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(: <3
bad sore throat and cough, what can i do?
dont say see a doctor; theyre not gonna care about a sore throat, and i know its not strep since my dads a doctor and already looked at it

ive been drinking hot tea and soup and taking advil, and right now im drinking arizona raspberry iced tea because it has antioxidants, but is there anything else i can do?

i need to be significantly better by tuesday for school :/

thank you so much

gargle some really really uber salty water thats really really uber hot. this will help kill germs, i think.
feel better!

zicam cold remedy. its this thing u spray up ur nose that has zinc in it (the only thing that was clinically proven to reduce the length of a cold/cough ect.)

hot liquids and cough drops are good for temporary purposes but zicam will kill the reason why u feel bad

germany is my life
eat pickles... it may sound weird but its the vinegar in them... and you cant just eat one eat a few it should make you better soon

then go to a pharmacy and get some cough syrup (Nyquil), or squeeze some lime juice into a cup with some honey and drink it!

tommy t
Mix warm tea and honey together and drink it. It will soothe your throat.

Get plenty of rest and fluids.

And popsicles help with the sore throat, but get some sort of over-the-counter cough medicine to help with the coughing.

Keep with the tea, tea is good.

go to the fridge, put some honey on a spoon, put sugar in the honey, and then squeeze some lime into it too. Swallow it.

it won't cure you,but it helps alleviate the pain

Drixoral!! that stuff is magic, it will clear you up in no time, go to the walgreens pharmacy and ask for it, its not cheap, but it works, and you have to be over18 to get it

Well if you can't see a doctor then i suggest to keep on taking some advil (that really helps...trust me!) I think that you should also take a throat lozenges. (it's a little red thing that you can get a walgreens) They really help!!

I would go down to the grocery store and first buy some throat spray and cough drops. Then when you get home get some hot water and put salt in it and gargle. Do it about 3 times every meal. Before a meal, in the middle of a meal, and after one. That would mean gargle the salt water 9 times daily.

Hope you feel better.

Take 2tablespoons of honey and mix 1teaspoon of ginger juice in it. Mix it well and consume it by licking it. Do two to three times a day and should get better as honey and ginger help throat.
Just a home remedy.

hey man the same thing whit me what im doing is that im drinking this Theraflu tea of lemon this is the steps: you warm up water that is super hot the put the Theraflu powder drink it little by little but make sure that no cold air hits you and drink it just let it cool down a little because if you drink it till its cold it wont work i don't guarantee this to you but its working for me o by the way they sell them at CVS, Walgreen's,H.E.B,walmart and any drug store

terrified by spiders
Once you get over this condition, stay healthy by frequent mouth washes with something as simple as salt. I also use saline nasal sprays whenever I start feeling a little congestion or soreness. I haven't had anything more than a one-day cold ever since I started that regime. (And I think I wouldn't even have had a one-day cold if I had been more diligent about the salt rinses and saline spray. I just hate squirting something up my nose.) (Oh, yeah, I keep my feet WARM.)

Warren A
OTC medication. Im sure your dad has already recommended that since he is a doctor.

Lucky M
There's only one way that is easy and 100% will cure your sore throat fast, using regular salt. Take a salt shaker and shake it 2 to 4 times straight to your throat every 2 hours. Very important to do it before your bedtime and throughout the night if you wake up. I've tried this, it's like a miracle. I found this here http://www.ThroatSore.com/ they have a video how to do.

Acid Bleed
Get some hot chicken noodle soup the broth will soothe your throat.

Warrior for Christ
I recommend these packets called Emergen-C you get in the Pharmacy/Vitamin section and they cost around $10 for the box of packets at WalMart. They come in different flavors like: Raspberry, Citrus, Pink Lemonade, Super Orange - my favorite is the Super Orange. You mix them in water or juice (nothing carbonated - I learned the hard way that it spills over like a volcano erupting and leaves nothing left in the cup). Bottled water works best for me, just pour it in and shake it up. It boosts your immunity system and gives you energy at the same time. It cuts your sick time way down, I have used these 3 times when getting real sick and within a couple days I was on the mend. I also used DayQuil so I could get relief and still stay awake for work : ) For soar throat relief, other than what you are already doing, I got Halls Naturals with soothing honey center(menthol-cough suppressant/oral anesthetic) and it really helped the sore throat - if you like peach, try the Harvest peach(made with pure wildflower honey). NICE throat lozenges work well to, I had both. Hope you find this information as much of a help as it was for me. Take care and as any health professional will tell you - get plenty of rest if possible.

take vitamin C tablets. and for a cough, the best medicine is Delsym. It works like magic
feel better

Daisy Bacler
I'm Irish so I say take a shot of JD...a few shots if you will...lol... and you should be better by tomorrow.

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