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What can I do to heal SEVERLY dry hand?
I've used every lotion on the market and I use vaseline with cotton gloves and still my hands are so dry and cracked that they hurt. Does anyone know any product I can buy or any topical or oral prescription med I can ask my dr for?

love juices :)


I had this condition some years ago . Nothing helped until one day on vacation while swimming in a lake i noticed it was no longer hurting. So you may have to be patient a little.

Have you seen a doctor? You could have an allergy, or be suffering from a metabolic disorder. How often do you wash your hands? Do you feel compelled to wash your hands all the time? If so, you might have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).

There are many possibilities - but the best thing is to start with your primary care doctor. If necessary, he/she will refer you to a specialist.

Start taking a daily Vitamin E supplement. Make sure you are drinking lots of water every day....not soda, not juice, not tea/coffee, and not alcohol: WATER. You can also use cooking oil on your hands too...Olive oil is especially soothing.

Heinz M
Try the severe version of Curel

I used to have the condition like you before. My hands was easily cracked and breeding. Since I use Olive complete body wash with shea butter and also Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion, my hands look so much better. You must apply the Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion at least 3 times a day. This is the best product works for my hands condition. Pharmacist recommend me to use this. I tried Vaseline before, it won't work as good as Lubriderm. Don't use the regular soap with a lot of chemicals on it. We have sensitive hands. Make sure you wear gloves to watch dishes. Before you get better, try to wear gloves to take out clothes from washer machine. Do the best you can to avoid your hands touching anything with chemicals. Also increase intake of Vitamin E can help. My hands still dry but now is more under control. Remember after taking shower in the morning. Put lotion to your hands right away before you start your daily work. I am sure you can improve your hands skin problem if you follow what I said.

you do not need to tell your doctor what you need. When you see him, he will tell you.

Absolutely. I used to have the same problem with my hands and elbows.

The best thing I ever did was to start drinking a lot of water every day. It works like a charm and you see results within about 1-2 days.

Someimtes, If I don't have enough water, I use Aveeno hand moisterizer. It's great.

You can go to an animal feed store and get some Bag Balm. Its used on the udders of milk cows when they getr cracked and sore.

Go to your dermatologist and ask for Hydrocortisone cream. This stuff cleared up my dry Skin very fast. Also, check to see if your humidifier in the heat system is working in your house. Try taking luke warm showers too. Hot showers dry your skin. I use Aveeno lotion, the one with the natural Colloidal Oatmeal. Try it out.

Pusspuss Geroux
There is a lotion available at the drugstore called elta...Or elta light...I've only ever tried the light and is is the richest most conditioning moisturizer I've ever used..It feels greasy at first but magically disappears into the skin in about a minute...Great stuff and not expensive so worth a try for you I think....You can also put on cotton gloves found in the drugstore for Moisturizing...Goop up then put on the gloves and watch tv or sleep with them on... ahhhh...What a relief!

My hands get very dry during the winter months and I use Bag Balm. Works like a charm!

Have you tried "Zim's Crack Creme" this is the highest level there is, nothing stronger. Use the Zim's at night and something like "St.Ives Intensive Healing" by day. This combo will work. I have used both. ~A~

Vaseline intensive care if that didn't work try straight Vitamin E oil. You can get it at Wal Marts in the vitamin section, Also might want to try a Vitamin E Aloa Vera mix lotion.
But and here is the big but! I know you do not want to hear this. If your hands are cracked then you most likely have gotten bacteria in the cracks and will have to see a doctor to get some anti bacteria cream. Normal washing will not get rid of the bacteria. Had that demonstrated at a safety meeting once. The Lab Tech has some of the guys with cracked hands wash their hands. Then she swabbed them to check for bacteria. Washing didn't kill the bacteria. Made believers out of us.

y don't u just ask ur dermatologist...he/she should know what to prescribe. maybe u should go to a hand doctor or dip ur hands in parrafin wax.

Devil's Lola
Have you tried changing your bath soap, hand soap, shower soap too? Clothing materials or towels don't generally effect skin condition that much. Maybe also change your dishwashing liquid (if you don't use dishwasher) and detergent. You maybe allergic to something. I used to wake up with lots of fluffs under my skin, whichever side of the bed I sleep on, it turns out not static, just how my skin react with some materials.

Have you ever tried Kukui Oil?
It is "Natural relief for dry Skin, sunburn, eczema and psoriasis". I bought some for my acne and for some scars. It cleared those right up. This stuff is amazing.
I got mine from Oils of Aloha. It is made in Hawaii and is all natural. (http://www.oilsofaloha.com)
This really is amazing stuff! I discovered it while I was on my honeymoon.
If you don't like the oil, they also have a cream.
Good Luck!

Bag balm is good. Also try Cetaphil. It's a lotion made for diabetics. Good stuff.

Have you tried Bag Balm?

Susan S
I handle a lot of paper and had the same problem. I TRIED EVERY THING OUT THERE.the ONLY THING THAT HELPED ME WAS BURT'S Bee Balm. they HAVE A HEALING BALM THEY ALSO HAVE A PROTECTING BALM.they USUALLY SELL IT at cvs,Hallmark and books a million.I told a friends who's mother had diabetes and it helped her.

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