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Is it better to tan or wax first?
I am planning on going tanning and getting my face waxed tomorrow.

Is it a better idea to tan first, or have the waxing done.

I know when I tan I can shave easier, but I am worried about discoloration after waxing.

(BTW: I AM NOT looking to be told not to tan/wax because it isn't good for you).

wax first, then tan. Otherwise the wax will take of the top layer of skin causing that area to be lighter than the rest.

get a good base tan first. Then wax. You will still have a tan after you wax because the tan is deeper by then. Go for another tanning session at least 4 hours or more to discourage irritation. I do it every year just prior to getting in a bikini. Works great.

Tan first then wax. You risk getting burned if you tan after you wax. You should wait at least 24 hours after waxing.

Helpful hint: take an Ibuprofen one hour before your waxing session. This will help with some of the pain and swelling.

Jacuzzi Lover
Wax first it will hurt less.

Wax first and then tan; because if you tan first before waxing; the skin where your hair use to be will not be the same color as the rest of your tanned body.....I would suggest waxing first, where ever you want hair removed, remove it first.

why, you want youre face wax off will hurt so badly that after that get it done youre face willl turn so red ? there is other way to remove unwanted hairs off youre face and body . you go to the drug store you will have do walk threw the body lotions department and some where the shelfts you will find some remove lotions that use for youre face , legs, binkin area, armpits , whatever you want to not have any hair grow . also there is a green tea jar call honey wax its safe to remove any unwanted hairs on youre body aparts, doesnt gave you any rashes or pains after you use it . and its so good product it help youre skins feel soft and smooth and healthy . you dont need to shave anymore. myself and my friends had used it before and still my legs and arms, underpits, faces doesnt have any hairs . cost little cheaper then going to go get wax at the saton place might cost more money. you might dont want to spend alot of money to get youre face done.

Amber G
I would probably wax my face first...and then tan second so i could relax while i tan, although i am worried that your face will be red and may burn while you tan ...I would ask the professional their opinion. It may be better to tan and then get the facial. It is reallly a toss up.

wax first

You have to wait 24 hours after tanning to wax. So go tan and then wax tomorrow! :0)

hmm good question. tanning damages the skin, so you may want to wax first and then tan...but then you risk burning the skin that has just lost a few layers from waxing... good luck.

Tan first then wax! :)

tan first, then wax, my experience is that when i waxed or shaved before tanning i get broken out or some type of skin irritation

Wax first. then tan !!!

Wax first

Brad W
have the waxing done first

Kim P
I think its better if you tan first! Then you wax its the best unless you dont want to do that!

wax, cause then your skin gets lighter after waxing

Monell K
Its really isnt going to matter becasue when you wax your removing just hair not skin. You wont get discoloration from the tanning. So it all depends on what you want to do.

I think you should wax first. =D)

Wax...As painful as it is you don't want to risk being burned while tanning!!! Plus, think of the red sore marks on your face...I don't think you'd want heat on it...OUCH! I say you wax, then wait a day or maybe even a few hours till your face isn't hurting you or anything, then go get yourself a nice lookin tan, pain FREE!!!

Good luck Hun Xp

Hot Coco Puff
Wax first, wait a few days, then tan.

You don't want to wax skin that gets "cooked". Tanning can burn, and hot wax on burnt skin, and then the pulling off of the wax and strip, that's too much pain.

I found that when i waxed or shaved first, all my pores were open, and the tan didnt look nice.
i would wax 2 or3 days before the tan.

If you wax first then you need to wait 4 hours before tanning because your skin is so sensitive after waxing

wax first. you would have tan lines where you would be waxing after. but wait at least an hour in between. the heat from tanning might irritate the waxing area. =)

Don't you care about the quality of your life? You might not like the fact that tanning causes wrinkles and skin cancer but sorry, it is a fact. How about getting waxed then get a spray on tan. The Hollywood set does that, looks natural and won't kill you. Check it out as an alternative.

any time i wax and tan the part that were waxed burn, dont do both , tan first then the next day or 2 wax it wont do that.

Faerie loue
I'm going to tell you what you don't want to hear! Don't do both on the same day!! Get waxed the first day you will irritate the skin more by waxing afterward and probably start it peeling. No reason to subject yourself to two things that are in opposition to each other! Care for skin by not pushing it to the brink!

wax first then tan

however, is it a spray on tan or tanning bed?

if it's spray on, be sure to clean the area that was waxed as you don't want the oil put on afterwards to inhibit the spray on tan sticking;

if you're going to a tb, then be sure to have some type of protection on your upper lip, etc so it doesn't burn; ideally you should probably wait a day in between.

Definatly wax first if you want to keep your tan for longer. Just make sure you leave a little bit of time in between the two so your skin can heal. Waxing tends to irritate the skin, and make it vulnerable for the first couple of days. So you definatly dont want to irritate it even more or potentially increase the risk of cancer by hittin it with heat right away. I suggest about 3-4 days in between if your going with the fake tan. Hope that helps!

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