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What is the fastest way known to get rid of cold sores or fever blisters ?

It isn't a matter of getting rid of them once you get them, because they're going to be unsightly, horrible, painful and just down-right gross until they dry up anyway, and after that the scab-burning horror. The matter is preventing them.
I suffered all my life with the damned things until I discovered "Baking Soda". I used it for heartburn, (another instant cure).
Take one tsp. disolved in a small glass of water, three times a day, unless you're sodium intolerant.
I know your suffering. I do.
It can't hurt to try, and I promise you 100% that it is perfect, and it works.
When you feel the thing tingling your lip, you know it's coming. I know, and so do you.
It sounds too simple, but I would NEVER lie about something that is so important to those of us who have had the problem.
It won't kill you to try. You will see. I promise from my very bones.
Don't wait for them. Just do it. Also, avoid allowing yourself to become dehydrated either via lack of water intake but especially the sun and wind. You know as I do that chapped lips become blistered lips. Keep your lanoline sticks handy always.
50 cent box of baking soda. Who'd have guessed? All those years. Haven't had a cold sore/fever blister in 15 years.


you can buy it at any drug store, it looks like this:

put it on a couple times a day and your cold sore will be gone within 3 days!
It works great. I use it when I get them and it's really effective.

Get some kind of cream with bactriban in it. Or use Neosporin on them.

Go to the health store and ask for L-Lysine. It comes in different strengths. I am not a doctor and I don't claim to know medicine. It comes in different strengths. It claims to help gum tissues, and lips healthy. It usually stops the progress of the cold sore as soon as you take it.

[email protected]
Abreva, that's what I use and they are gone in about 2-3 days.

abreva- works great!


blah blah blah abreva is expensive, the other over the counter stuff just relieves the uncomfortable feeling. The best out there is Zylactin. It doesn't cost a fortune and it dries out the blister quicker. When you apply Zylactin it feels like a covering over the blister. This prevents any moisture or air in causing the dry out effect. Zylactin will sting.

i have found Lysine tablets to be VERY effective --- they can be taken daily and they reduce the incidence severity and length of cold sores ---- some of the medications have made it worse for me --- best wishes

Abreva is the bomb. Expensive for a small tube but it really works. It cuts the healing time in half and even faster if you use it when you first feel a tingle or irritation. I had a canker sore that cleared in 3 days but it never had a chance to completly form thanks to abreva! Not sure how well it works on the external cold sores though because I never get those.

The best treatments that have worked for me is a combination of home remedies and ointment. From the onset, I take an Amino Acid Supplement called L-Lysine (about 1000-1500 mg per day) which inhibits the reproduction of the virus that causes the cold sore. I combine that with an application of abreva until the blister forms. Once it is formed I keep taking the Lysine and try to apply a tea bag soaked in hot water for 2 days (once an hour every waking hour). There are also foods I stay away from which trigger the reproduction of the virus which contain the amino acid Arginine (the opposite of Lysine) - peanut butter, whole grains, coffee, chocolate, dairy products, etc. And this usually shaves 2-3 weeks off the healing time. Before I tried this my blisters would last up to 6 weeks before they started healing. Now they are healed within 2 weeks.

jessie ngmwa
take it from a grandma i know this sounds bad but even to me when i was in my 20s it works ear wax.

Neosporin; you will be amazed! Put it on at night afteryou have cleaned the area. When you wake up,the cold sore will be gone you can get it at most stores in the medicine section.

Get a small tube of abreva. They recommend you put it on about 5 times a day, so keep it with you! It WORKS!! Should be substantially better within a day.

HERPICIN-L or ZOVERAX -- both heal the herpes virus and if you take zovrax capsules/tablets you can prevent them if you are having breakouts often!
On the bright side the longer the virus resides in your body, the less often the breakouts -- after 10+ years you'll probably only break out once a year or less, even later down the line, say 15, 20 years you may only break out every 2 or 3 yrs or when under stress !!! So take heart !!! BEST WISHES, AUNT BARBIE XOX

ER Doctor
Cold sores, also called fever blisters, are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Once a person has been infected with the herpes virus, it lives dormant in that part of the person’s body (in this case the mouth) for life. From time to time it may show up in the form of blisters on or near the lips. Cold sores may be precipitated by sun or tanning light exposure, by illness or fever, by stress, or sometimes no particular reason. Often there is a feeling of itching or tingling preceding the cold sore, then a blister forms which may be itchy or painful, then the blister opens and weeps, and finally it scabs and heals. This process often lasts 7 to 10 days.
Several over-the-counter creams are sold to help cold sores heal faster (example – Docosanol 10%) or to relieve the discomfort (examples – Tetracaine cream or patches made with Camphor and Lidocaine). Preliminary studies suggest that Zinc Oxide/Glycine topical cream may shorten outbreaks. You may wish to try one of these products to see if it helps you. There are also prescription creams or ointments that may shorten herpes episodes; your doctor can prescribe one if over-the-counter treatments don’t work. Please note that all treatments work best when used as soon as the tingling is noticed.

