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tyson van
I have a bloody nose every single time i blow my nose, what should i do?

Bloody noses are caused by your nasal passage being dry. Many things can cause this.

1. Really hot weather
2. After getting a cold, your nasal passage can be dry
3. Using antihistamines to relieve cold or flu syptoms. Antihistamines actually cause dry nasal passages.

If you live in hot climate, you may want to dress lighter and make sure you are drinking lots of water.
If you catch a cold, let it takes its course. Avoid using antihistamines, because they are not good for your nasal passage. They may relieve cold syptoms, but your nose suffers nose bleeds because of it.

However, you may want to see a doctor, because only an expert can tell you what is wrong. I am just giving you some advice based on my own experience. I have always been prone to getting nose bleeds everytime it's hot and everytime after getting over a cold. No way around it, I just had to make sure my body temperature didn't rise excessively and I had to stop using the antihistamines.


nice guy
Option A = go see a doctor.
Option B = dont blow your nose.
Option C = put a tissue inside your nose.

It sounds like the nasal tissue in your nose is sensitive, I would reccommend staying out of hot or dusty environments for a while and of course see your GP.

consult a nose and throat MD, most likely irritation from constant capillary breaking is causing it. try sitting in a bathroom with hot steam and coughing some of your phlegm out that might give your nose a break, either way if your sputum is excessive somethings not right.

I get the same thing. It may be a dry day and this doesnt help in this case put some vaseline on it.

If you blow your nose to much you could be rupturing a blood vessel. Eventually it will heal on its own
If you are very concerned go and see a doctor.

Lay off the blow.

The same thing happens to this girl I work with, hers has been happening for around a year. I have no answer I'm just letting you know you're not alone in this world.

Smart girl
Is the inside of your nose sore and scabbed? Or is the blood coming from God knows where?

If it's scabs, shove Neosporin up your nose--no joke. You need to let the scabs heal. If it's higher up and you don't know why you're bleeding, please see a doctor.

Good luck.

Stop picking/snorting.

Seriously though~ Give it a rest, your nose needs time to heal~!

i had that and i had to go to the hospital then they send me to a nose doctor they burned some vein

ask your parents to take you to your DOCTOR ASAP....

do not eat egg and other nutritious things for a month and drink more and more water

you're blowing too hard. you injured part of your nostrils. try not to blow your nose for a while, and if then only a little

It might depend on the current weather.. If it is dry in your area that can make a nose bleed occur... I used to get a bloody nose every single day and if it was dry I would get them 2 or 3 times a day. It could also be that you blew your nose too hard and broke a blood vessel and since you keep blowing your nose now you are not giving it time to heal. Maybe you should take a day off from blowing your nose to let it heal a little.

Get a humidifier ASAP. A lot of people have this problem when Fall comes.

If you live in a dry climate, you might consider buying saline nasal spray to moisten the inside of your nose and prevent bleeding. But first I would get to a doctor.

Johnny V
The air is dry and dirty need a humidifier and an air filter.

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