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 A friend of mine has allergies she says to an ingredient in wine called sulfites? I can see the problems ....?
she has with her eyes, burning itching, and after a while her eyes close up. She just puts a cool wet wash cloth on her eyes until they get better, then she finally is able to open her eyes.

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 Apparently rice is one of the few foods you can't be allergic to - what are the others?

 Sick! and my birthday is coming on the 17 of november! what do i do?
my nose been stuffed up since the saturday and i don't want to be sick on my birthday and i will be 14 but anyway i tried medicine and and that did not help. Any other options....


 do i have the symptoms of allergies?
i was wondering if i have the symptoms of allergies. since i can remember Always's would have a little runny nose through out the day. even when its hot or cold outside. i hate it i just want ...

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 Does anyone have any remedies for bad allergies?
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 Am I having an allergic reaction?
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 He's Allergic to my cats....How can I make him more comfortable when he visits?
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 Why do people say that Arizona is the best place for people to live who have allergies?
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If so why?...

 My bf's mom is allergic to cats, but I want one???
is there a way to make it so she pretty much cant tell at all that we have one when she comes over???...

 my dad has a cold how do i help him?
only answer march 24...

why are my eyes starting to get red?
my eyes have been burning all day!!
and now my head hurts and my eyes are getting red
what can it be?

Blue Star
The Ganja kickin in

did you sleep last night????

Your high

it can be a reation to something like if you have changed shampoo or something lack of sleep or just i dont know how to say it but if it feels like to much air is hitting your eyes then thats normal

you could have pink eye or your allergies could be kicking in. are they itchy? have you touched anything your allergic to and then rubbed your eyes?

or you may have not gotten enough sleep last night.
if they continue to stay red go to the doctor and if it is pink eye and if you do, your not allowed at school because its so contagious, lucky you. haha.

definatly a migrane!

I get that all the time and I take Ecudrin for migranes and it goes right away

El Chimpancé Caliente
or no sleep
or allergies
or pink eye
or smoking weed

In medicine, red eye is a non-specific term to describe an eye that appears red due to illness, injury, or some other condition. "Conjunctival injection" and "bloodshot eyes" are two forms of red eye.

Since it is a common affliction, it is unsurprising that primary care doctors often deal with patients with red eyes in their practices. The goal of the primary care doctor when presented with a red eye is to assess whether it is an emergency in need of referral and immediate action, or instead a benign condition that can be managed easily and effectively.

Red eye usually refers to hyperemia of the superficial blood vessels of the conjunctiva, sclera or episclera, and may be caused by diseases or disorders of these structures or adjacent structures that may affect them directly or indirectly.

High blood pressure, allergy, fever, or maybe pink eye infection.

Mr J
Allergic reaction

Kiki washington
Maybe u just 2 tired !

Pink Eye :D

germs in ur eye could be it, that happened by using ur hand rubbing it when is itchy and ur hands might not clean.

could be pink eye.......doubt it........honestly its probably allergies or somthing, sometimes when a building puts on its heat for the first time all year its all dry air which can cause headaches and dry eyes......give it a week or so you should adjust, if not get a humidafire <or however you spell it

Consider where you were today - indoors or outdoors? Have you eaten anything new? What is different in your environment? Whatever that new thing is - chances are you're allergic to it

Chrissy B
Is the headache in the front of your head? Does it hurt or feel like there's pressure when you press on your forehead/temples or around your nose? If so, you might be congested and you might have allergies. Allergies can develop out of no where, or if you're exposed to something new that you didn't know you were allergic to. Also, if you accidentally got shampoo/conditioner/facial cleanser/lotion/mascara/makeup in your eyes, that could cause stinging and the aggravation might lead to a headache. My advice would be to take Ibuprofen or Aspirin (if you have used these in the past and they didn't cause any problems for you, some people have Aspirin sensitive asthma and that can cause issues) and maybe wet a washcloth with cool water, wring it out, and rest it on your eyes. If the irritation doesn't go away go to your doctor or at least call your doctors office in the morning and describe your symptoms.

It could be allergies, it could also be pink eye. If you think it's pink eye get to the dr asap, that is sooo contagious!

you might need to drink more water. or, if you wear contacts, it might be time to change them

Wyatt Earp
because you've been up late. havin' a blast???

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