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Shall i contact the doctor?

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 Is there a vitimin or something i can use to reduce the circles under my eyes?
I get 8 hrs of sleep a night

I eat healthy and exercise

I dont drink or smoke

I think its hereditary (SP?)...

 Does Urine get rid of acne?
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Is it true?
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 Um.... Cutting Myself?
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 HELP PLEASE, what are blackheads?
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what do they look like

AKA FrogButt
What is a REALLY good body lotion?
The last few years my skin is awfully, horrible dry. I need help!

The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes
I have just started using bio silk - yes it is meant for hair - but it says on the bottle you can use it on skin to - and it makes my skin feel unbelievable soft - you only need like 2 drops so over all I would say this is a good buy it makes your hair soft ( just dont use but one or two small drops or it looks dirty) it takes the frizzes away to - annnnnnnd it makes skin soooooo soft -


I heart rainy days
Go get the body butter in the jar from Bath & Body Works. It works so well. Not to mention you smell great!!

Lubriderm is fantastic, but if you'd like to opt for a more natural alternative, I suggest Aveeno. The face moisturizer is especially good!

Palmer's Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter it smells like chocolate & its good for dry skin

"LUSH" Karma Crem. It'smade from 100% vegan + natural ingreedients. They're 100% hand made & fresh!

Amalatin.....its not on the shelf you have to ask for it at the pharmacy but you don't need a prescription. If your skin is really really dry or it you have razor burn it kinda burns when you first put in on but it works soooo well that i really like Jergens lotion. I use the amalatin 3 times a week when i get out of the shower or after i shave and then jergens any other time.....the jergens helps to sooth any irritation.

CUREL or LUBRIDERM..the curel for extra dry Skin...lasts for hours!!! AND IT WORKS ON my bf ashy skin..lol

Cocco butter, it helps heel the skin and also it is good for it ...

Johnsons or Dove, I've found that both work great for really dry Skin.

Jergens (really any kind)
I'm using "Soothing Aloe Relief" right now and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Matthew W
Don't use lotions. Creams. Try Eucerin or the knock-off brand. That's the only thing recommended to help with eczema or very dry Skin.

Tiffany C.
Bath and body works!!!! Victoria's secret!!! They really do help the cycle of dry Skin.


this works pretty well if not i have herd coco butter lotion is a really good moisturizer

Katie P The Place To Be
Oil of Olay in the purple bottle.
Its like liquid silk, and smells good.
The body wash it great too.

jada r
Avon is so good.

Dove is a really good lotion. it TOTALLY helps my skin from dryness, but right now in hawaii i think that i will need suntan Lotion! lol, well and also bath and body works, if your sensitive with smells then i suggest not, but they have lotion there for dryness that aren't tropical and smell delicious! Aveeno is also a GREAT one you will love it, not only does it make your skin wonderful it smells so natural! i love it. check it out. and trust me i have been dry 2 your not the only one! lol

[email protected]
I have a mild,very dry form of eczema,and for years i have been using a prescription the doctor advised me to use,then i read somewhere that steroids were bad long term,then a college told me the only creme that would work was Cocoa Butter creme, i have been using this for a couple of years now, and i tell you what, its a miricle, it smoothes and moisturises the skin perfectly, and makes the skin feel nourished and really good. You can buy it anywhere, supermarkets, chemists anywhere really. Try it, you,ve nothing to lose,and good luck to you.smoothie.

Have you tried anything in the Philosophy line of products? It's a pricey brand, but good. I've only tried the facial lotion "Hope in a Jar" (very good btw).

[email protected]%Jc^ik1!
I LOVE THIS ----> Hempz Herbal Moisturizer the smell is amazing like candy and flowers lol nothing I can really explain and it makes my skin feel like velvety soft. see for your self!

eatonwrite aka dryBri
eau de frogbutt

Dove, Johnsons, Jergens

SusanS, Incognito
Anything with shea butter works pretty well for me.

i like bath and body works lotions. i have magnolia blossom (stopped making it) and mango mandarin. they both work really well and they smell good.

Vaseline Intensive care lotion... It's Amazing!!!

Palmer's Cocoabutter is good for everything

When it gets pretty bad dermatologists recommend Eucerin. Its good because it has no perfumes or dyes. You can find it at wal mart. If you don't want to go that extreme I think anything with Cocoa butter is the best.

Sandy S
anything with coco butter or aloe vera... or both oh and if you have exima Eucerin is very good for that

Squishy Bear
Eucerin. I used to have really gross dry Skin and now its nice and soft. It's great. it's more expensive but damn worth it.

Gold Bond Ulitimate healing lotion i use it every day on my hands and legs i love it even my friends use it when they come over

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