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What can i do if i ate it by accident?
I am allergic to seafood(shrimp, crab, lobster, etc), and i recently ate at a buffet. Everything was good, until i got the dessert, the cookies. My throat started to close up and feel itchy. I got a numbish feeling in my tongue and thoat. My stomach felt like i swallowed acid, then i had to vomit and i got diahrea. I am guessing the cookies where exposed to the seafood or something. This only happens when i eat seafood, i never went to the doctor for it but it feels absolutely terrible when i consume it by accident. This is not the first time i ate something like that by accident. I hate it, It feels like i am dying (literally). What can i do to if I ate seafood by accident?Any medication available?


Benadryl... works on allyrgic reactions if they are not too bad of a reaction. i use it for bee stings.

I'd say you accidentally ate some seafood BEFORE the cookies. It was probably hidden in a blended entree. It takes a bit for the reaction to take effect.

You should speak to your doctor about treatment, but if I were you, I'd carry around some Bendadryl in case this happens again.

Best of luck.

first go to the doctors and ask if it is serious.
If it is the doctor will prescribe you with lotridine/piriton and an epipen. An epipen is a auto injector that gives you adreniline to get rid of the allergen. if the doctor DOES give you an epipen, keep it at all times (maybe 2) because i have heard a story that a man had a allergy(an anaphalactic shock) and died. if you have any more questions e-mail me
(i have allergies too)

since u have a food allergy this is to be checked for by a doctor /allergist!!! R u 100% postive its sea food wat if its butter ? U should get meds if need be by a doc!!!!! Some pills conatin sea food ingredients so play it smart by asking ur doc and telling them about this recent incident. Good luck..be careful.
Maybe u can also call the buffet place and tell them about wat happened to u and that they should be more careful (if there was sea food there that day) as not to "cross contaminate food" not rudly though!

Take celestamin..or be feel itchy.

Go to the doctor!!!

benadryl will help with the throat closing and itchy feeling..

you cant do much, just let nature take its course; and avoid seafood like the plague.

you could try drinking lots of water whenever this happens. it might help to flush out the concentration of whatever it is inside the seafood or food you swallowed that caused this allergic reaction. then lay down, and breathe easy.

well over the counter stuff there is Benadryl, but it takes about 15 minutes for effectiveness...I think, ask a pharmacist.

You should see a doctor, he can prescribe you allergy tests to identify all your allergies.

Obviously you didn't have a fatal allergic reaction, so you probably won't need an Epipen, but you should consult...

Florence P
Talk to your doctor because there is a certain kind of medicine (don't know what the name is) that you can always keep with you in case something like that were to happen. Ask your doctor about it! You could possibly save your life.

Take benadryl for a quick relief but you need to go and see a doctor and get an epipen. An epipen is an injection that is taken when you encounter something that you are very allergic to like a bee sting or poison ivy! It is a treatment for life threatening allergies. My husband carries one around with him in case of emergencies!

You need to keep a shot of epinephrine handy.

there isnt any medication available but if your clinically diagnosed that you are allergic to seafood, the only way to expell the seafood would be to vomit the aten portions and seek medical attention if you continue to become itchy and a swollen throat. if it is a serious allergic reaction and you become unconscious, contact your doctor and ask for an epinephrine kit, which is a "epi-pen" that has an injection of epinephrine that allows you to inject it into your leg muscle and it will open up blood flow, allowing you to breathe again. this symptoms you describe is an anaphylaxis reaction. i would suggest bringing this concern to your doctor for further detail.

you should go to the doctor.

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