be treated with sleep aids. Perhaps he/she should consult a doctor on this issue. Sweet dreams! =)

diff oils/scents on the pillows like lavender can help soothe you into sleep....works for my kids and sometimes me lol....cut out all caffeine including sweets (chocolate) couple hours before bedtime...

In the past, I've used valerian capsules (2) and a cup of freshly brewed camomile tea. Recently, a friend of mine gave me some melatonin tablets and surprisingly, a 3 mg tablet, has me going off to la-la land in record time. Hope either one of these helps.

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