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My head is itching as a Hell, it is full of lice and i can't get rid of them?
the medication i used said i should use it again once a week , for 2 weeks, in meantime i comb my hair and it is not working! With the treatment there where many deads, but some still alives! Plus this product really makes my hair dry, bad! Any idea of what to do to get rid of the lices??

get some tea tree shampoo and a showercap, sleep with them on your head, rinse hair in the morning and use a blow dryer every day ( they cant stand the heat) wash your hair everyday for a week with the tea tree shampoo. You can also sleep with mayo on your head using the shower cap. (it suffocates them) Make sure to wash your bedding after you rinse the first time and then again a week later. MAKE SURE to blowdry everyday.

I have heard that you can wash your hair with Tea Tree shampoo. Or if you are not able to find that put pure Tea Tree Oil in it, leave for about 5mins and the wash out with water and shampoo

Dunno of you have 'Lycil' available where you stay... also some Neem based solutions and Tea Tree Oil too are very affective against lice

Se7enth Letter
shave your head....not completely bald, but atleast get a buzz cut

Try the nitty gritty comb, it really works. Best £10 I've ever spent. My daughter has long hair & she kept getting nits from school until we got this comb. It has long teeth & spiral grooves so it really catches everything, nits & eggs. Slather loads of conditioner on your hair & go through section by section. You have to be very thorough but it really works.

You dont have to shave your hair off !- if that was the answer our schools would be filled with bald children. I think you should use one of the lotions that you leave on all night to start with, then for two weeks afterwards comb your hair through with a nit comb that you buy from the chemist - you have to use tea tree shampoo and then tee tree conditioner every two days for two weeks and they should go . You probably dont have to shampoo it every two days if you think that this is too often. you could just condition it if you like. Nits dont like tee tree and I think it works as well as many of the lotions that are out there and its usually really cheap to buy. If you have got a child at school then I would continue using it whenever you need to wash your hair. Make sure the whole family is checked out and maybe you could suggest they use it too. The only reason you may wish to have a trim up is so it make it easier for you to comb through. Make sure old hair is removed from brushes. hope this is of help

Nit pickin.
It's not enough to kill the live ones you have to get the eggs out with a fine toothed comb. Many have lost their hair (cut) over this.
If you lie with dogs.......

Mix together 15 drops of tea-tree oil, 15 drops of Eucalyptus oil and 1oz vegetable oil. Apply two days running to your scalp and hair then again one week later. When you apply it, leave it for a while on your head then shampoo off and apply masses of conditioner which you should leave on for about 30 minutes. Comb through with a nit comb and then rinse which will take the dead or swollen nits with it.

Good luck!

Crocodile Dundee
Shave your head. It really may be what you have to do to get rid of ALL the lice for good. And of course wash your sheets/towels in bleach and spray all your furniture and carpet down with the lice spray.

becca jc
my sister is cronic for lice, the over the counter drugs DO NOT WORK- used rubbing alchol and vineger, Tea Tree Oil and then put meyo in your hair for 30 min and wash out. comb your hair with the little comb, rinse in rubbing alchol and that works. This is from experience. wash all your clothing, put pillows in dryer on high heat, get the lice spray for furniture.

c h a r l o t t e
well you can cover your hair in oil and then dry it with a hair dryer, that wil/ should burn them to death.

Daddy's girl
if you didn t use the comb w/it they didnt all come out &have hatched again. some people have uses kerosine or stuff like that to smother them out. be careful if u do that.

about the dryness , use a leave in conditioner, the Queen Helen is inexpensive & it's great stuff. I think i'd wait til i got rid of the lice first .to use any deep conditioning though.

try the shampooo again, & this time use the comb & don't be around w/someone else too close, you may have gotten re-infected.

full marks i think is useless - the only one i would recommend would be DERBAC lotion. My daughter seems to breed her own so i have tried many products.
You need to treat everyone else in the household too, do not share brushes!!
Brush hair through
using a nit comb comb head right round to get out as many as you can.
shampoo hair as usual and apply conditioner, while conditioner is on your head brush your hair through again with brush, (saves hair tangling) the again go round your head with the nit comb.....
keep changing the direction that you are combing and keep redoing this until you can comb round your head without getting any out. Remember to keep as close to the scalp as you can (from the very root of the hair).
Rinse hair leave to dry and then apply the derbac lotion. Rub in thoroughly and leave overnite.
In morning repeat the combing with the conditioner and continue combing through with comb morning and night until all eggs are eradicated, dependant on how servere the infestation is this could take up to a month.
Headlice prefer to live on short clean hair but will live in long hair.
I don't care what anyone else says they can jump from head to head and they can live for a while in furry pets.

go see the doctor hell help u or she ll help

shave your head ,,,,

pull out the eggs and clean all your bedding clothes and make sure ppl u hang out with dont have it. use viniger andhave someone pull everything out

Try using different conditioners. If that doesn't work, weeeell, you'll most likely have to shave your hair off!

chandrasekharam b
Keep on shaving your head closely leaving a very short hair.
All people in the house may have to take treatment simultaneously at a time to prevent recurrence.
See your Dermatologist for a permanent solution.

try using a different product full marks is really good you have do it two or three times leaving a three day gap this will break thier reproduction cycle and kill any live ones before they mature and laymore eggs buy a good lice come a metal one is best and come your hair really well when you condition it this will remove any eggs also make sure any one you have head to head contact with does the same

Oh you poor thing it sounds awful. I believe that some treatments are not as reliable as they say, try something different or maybe pop to the docs he may be able to prescribe something stronger. good luck. if all else fails sit their with a comb and comb them out with conditioner in your hair, it may take a while though. x

yeah shave your head if you live any where next to me move

Strip the beds, vacuum the floors, wash everything you touch, through away all of your brushes. Use the shampoo again, make sure you get everything out. In a week wrap your hair in mayonnaise let it set in for an hour, use the pick and get things out, wash your hair. If anything is there it will be on the towel. Find the source of your problem, may it be a sister or a neighbor.

you need to keep nit combing it then you will get all of the lice out. then use the treatment again. and keep nit combing till your head is completely clear

Only other alternative is shaving it all off.

kerosene -- seriously put some on your head let it sit for a while and rinse it out do it a couple times in a week. go to the drug store get a good lice comb too.

kevin friend
some treatments just steralise the lice so they cant reproduce, you may have one of those, they live for less than a week, have a look and see if you have any more eggs before you decide that its not working, however if you want to try something else Prioderm works well, and there are some great lice combes in the chemist now, but its as embarrassing to buy them as it is condoms good luck mate,


in love and its great
get some conditionair and a lice comb and wash your hair put the conditionair on leave it on and comb it through the lice cant not grip 2 the hair as the hair is wet and slipperer thats how i get rid of mine and it works

good luck

Shave your hair short

c'est moi
I've read some where to wash with vinegar..
check this website it has all natural ways to get rid or lice

Dear Karenj, my advice for you is take 500 gms of fresh Neem leaves and boiled them in 5 litres of water untill it is boiled upto 1 litre than apply on your head i am sure after 1week your problem will solve take care.

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