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 Are there certain foods that make you break out and certain foods that prevent it?
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 White people, when you get sun burn, does it actually hurt? I'm black so I dont have that problem?
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 I wash my hair everyday and i still have dandruff?
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 Does a lymph node grows under the skin or on top the skin ?
Can it be seen and what clour can it be?...

 What would cause 6 year old child's hands to peel?
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 My girlfriend has really bad echzema on different parts of her body is there anything i can do to help her ?

 Can someone help, i have been bady sunbuned on the shoulders, chest, back and legs.. what do i do?
should i see a dr. what do i do... i coming up with biseters......

 I have an itchy, flaky scalp - what product is best to relieve me?

 10 points for you YEAH YOU?
i have extreeeeeeeeemely dry skin
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 Is there a non-surgical / non chemical way to remove skin tabs?
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 Breaking out (acne)?
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 How do i make my acne go away?

 Any tips for acne i have tired proactive?

 Lately my lips have been dry around the edges and at times feel itchy and sore. what is it?
its not a cold sore. it doesn't have anything inside, just feels sore and itchy at times....

ღ♥Sweet Peaღ♥
Zit problem??NEED HELP FAST!!!!!?
Okay, so I have a zit right on my chin.And my friend's b-day party is tomorrow at 4 pm and I need it to go away.It was already red,but now it's huge,with a greenish whitish inside when you get close.I tried squeezing it but it hurt really REALLY bad.And it's impossible to scrape off with anything(eeww).But is there any natural solutions or ANYTHING that will work overnight without having to go to the store?I already use proactive,but it did not come with a refining mask.And I started a few days ago, and I still have just one big one on my chun, the rest is clear enough for now.

kk the dream

can i have ten points?

sry, id just squeze it

ms W
hide it with ur moms foundation/face powder

Maria B

wash your face and leave it alone

♥Just Chill♥
DON'T TOUCH IT! unless you wash your hands well
1. soak a needle in Hydrogen Peroxide
2. poke the part that is greenish
3. lightly press the sides of the zit until the stuff comes out (i know it's gross)
4. clean it with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Mainly just leave it alone. don't scrape it, touch it, pick it, or whatever.

buy KLEAR action from walgreens or drug store it really works its not so cheap though

your gonna have to pop it, then put ice on it, it should reduce the redness. or...you could always wear a mask to the party.

~i ♥ disney~
Use a coverup! Nobody will notice if u put it on and blend it in. Or try Oxy blackhead pads. They r AMAZING!!!!! aoar try putting Desitin or toothpaste on it overnight and it will dry it out and will hopefully be gone soon.

you should take a shower then when you get out of the showere use proactive that will take it out faster cause all your pores are open

Yea, I suggest popping it with a needle.
It'll like come out on it's own if you give it a little push then =).

Everyone Keeps Sayin To Wash Your Face.
Thts Jus Nastyyy.
Tbh, The Reason Most People Get Spots IS Coz They Wash Their Face Too Often And It Takes All The Natural Oil From Your Face And Spots Formm.

You Should Just Wash Your Face Normally, Dont Scrub Or Anything. Then Make Sure Your Hands Are Really Really Clean And Then Get A Blob Of White Toothpaste And Put It All Over The Spot Before Bed, Make Sure Yuu Put The Toothpaste Round The Edges Of The Spot So That It Doesnt Spread.

Wen You Wake Up In The Morning It Will Either Be Really Easy To Burst Or You Will Be Able To Just Peel It Off.

If It Still Hurts When You Try To Burst It Then Get An Icecube And Put It Over The Spot Till Its Numb And You Cant Feel It, Then Try To Burst It Again.

Stop listening to this crap!!!! Use Polysporin... doctors perscribes stuff and drug store stuff doesn't work at all! Trust me.... Polysporin has Zinc in it which is a miracle product!
Just think Zinc Zaps Zits... haha
good luck...
next time don't be so graphic :)

Toothpaste or Desitin (the diaper Rash stuff)

peanut butter works real good

whoa, greenish??dont pop it. could already be infected. wash your face with your proactive stuff, get toothpaste and put on pimple. this should dry it up and please as hard to do, dont pick on it. drink plenty of water tonight too. worse come to worse, you can use a bandaid and tell your frineds you were doing something and hurt your chin.

pop it with a needle

try toothpaste, just dap it on there.

or wipe it down with alcohol.

Put some toothpaste on the blem.Go to bed with it on.Do this when going to bed.It dries it up.

Im a answerholic
I do this all the time it clears them up not all the way but it takes the swelling down and redness away You must follow these directions RIGHT NOW ASAP im telling you it works if it doesnt all disapear by tomorrow just keep doing it till its all gone but a good amount of it should be gone. ok take a good size bandaid first take some alchohol clean your face then. take some honey put it on the bandaid not a whole bunch just a little enough to swab it over the bandiade and then put it to the affected area. and then go to sleap or what ever you do just leave it on until your ready to go to the party or whenever and you should be good REMBER DO THIS OR ELSE

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