For frequent or severe outbreaks there are prescription anti-viral oral medications that may be taken at the onset of an episode to shorten symptoms or, in rare cases, on a daily basis to prevent cold sores. It would be up to your doctor to decide whether your situation would warrant this approach.

Cold sores are contagious, especially during the weeping stage. It is therefore possible to transmit the herpes virus to another person’s mouth or body or even to another part of your own body – for example to fingers that touch the cold sore. So be careful to practice good hygiene and handwashing.

use Anbesol!! It works it only takes 2 to 3 days!! I hope that's fast enough!!

I found the best thing is Vitamin E. The pill seems to work best, gel cap cut open & applied often. To prevent cold sores, Acidophilus and also L-Lysine taken daily help--also helps it heal faster.
The nice thing about the Vitamin E is it is soothing also if the cold sore gets full stage, then hurts.
Avoid stress--that brings 'em on--(yeah right, I know). Also, stay well hydrated & keep lips moist with petroleum based or tea tree product. Burt's Bee's lip moistener is good. Don't use something you will want to lick off cause it tastes good.
abreva does work, but not very fast, and not too well for me. I found betadine & Hydrogen Peroxide work, but it is messy & looks messy too. (who wants to advertise a cold sore?)
Never tried the baking soda, only had that work for canker sores, and not terribly well.
Good luck!

I to have tried EVERYTHING!!! The best thing in the world is a Rx cream called Dermator. When I very first feel the "tingle" I apply the Dermator and it never even comes out. I keep applying the Dermator every few hours for about 2 days. It works great!!!

I found that Camphor is the best. It numbs the blister a little so it is less painful and it can be applied even inside the mouth.

free spirit
I hate when I get these! But the moment I feel the tingling I use abreva, It does work wonders. Do not mess with it though like others have stated that's the worst thing to do. I also apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton swap till you feel the burning sensation then apply the abreva. Be careful because some amino acids aggravate it more. It is also helpful to take some vitamin B's because it helps with stress. And you know when you have a sore you do get all stressed out about it. Hope you get over it real soon.

My sister in-law was just talking about this. She would use abreva which would work, but, the cold sore still took a long time to go away....She went to her dermatologist eventually and he gave her a prescription..(a pill) Once she feels like one is coming on she takes the pill and if she continues for approx. 2 day's...Nothing...the cold sore does not get bad, and, most of the time if she get's it early enough, nothing comes out at all...She was so Happy to find this!! I will find out for you tomorrow what the name of it is!!


Vitamin E in liquid form. Just apply as often as you can.

Personally, I get the worst cold sores. I absolutely hate them! So I tried most of the cold sore creams and some are good but the quickest one is abreva. It's alot of money for a little tube of cream. But trust me if you put it on overnight the next morning it's practically gone. Try it. =]

Heather D
I have gotten fever blisters for as long as I have remembered and have tried EVERYTHING (every blister medication, abrevia...etc)... my old boss recommended L-Lysine... it is by natures brand or one of those all natural herbal medicines... as soon as I felt the fever blister I would pop about 4 of those and it wouldn't get any bigger, so if you catch it right when you start to feel it then no one can even tell. This is only for fever blisters not cold sores. Hope this helps!!

my doctor just told me the other day to start taking vitamin C, and the cold sores will go away. and yes its working!!

Amanda B
Hi, the best way to get rid of cold sores that I've found is getting an ice cube onto it before it starts to emerge. This often stops the swelling and can often stop it emerging at all if you get to it in its early stages.
Secondly if you already have one, dab Tea Tree Oil onto it. I also use a Tea Tree Oil lip moisturizer stick, but I think the pure oil on it works more effectively on it for its antiseptic qualities.
Hope this helps

yeah, what she said.

I have always gotten almost immediate relief by taking L-Lysine tablets. I get the 500mg. pills and take two twice a day or if it is a REALLY BAD one, I take two pills, three times a day. I double up on the dosage since it doesn't stay in the body there is no chance of overdosing on it. I get relief within the first 24 hours from taking the first dosage. I finally smartened up and take one a day on a daily basis and I haven't had one for a couple of years now.

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