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Food poisoning - still sick after 5 days?
I've had food poisoning real badly since Friday. I felt sick after lunch, but didn't vomit until late at night. I continued vomiting uncontrollably till Sunday morning, when I was finally able to get some sleep. I still vomited on a regular basis till yesterday morning and I couldn't keep anything but water down. I tried some crackers in the afternoon, which made me terribly nauseous again.
Today, my body is craving for food and I'm feeling terribly week from not eating for days, but I still can't keep any solid food down. I also tried soup, which wasn't very helpful, either. I started drinking Gatorade to get some sugar back into my system, but I'm still too weak to even get up by myself. I was wondering if there was anything else I could try, so far I'm pretty much lost here, my husband and daughter keep telling me to just eat, but I'm really exhausted from all the vomiting, so I'd prefer a different way than just forcing food back down and up again..

Dingo Slapper

Try this web site.


hey its me
sounds like its psychosomatic, take 2 placebos and call the doctor if you aren't better

"maggy"...ha ha ha
Its sounds like it is probably not food poisoning more like a bad bad case of the flu. Either way you need to go to the ER asap. Your probably extremely dehydrated, and that can lead to all kinds of problem on its own. You can go a long time with out food, but the lack of water intake is bad. You need a direct IV of fluid and some anti nausea meds.

Sounds a bit more like a flu bug rather than food poising.

Food poisoning doesn't last that long...you have the flu!! :(

Little Monster
im sorry. i know that must be miserable maybe only eat like 2 crackers at a time and a sip every 15 minutes just take it easy and dont over do it. and maybe its a stomach virus or something. i would go to the hospital if i were you just to stay on the safe side. you never know you might have been poisoned

Peace ‚ėģ Love ‚ô• And Me :D
Hospital, get an IV and stay for awhile.

Just Me
Soup can be terrible on an empty recently sick stomach. There's acids and sometimes oils in the broth. Try toast - dry. Tea. Rice. Oatmeal. Anything bland and filling. Nothing spicy, salty, oily, etc. Feel better!

karen kremer smith
What you could do is to eat a piece of burnt toast. The carbon in the burnt toast will absorb the toxins in your body and carry them out of your system. Then after two to three pieces of toast drink some water to flush it out. your should be back to normal soon after that. fruit juice also works to flush toxins out of your system pineapple and papaya work the best because they have the necessary digestive aid in them for your stomachs sake. Good Luck and God Bless.

did you kno that some food keeps getting digested for almost a month? its not like everything you put down on your mouth comes out the next day you know? it doesn't work like that. so yes you should go to the hospital. best of luck

you need to see a doctor soon they can help.

this is more than a touch of food poisoning. pop along to local doctor pronto or pay a visit to hospital clinic. you may well be suffering from another problem with digestive system which has symptoms that make you think ist food poisoning. in any event you need to see a medical specialist asap.

If you keep vomiting and do not take in plentiful fluids you are at risk of becoming dehydrated and suffering from an electrolyte imbalance. The diagnosis of food poisoning/flu is not as important and protecting your body. Get to a hospital immediately. They will be able to give you liquids via IV along with testing your blood for deficiencies that could raise havoc with your heart and other vital organs. They can also test for food poisoning. If this is positive there are antibiotics to fight this off, although it may die out on it's own.

Back in HS (decades ago) I was in the same situation as you. I let it go for 7 days - no food and limited liquids. I ended up in the ER going into cardiac arrest. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Go to hospital A.S.A.P.

You should go to the hospital immeadiatley

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