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If your sun burnt really bad, what do you put on it?
i was out side like allllll weekend and i am sun burnt really bad. ive tryed everything and it still hurts. does anyone know what i could put on it?

Aloe Vera

Soak paper towels in vinegar, then lay them on the burnt skin.. it pulls out the burn, I was out in the sun all this weekend also and used the vinegar.. it does work.
good luck

aloe vera


take a hot shower as hot as you can stand it, and through out the shower, decrease the temp. until its cold and it will take the heat out of the burn

do not put lotion on it it will make it worse your skin needs to breathe and i have also tried to take a warm shower i know it hurts but it helps really.

Vinegar will take the burn away honestly

aloe will take away the sting....keep it moistened with lotion which will keep your skin from tightening

Aloe Vera w/ lidocane. Works wonders. Even stops the sunburn itch.

sweet peaa
aloe vera

You can find a cool gel with Aloe in it at wal-Mart. It was the only thing that helped my serious burn last yr. Those spray medications only numb the pain. Stay away from the butter "Thats an old wives tale that makes it worse and the skin will only cook more"

I put vinegar all over myself with a cotton swab right after I get home from the beach, etc. Then the next day I cut leaves off my aloe vera plant and split the leaf open, revealing a goo that I smear all over the burn. It will usually heal up and turn to a tan. Lotions with Xylocaine and aloe vera are good at relieving pain. Take Tylenol if you have a fever from the burn.

sola cain or aloe. They have both in some products

Neil G
use baby lotion and wear loose clothes

Curious Kitty 1988
aloe will help.

Aloe is the number one thing, then if it still bothers me I put lotion on that has aloe in it. Keep applying several times a day and then if it still is painful add a pain killer like Advil or Tylenol to the mix. Also, try using cool rags to wrap yourself in.

hope that helps...


ya aloe or if u know anybody that has burn cream from the dr's office helped me alot.. oh ya.. give it a couple of weeks. time cures almost everything

Aloe Vera is the only thing that has ever worked for me.

Aloe really works,

Calomine/Calamine lotion - you can get it from a pharmacist. Dab it on with cotton wool and reapply regularly. It's wonderful.

colgate might help or else lotion

Apple cider vinegar - it's stinky, but works

First of all, you need to take some Ibuprofin (if you're not allergic to it). It will help reduce the swelling and pain.

Second, take a very cool to cold bath--this will help reduce the damage that the burn did to your skin. It will also help with the swelling, pain, and redness. If you can't take a bath, get some ice and rub it on the burned areas.

Third, drink plenty of clear fluids and make sure you're keeping hydrated.

If you have blisters, do NOT pop them. This will not only hurt, but it can leave bad scars. Blisters mean you have at least second degree burns. Not good!

If you have a lot of blisters, especially if you have a fever or the blisters have pus in them, you need to immediately go to the doctor. You probably have sun poisoning. This is very dangerous and can make you very sick.

If your skin is peeling, do not "help" it along...don't peel your skin. That also can cause very bad scarring (I have a big scar on my nose from peeling it as a kid when I had a sunburn--I'm now 35 and the scar is still there!).

never be lotion-less, or else you might start to peel.
If you're still hot, rub an ice cube over the burns. Wear loose clothing. Stay away from people who have a tendancy of touching you.

Patti B
soak paper towels in white vinegar and put them on the sunburn until they are almost dry... then replace them with fresh vinegar soaked towels. i know it sounds weird but it works.


Theres a cactus called aloe which heals burns. You can find them anywhere in the US. Just cut the cactus and put the JUICE on ur burn.
Just buy lotion that contains aloe.
Good luck!

Refrigerate aloe then put it on.

put lotion on in that has aloe in it, it will soothe the burn

Aloe Gel.

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