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 Why does your nose get blocked up when you've got a cold?

Have you ever had itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose and you can't stop sneezing?
I am sure it is an allergic reaction to something. If you have, what did you do about it, other than taking Benedril. I don't want anything to make me drowsy. I have a lot of things to do today and I don't want my only options to be either go through the day and do the things I need to do suffering with this, sneezing constantly or just sleep all day and have someone else run my errands and watch my little boy.

Thanks ahead of time.

Whoops I never thought It was an allergy.. Thought the eyes and nose were linked so when one gets irritated the other does too.. I experienced that but it goes away after a while...

yes at this moment ,and i havent gotten rid of it

someone s
They have some great over the counter meds with allergy remedies added in that won't make you drowsy... you can also try an herbal tea remedy with lemon as getting some extra vitamin C will definitely help... and acupuncture works too.... It's probably just seasonal as this time of year is famous for Ragweed... so until it's over get some Claritan (it comes in a generic form and is sold over the counter now without a Rx and take that once a day until you find out what it is you are allergic too as a preventive -- it doesn't make you drowsy).

Dear Naturegirl

In answer to your medical question, you have a medical conditrion called [ Hay Fever ] which can be triggered off by a number of causes. Grass; Hay; Straw; Pollen From Flowers; Pollen From Trees etc are the likely cause.

Although this condition which is very distressing cannot be cured, it can however be helped by a Hay Fever Medication which you can quit easily obtain from your local Drug Store, or Pharmacy as a Over-The-Counter product.

I therefore trust that this answer's your medical question.

yea, um, i've had that same thing since i was like, 5 its NOT temporary.. my doctor can't even seem to figure it out because its not every day. but it happens at least twice a week if not more, doesnt matter what the season is.. i've tried claritin and everything, that doesnt work.. the only thing that sorta helps clear my sinuses out for me is homeopathic drops under the tongue with a bunch of vitamins.. try looking it up online.

So, what has changed in your home or workplace recently? A new pet? New laundry detergent? New makeup or shampoo? New plants in the office?

Try to figure what is causing your allergy symptoms and avoid exposure whenever possible.

well i sure do. i have an asthma doctor, but she is also considered an allergist. anyways, she prescribed me some antihistimenes, but i just take the generic claritin once every nite. it really does help my allergies.

Robert E. Lee
I went to the doctor

باران بهار
It definitely sounds like you are suffering from allergies - there are several non-drowsy over-the-counter medications available to help with that, though. When I looked up "non-drowsy allergy" at Walgreens.com, 44 items popped up, so just head down to your local pharmacy/drugstore and take your pick. Hope you feel better soon!

It happens to me everyday. Dust, pollen, animal dander etc...u name the allergen....i'm allergic to it. i have nasonex..which i occ use....then i have allerclear.....non drowsy....

yeah its an allergic reaction. you can consult a chinese medicine doctor or acupuncture. heard it works.

you can try non-drowsy claritin...that works for me

It's an allergy all right. You can sometimes clear the nasal passages with saline nasal spray or a neti pot. The nasal spray is cheap, and easy to find at the drug store.

Yes, sounds like an allergic reaction. Take a non drowsy allergy pill like Claritin or Alavert. They are both over the counter. Benadryl really does seem to work best for most people with a reaction like yours where it just flared up out of seemingly nowhere. A low dose like 25 mg may or may not make you drowsy. Good luck, I feel for you! Moms should not be allowed to get sick! :)

That's hayfever. I've taken claratyne. Its an allergy to the enviroment eg. flowers, grass, sometimes the air. Its just temporary though. About a day or two.

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