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 I got a MAJOR sunburn... Help, PLEASE!?
i was camping this weekend and was in the ater all day one day and i thought i put enough sunscreen on, but i guess not because i got BADLY burnt on my legs, back, shoulders, nose, arms, and the top ...

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pleeeeease help?...

 Acne Problem??
I don't have severe acne but I want to get rid of it.
What are some products that you recommend?

By The Way- I've used Proactiv. Solution and I had a reaction to ...

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 I wash my hair everyday and i still have dandruff?
im 16 years old and i started have dandruff this year. i wash my hair everyday. i heard that if you wash it everyday its not good for you. but if i dont wash it everyday i smell bad. im a boy. i ...

 Does a lymph node grows under the skin or on top the skin ?
Can it be seen and what clour can it be?...

 What would cause 6 year old child's hands to peel?
six year old's hands just recently started peeling. From fingers down to palms. No pain, no bright red new skin. Was sick about two weeks ago with what appeared to be the flu. Recovered ok. ...

 My girlfriend has really bad echzema on different parts of her body is there anything i can do to help her ?

 Can someone help, i have been bady sunbuned on the shoulders, chest, back and legs.. what do i do?
should i see a dr. what do i do... i coming up with biseters......

 I have an itchy, flaky scalp - what product is best to relieve me?

 10 points for you YEAH YOU?
i have extreeeeeeeeemely dry skin
i am so self conscious because i got made fun of in school b/c my hands look all grandma like they are soooo dry my knuckles crack my hands crack it'...

 Is there a non-surgical / non chemical way to remove skin tabs?
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 Breaking out (acne)?
So i was the unblessed one in my family and have had acne. Not bad but i always hated it, so i had my mom take me to a dermatologist. I've been on the same face wash and cream for about 2 ...

 How do i make my acne go away?

 Any tips for acne i have tired proactive?

 Lately my lips have been dry around the edges and at times feel itchy and sore. what is it?
its not a cold sore. it doesn't have anything inside, just feels sore and itchy at times....

 Any suggestions on how to stop chicken pox itching, other than calamine lotion, which isn't working?
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 At what age did you start to notice tiny wrinkles around your eyes?
I've started to notice tiny wrinkles around my eyes. They're very subtle, but I'm only 28. Is this normal or am I young to start to be noticing this.
Additional Details

 Any good remedies for sunburns?
i got a horrible, horrible sunburn at warped tour friday. its only on my shoulders, neck, and chest.

is there anything that will help the pain and make it go away faster besides aloe?...

Okay.. Something is wrong with my skin Its turnign red then peeling then almost scaling over.?
Hi, Thanks for reading this. About Two months ago a small red rash appeared Near my palm. I started looking at it and realized its peeling. Then it Scaled over. To find out i had a lot more of these Rashes . All over my body. They don't hurt They Don't burn. They are just there.. And to be honest I'm scarred to death. P.S. Telling me to go to the Doctor won't really help because my Parents think that it is nothing.. Help if you can please.

Its called syphillus my man.


Try this...http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/tools/symptom/545.html

It might be Pityriasis Rosea. I had it for about 3 months, I was assured by my doctor it was nothing and would go away on it's own and it did. No guarantees that's what you have though. There's too many rashes and no pictures to help get an accurate guess. And that's really all it would be any way, a guess.

It could be eczema or psoriosis. I would go see a doctor and they will prescribe good creams to clear it right up!

it's just sunburn:)

Kostas M
Go to a doctor.
If someone tells you to put cement on it will you do it? Don't ask such stuff in here. Best thing you have to do is
Go see a doctor..

sweet mami
Sometimes I am the same way, and most of the times it happens when it starts when the temperature gets warmer. It could be eczema because thats what I have and if you go to a dermatologist she will prescribe some cream that you could apply to your skin about 3 times per day, if you dont have the time or money to go to the dermatologist you could use Aveeno anti Itch lotion it is dermatologist approved and works really well, you could even get the Aveeno bath gel to take baths/showers with and you will notice that your skin gets much better after just a couple days. You could also try Eucerin but that one is a little bit oiler and I dont like oily lotions so if you dont either go with the Aveeno! Good luck!

Well you should go to the doctor whether or not your parents think there is nothing wrong. :P

it could be a staf infection. my mentor had the same thing. i would get it checked out immediately if its spreading. you dont want anything amputated

you could also be having a allergic reaction to something

try keeping your skin moisturized. use lotion a couple of times a day.

what you are describing could be eczema. your parents should take you to your doctor so you can be sure. eczema sometimes needs to be treated with prescription medication. if it is something more serious, you will want to know !

Kris L
What you described is probably seborrhea ... and tell your parents that you DO need to see a doctor because it could also be eczema or psoriasis. The doctor may be able to give you a 'prescription' but may also just tell you what over the counter things you can do to relieve this condition. If it's ITCHY, it's probably just seborrhea, but you din't say anything about itching, just about hurting or burning. Show this to your parents ... I'm a psychologist, and I'm married to a man with seborrhea ... and I know that you NEED to see a doctor.

maybe eczema?or psoriasis? WHO KNOWS?we're not doctors,and without having a look is kind of hard....and why do you need your parents to go with you?just ring your gp and expalin it over the phone...your doctor then will tell you if it's the case for you to go and see him...

If your parents think it is nothing, is there a way you can just go to the school nurse (i'm just making an assumption you are under 18) or the college nurse?

Grace Z
probably just a sunburn

is your skin bleeding if it becomes too dry? - cause my friend has that skin disease

could just be excema though (sorry if spelling is wrong)

bryant s
maybe it's just temporary

Jessica S
it's called sunburn my pal

I think it's sunburn. sunburn turns red, then peels.

~Baby Girl~
go to the school nurse

tell your parent that it won't go away, and that it' getting worse and you think you should see the Doctor about it, that what I would do if my parents wouldn't take me to the docs.

You probably came in contact with some irritant to your skin. Perhaps it is a concern. But unless your parents are in the medical field, none of you should leave it to chance, you should get a medical opinion. You can do this at school; your school should have a nurse who can give you a simple evaluation of your problem and your parents won't have to necessarily know unless it is serious. Just a suggestion.

Gorgo II
Sounds like you have a sunburn, or some sort of skin cancer.

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