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Baby Boy Due 2.25.11
Can you be allergic to dogs, then not?
I'm not sure where to post this but I'm wondering...

15 years ago, My family finally let me have a dog. (I was 11) Come to find out, my mom was allergic as she got puffy red eyes. I'm not sure if she ever had a test to find out for sure, but that's what the doctor told her.

Now: 15 years later I have 2 dogs with my husband. My mom can be around us all day and NO problems. She's been on weekend trips with dogs: no problems.

Could she now not be or maybe it was just that breed of dog?


u stay allergic to things for the rest of ur life.

Her body might have learned to tolerate or have an immunity to dogs which would make the allergy less prevalent.

u will be allergic forever unless u use some medical things

Georgie P
Well I've known people to get over allergies with age.

sumtimes you can grow out of being alergic but it is very rare. she probably is taking alergy medication thats what i do :)

nancy jo
sure -it could be the specific pollen(s) the dog was carrying on its fur at that time.

allergies come and go. There are many things that cause allergies. It could be something like pollen or fungus in the yard that the dog brought in from outside. Your new yard may have a different landscape treatment.

Buy Meds
Yes, you can grow out of allergies, and some even develop allergies over time.

diana only.
can lol... i thought i got allergic with the squid but now i don't. maybe the breed of dog. maybe your mom allergic with dirty things...i guess.

I'm it...
Most likely, your mother was allergic to dogs in general. It's not that common really to be allergic to a specific breed. Usually if that seems to be the case, it's only because the breed sheds a lot of fur or dander on a regular basis.

And yes, you can outgrow allergies. And it's not just dogs. It's possible to outgrow any kind of allergy really. When you first develop an allergy, you body basically doesn't have any kind of tolerance for the allergen. Obviously, you know that the immune system basically views it as an invasive thing like a virus or bacteria. But if the allergy isn't life-threatening, gradual and constant exposure to the allergen can eventually lead the immune system to grow a tolerance for it.

I have a friend who was allergic to bacon in the 3rd grade. But he still ate bacon in tiny proportions. As time passed by, he ate a little more bacon each time. By 6th grade, he was completely allergy-free. But in the process of growing immune to his allergy, he had to make sure he didn't over-step his limits. Over-exposure to the allergy while in the process of becoming immune to it will only set you back. Your mother may be ok for a whole weekend with dogs right now, but if she's still in the process of developing a tolerance to dogs, who knows how she'll react if she's with them for a week or for a month? I'm not saying you should be paranoid and limit her exposure to dogs to just one weekend at a time, but it is important to see just how high her tolerance is. If she's completely not allergic to dogs anymore, that's great. But if she has a limit to how long she can be around dogs, it's important to find out what that limit is because allergic reactions like that can ruin things like plans for a long family vacation with the dogs included or if she plans to stay over for a week or if she wants to get a dog herself.

domenic x
Allergy could come from many sorts of things even if they are trivial or nothing to other people. Also many allergies if treated well could be under control and safe.
Your story is interesting. Why one dog and not the other?
Yes it could be because of that particular dog. It could have had something that made your mum allergic, even the type of fur that he used to have. One can not wonder what could bring allergy. If your Mum was told what was the reason, why she didn't do anything about it? It is not a matter of taking medicine but getting rid of the spider not to have the web. So if she knew that it was the dog she could have done something to keep away from him. Usually the most important thing is to find what is causing the allergy for once you know you can keep away from what is causing the allergy. Yes, red eyes are a sign of allergy.
Yes, she could not be allergic to your breeds of dogs. Even how they are groomed does matter.

S. R
My guess is that she is still allergic, just the situation is different. It's rare to grow out of an animal dander allergy, it's more common with food allergies. Being in a home full of dander all day is much different than being away on a trip. Many people with pet allergies will feel fine outside with a pet, or even inside if the house is clean and well-ventilated. I'm allergic to both cats and dogs and my reactions are different depending on the environment. I get very sick at my parents' house, which is not as clean as it could be. However, I've never had a reaction at my in-laws house, which is more open, clean and less cluttered. My parents have 3 cats, in-laws have 2 cats and 1 dog.

If you bathe your dogs regularly, that drastically cuts the amount of allergens down, too. It sounds like you take very good care of your home and pets. It would be wonderful if she did lose the allergy over time, but that is very uncommon.

Without medical testing it is difficult to say that your mom is now not allergic to dog when she was before. Dog allergies normally stem from the dander (dandruff) or the fur of a dog, not all dogs have fur, poodles actually have hair and are more hypoallergenic then most dogs. She also could have been allergic to something your first dog was carrying, fleas, mold, fungi, etc. Also some people have been able to over come minor allergies with moderate exposure to the allergen to build up an immunity, not unlike a flu shot, but that can also cause the allergic reaction to worsen, it all depends on how their body reacts to the allergen. So yes it is possible that your mom has overcome her allergy or that it could also have been something else that she was allergic too.

i used to be allergic to dogs, my whole life actually. I love dogs and adopted my own who slept in my bed. i got allergies (very bad ones) for the first year but the exposure to the dander daily made me so I am no longer allergic to dogs.so 8 yrs of having my dog only the first year was teary eyes and sneezing and wheezing;). same with my husband who I married 5yrs ago and we bought a hosue he was allergic to my dog for the first 8months or so but now is fine


Could be the dander or saliva of the type of dog. I get puffy from one particular dog, but it's rare that I come around it. I have no problems being around others; just the one.

I would say that her allergic reaction could be assisted by the season. Summer and Fall are usually the bad seasons where any allergy can go bonkers.

john doe
it could be that she only reacts due to prolonged exposure but it could also be breed, some dogs are less reactable due to low shedding

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