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kayla k
What is this on my lip? Pic Included.
look at the pic is it a cold sore or a canker sore
what can i do to get rid of it to

its gross help me i work as a waitress this cant be good


Laura Cullen♥
it's a missgrown pimple.
it happends to me sometimes too.
i get them on my leg and stuff, too.

Abreva helps. Have you gotten that before? NEVER EVER do anything to irritate it further, makes it swell up bad. Plus, next time post a picture of your face because you look cute, cold sore or not.

fever blister

leave it alone. it will clear up in a few days.

EEWWW...did you get that from the night b4?
|f you did then you might be in for a bumpy ride let's say.

cold sores are usually a lot bigger than that

Moe L
HERPES! jk..prob a wartt..get creme..

A 20 guage will work! Give it a SHOT!

its a fever blister they hurt reallyyyy bad! go to a drug store and buy a tube of: campho-phinique if thats how you spell it. orrr ora-jel! :)))))

A Man that Walks Alone
zit, pimple...maybe a cold sore

definitely a blister... if get more go to the doctor

Looks like what is refered to as a cold sore or fever blister.

Rachel *
looks real painful, i'm sorry!!

is it possible it's a blister or you bit yourself in your sleep??

use abreva. stuff's great for anything.

Wow, that really is gross. I've never seen anything like that. It's a blister of some sort. Were you out in the sun to long? It looks like a sun blister. Apply Blistex on it and if it doesn't go away in a day or two go get it looked at.

cold maybe

~*Lovely Blue Eyed Shortie*~
its a canker sore, a very infected on
either get mouth patches or Canka--thats the name of the brand
You can get it at waLMART, oregel wont work
trust me, my father gets them all the time

Joseph Y
idk sry

rose j
Looks just like a blood blister just put a warm compress on it for a few days and watch it go away

мανιвєвєz &нєαятѕ (ℓ) ☆¸.•*¨*`•.
EWW A COLD SORE GURL feel sowwi for yeeaahh

cooties !

mrs.urenee :D
cold sore >.>

Ashley G ♪♥ ☮
blister. put blistex on. quick!!!

i have a feeling herpes is gonna be the majority answer for this.

amy f
it kind of looks like a blister

grrr!!! <3s her baby grrr!!!
cold sores look a bit different. consult a doctor a.s.a.p to be safe. dont kiss anyone or you know do anything "oral" until you do so. it may be a cold sore but it doesnt look like one. could be a blister or something else. your doctor will tell you whats best for YOU to use. for alot of people abreva doesn't work as you are supposed to use it at the first signs of a cold sore not when you already have one.

hahahahahahahahaha herpes


yay, alaaana!

its called herpes

Jamie B
it is most diffenenty a canker sore. cold sores are from herpes virus one and are huge. so you can rinse your mouth with Mouthwash and bye oralgel for the pain it should go away soon and dont touch it or it can get worse

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