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Went swimming today, forgot to put on sunblock...now I am SUNBURNT!! It hurts so bad!?
Besides Aloe Vera, any other secret things I can use to help... I am blistering, it hurts!

If you don't have aloe, get some tomorrow! In the meantime, baby oil will help (but don't wear it out in the sun)!

Vinigar always takes the sting out but you have to let it dry on your skin and it does itch like hell until it is dry. Other than that I have heard lemon juice but never tried it.

You can also use some of that burn cream by Neosporin. It is nice and soothing. Its not for sunburns but it is for burns. It works well.


Lidocaine takes the pain away.

There is no besides aloe...use aloe it works.

DK Julie
White Vinegar will take the sting out of it. You'll smell funny but lots of people swear by it. Put an ice pack on the spots that are blistering to take the heat out of it.

Asprin helps with the swelling and with the pain, avoid the cold shower... it will feel great while you are in there, then right when you get out... more burning... turn the water as hot as you can "normally stand and get under the shower... it will burn like hell, but stay under for like 2 min.... this will releive the pain for like a whole day... keep appliing lotion and aloe... good luck

Im not sure what to do about the blistering besides aloe vera, but if you want to take some of the heat out of it sleep with a sweat shirt on...it will help alot!! Good luck

Aloe works the best so even if there are other secret things, there's no point in using them!


Cole cream or ice packs

*Honey Bun*
Ethyl Alcohol - it's mild, and when it evaporates it feels cool on your skin. Standing in front of a fan after applying it feels particularly nice. :)

Get Dermaplast from your grocery or drug store. it's by the band aids and is in a metal spray can. It actually numbs the area of your burn and is nice and cold so it feels really good.
Hope you heal quickly.

Alberta Beef
Get some Solarcaine, Dude! It feels cold... Slather it on, but don't get it in your eyes. Available at any drug store, and some gas stations.

Noxzema! It really works...so does the off brand, but if you are blistering it might hurt...unless you get the Moisturizing kind.....test it on a small area first..in case you are sensitive to it....Good luck and I hope I helped!

Take a couple antihistamine capsules.

Antihistamines will not only work on the pain but will also help prevent a lot of that painful itching which is going to otherwise drive you mad.

Seriously. Get some anthistamine tablets and they will dry up the sweat between the dead layer of skin and the new layer forming (which is what causes you to itch) and it will relieve a great deal of your agony.

There's this stuff called Ice instant burn releif. You can buy it at walmart. Its made by Ocean Potion. Here's what it looks like:

Dermoplast also works great. It is a spray that numbs the pain.

Soak in a bath of vinger and cold water (add ice)
Vingers sooths the pain at bit and the cold water takes the heat away. Afterwards use the above referenced sunburn spray. The stuff works real good. Stay in the A/C.

Noxzema works very nice:)

Take a very very very cold shower.

i hate that feeling

but you know what i notice that the more i take a cold shower the more the pain strikes back

i dont put any medication each time i have sunburns, my remedy is to sleep shirtless with the fan on face to me and sleep on a sideview position

You can try Noxema, that sometimes helps. There's also Witch Hazel, or Vitamin E - you can poke a hole in the geltabs and squeeze it out and rub in on gently. Good luck to you!

Noxema works well as does aloe. When I was a kid my mom use to put Solarcane on us too. It is a spray I think she got at the grocery store. That seemed to work for a bit.

Drink lots of water so you don't dehydrate. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine for the next couple days so you remain hydrated.

If you start to blister go to your doctor.

Take some asprin to help dull the pain and get some fans going to help keep cool. If it's really serious, take a trip to the ER for additional assistance (pain killers).

Baby Gurl
Well that green stuff aloe and a fan makes it very cold that will help but don't put water on it it will keep the heat in

Go to the doctor and get a prescription spray, helps a lot.

If you are blistering you need to go to the emergency room now to be sure you are ok. Get off the computer and head to your local hospital. Your sunburn is more serious than you think.

Misty M
Vinegar! Smells bad but it will take the sting right out! I have had many burns in my days and it works every time!

Baking soda and water. Make a paste and apply. The soda acts as a heat transfer. You may have to do it more than once. And once the soda dries out it will crumble so sit on a sheet or something.

NOXEMA!!!! It works so well.

use Ibuprofen (Motrin) for pain; apply cool wet soft cloths-like tee shirt material-to the blisters and change them when the coolness is gone; or soak in a cool bath.

try Hydrocortisone 1% cream on the burns, after they are well cooled, to reduce the swelling. Keep your mind busy reading, playing games, etc. so you can't focus on the pain so much. You can take the Ibuprofen every 4 hours or as directed on the label-it works better than Tylenol because it includes an anti-inflammatory agent.

if the burn covers a lot of area, or if these measures don't help, go see the doctor! Drinking extra fluids will also help promote healing.

DON'T bother, rub, or drain the blisters-they are a necessary covering for your burn and it will slow your healing if they break open.

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