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How to clear up a runny nose?
My son has had a runny nose for weeks now, it wasn't bad at first but is now. He hasn't been sick/had a cold or flu, yet he is sniffling all the time(clear fluid/mucus).
I've bought some anti-histamines from the chemist for him, but they aren't working.
What could be going on with him and how can I help him clear up his runny nose?

­•• a girl ­••
a tissue

Maria A
eat a chile

Rebecca L

Have him take a very hot a steamy shower. Just blow nose and breath steam in threw nose. If hes to young for shower then have some hot water put in a cup and have him breath it in

I was gonna say a good shot of Rumple would clear it right up but then I saw it was for your son... don't try that! Doesn't go over too well with the CPS.

Try a humidfier and Vicks. My son has the same problem, and this works for him (his nose is sensitive due to the dry air inside in the winter, but yours may be different).

Yessss. He could be hyper sensitive to the air conditioning. I know my son definitely is! His sinuses get clogged up, and I can't be in an air conditioned environment for very long. Definitely look into the allergy thing too. Though I bet it is the air conditioning that's affecting him.

make sure he is not being active and he rests at home as often as possible. he should be eating soup and drinking something warm. In addition, you should check for allergies. There is a slim chance that a lot of pollen (or whatever else it might be) got into your home. Good luck and i hope he feels better!

suggestion- ask your son to to take some steam and make him blow his nose

use a humidifier and give him lots of steam with Vicks in it

keep gently blowing nose... its all germs n his body is just tryin to get rid of them so dont sniff thme back in!! hope it helps..

i use a steam from fresh goats milk.

get nasal spray which u use every morning. this prevents the nose becoming runny. hes probably just allergic to dust and that can cause runny nose! try keep dust gatherers out of his room and hoover it regularly!

I have that same problem every winter. there's really nothing you can do for it except just keep blowing your nose. sorry I know how annoying it is for your son to have it :(

well if you tried those thing and you bough medical supplies go see a doctor its your son go find out whats wrong better safe then sorry.

good luck hope he gets better.

He may have allergies. I would take him to be tested. Could be something as simple as a pet, or it could even be food related allergies. Some comfort measures are the childs nose strips to help him breathe better, and a touch of Vics VaporRub under his nose, just a little, its better that its running and not stuffed up. Humidifier in the house in the room he spends most of the time in so he doesn't have a dry itchy throat to go with it. Hope this helps somewhat.

Eddy Sax
I always did as a kid.

I don't know if it's allergies or what but in general I haven't found any medicine that offers much relief from a runny nose so you just learn to make it discreet (no one wants to hang around a kid with a runny nose)

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