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 My girlfriend has been breaking out in welt type,looking bumps all over her body...What might cause this???
It is like when she sctaches her skin they form afterwards in the shape of the scratch from her nails...They not realy discolored,just light pink looking.They itch.They come on and go away when ...

 White people, when you get sun burn, does it actually hurt? I'm black so I dont have that problem?
about me http://www.listentocharlie....

 I got a MAJOR sunburn... Help, PLEASE!?
i was camping this weekend and was in the ater all day one day and i thought i put enough sunscreen on, but i guess not because i got BADLY burnt on my legs, back, shoulders, nose, arms, and the top ...

 Will having my stitches removed be painful?
I had surgery two days ago to have a birthmark under my eye removed. I go back next week to have the stitches removed and I was wanting to know if it'll be painful. Also will I be able to put ...

 How do you get rid of Dandruff?
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 Acne Problem??
I don't have severe acne but I want to get rid of it.
What are some products that you recommend?

By The Way- I've used Proactiv. Solution and I had a reaction to ...

 What is the best skin treatment for acne?
I need a remedy that works! Anyone know of any products that have actually shown a remarkable difference?...

 I wash my hair everyday and i still have dandruff?
im 16 years old and i started have dandruff this year. i wash my hair everyday. i heard that if you wash it everyday its not good for you. but if i dont wash it everyday i smell bad. im a boy. i ...

 Does a lymph node grows under the skin or on top the skin ?
Can it be seen and what clour can it be?...

 What would cause 6 year old child's hands to peel?
six year old's hands just recently started peeling. From fingers down to palms. No pain, no bright red new skin. Was sick about two weeks ago with what appeared to be the flu. Recovered ok. ...

 My girlfriend has really bad echzema on different parts of her body is there anything i can do to help her ?

 Can someone help, i have been bady sunbuned on the shoulders, chest, back and legs.. what do i do?
should i see a dr. what do i do... i coming up with biseters......

 I have an itchy, flaky scalp - what product is best to relieve me?

 10 points for you YEAH YOU?
i have extreeeeeeeeemely dry skin
i am so self conscious because i got made fun of in school b/c my hands look all grandma like they are soooo dry my knuckles crack my hands crack it'...

 Is there a non-surgical / non chemical way to remove skin tabs?
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 Breaking out (acne)?
So i was the unblessed one in my family and have had acne. Not bad but i always hated it, so i had my mom take me to a dermatologist. I've been on the same face wash and cream for about 2 ...

 How do i make my acne go away?

 Any tips for acne i have tired proactive?

 Lately my lips have been dry around the edges and at times feel itchy and sore. what is it?
its not a cold sore. it doesn't have anything inside, just feels sore and itchy at times....

 Any suggestions on how to stop chicken pox itching, other than calamine lotion, which isn't working?
My 3 y.o. daughter has got chicken pox and I'm smothering her with calamine lotion every couple of hours to try to stop the itching. Has anyone got any other suggestions that might work better?...

Is there a way to stop cold sores when you just start to feel them???
I get cold sores occasionally and I can feel them starting as soon as I wake up on the morning it is coming up and later it gets really bad and stays around for a long time. Any easy ways to get rid of it that I don't know about?

nope...herpes is forever!!! :)

Roger Vadim
yes, I've found the perfect way to stop them at the beginning...get some milk Of Magnesia and rinse your mouth with it...it will coat them and stop getting bigger, and it also stops the hurt!


I buy a little bottle of zinactin .. they sell in walmart. and it works very well just before the break out.. you can prevent cold sores by taking L- Lysine vitamins.

yep there's patches and lotions you can buy in the chemist when you feel a coldsore coming on...

Kim Y
I've always used a very common kitchen spice - Alum.

Alum is used to turn cucumbers into pickles.

It's safe, stings a little and tastes like Aspirin. It heals super duper quick. Try to get it in powder form, as it adheres easier.

You can also use it for opened canker sores, cuts and such.

if you go to google and type in "Fever blisters" you will get a wealth of information

Abrivia Sold at Wal Mart apply 5 times a day

just browsin
L Lysine---find it in the herbals. Take it right away.

Ice cubes on them soothes the itch/pain. but other than that I have found the very best way is to NOT TOUCH them AT ALL. No creams, NOTHING AT ALL....My last one only lasted 2 DAYS. I couldn't believe it as usually they hang round for a week or so.

Lode up on Lysine from pharm or health food store or see your doctor about a prescription for antiviral oint or pill.

Antiperspirant. No joke. It works fast.

Kind of. We get em because we're run down, so get some vitamins and minerals and get some cream.

autumn w
Use Campho-Phenique, its good stuff.

buy some Carmex or blistex

blistex ...I get them in my nose :( not visible but painful!!! Its a virus thats always there - no way to get rid of it ...most of the time it 'sleeps' but as soon as I feel the tingle I put blistex on it which stops it from going extremely bonkers (it will not help get completely rid of it though)

There is a prescription pill that stop them if you take them right away. There is also creams that help it stop if you start your application as soon as you feel them. The pills are the most effective, if you take them at the right time nothing ever shows up.

Gator Girl
Abreva is the only OTC cold sore medicine that actually protects your healthy cells from the Herpes virus. Thus, if you can apply it at the first sign of a cold sore, you can actually speed the healing process by stopping the virus from attacking more healthy cells.

My aunt gets 2-3 cold sores a year and swears by abreva. She says that she can sometimes stop an outbreak when she uses it right away.

Good luck!

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